Letter of Inivitation


We believe that you are aware of the Peter Henrich Henning Family League which was originated by the Hennings for the Hennings. As we are proud of the success of the League, we would like to inform you of what has been accomplished since it was established in 1984, and to offer you the opportunity to become a member:

  1. We continually update the Henning family register and history. A computer compact disc (CD), with the family chronicle is at present available.
  2. The Henning Coat of Arms is registered with the State Herald. The Hennings being one of a few families in South Africa to be in this unique position.
  3. A Newsletter of interest to all Hennings is issued every quarter.
  4. Writing pads and souvenirs such as teaspoons, sugar spoons, cuff link bearing the Henning coat of arms are available.
  5. Several nation wide family festivals have been held over the years. Every time it was a huge success.
  6. On several occasions details of the Henning family have been broadcast on the radio.
  7. A Henning Family Museum has been established in Aliwal North.
  8. We have created a Web page on the Internet where information on the family tree, history and Family League are available to anyone having access to this facility.

Despite what has already been accomplished , thanks to the participation of many members, we still have various aims and ideals, the most important being the maintenance of the family history, register and museum. We are also building a bursary fund from which bursaries could be awarded to meritorious Henning students.

In order to achieve these aims we obviously require the support of all Hennings — INCLUDING YOURSELF. It will be appreciated that the more members we have, the easier it will be to meet our commitments. The only financial obligation to you joining the association is your annual membership fee (donation). The annual fee (or donation) is determined by yourself. At present members donate amounts between R60.00 and R300.00 annually. Naturally we would have liked to have offered you this facility free of charge, but because of the expensive times in which we live, this is not possible. For example, the administration of the Family League alone is expensive when you consider the cost of publishing the newsletter, envelopes, stamps, computer, etc.

We believe that apart from the personal benefits that you would experience on becoming a member of the association, our Henning descendants will benefit the most — eg. The Henning museum and the recording of the Henning history.

Please find attached an application form. Do not hesitate to contact me telephonically if you have any enquiries. After you have joined, a membership certificate with the Henning Coat of Arms in full colour and other applicable documents will be forwarded to you. We would appeal to you to support this deserving cause.

Yours faithfully,