(Must be read in conjunction with the Afrikaans headings of the different articles and the photographs)

Genealogie- en Erfenisfees/Genealogy - and Heritage Festival. On 30 May 2009 this annual festival took place at the Voortrekker monument, Pretoria and as usual the Henning Family League participated. Chairman, Gideon Henning, League Secretary Olivier Henning and his wife, Charlotte flew from the Cape to man the Henning stall.

Unfortunately huge earth works took place in the vicinity and due to the time of the year - cold and dry - everything was a bit dusty. However, in the hall all went well. The only disappointment was the few Hennings who turned up. With the Family League's 25th anniversary, we hoped that more Hennings would have turned up to participate in our own festival.

Although the annual Genealogical- and Heritage Festival is important for the Family League, it is not cost effective to send members of the executive committee from the Cape to man a stall and so few Hennings turn up. We will have to give a lot of thought to this problem, before next year's festival.

'Fantastiese' pa doodgeskok/'Fantastic' dad shocked dead. b7.c2.d3.e5.f2.g1.h3. James Michael Henning *21-7-1971 was shocked dead on 29 March 2009 at their home in Klerksdorp, while he tried to see why the power to the outbuildings went out from time to time. Everything was turned of when he climbed into the roof, but he was still shocked. His wife, Elaine tried to resuscitate him, but without success. James was known as a jovial and friendly person. He was an excellent salesman at a local butchery.

James was born and finished his school career at Klerksdorp, but he was a fiery 'Province' supporter. His brother, Pieter James, who is a minister in Australia, returned home to lead the memorial service. James is outlived by his wife, Elaine Bronwyn (born Burger), four daughters (15, 13, 10, and 8), his parents, a brother, sister and mother in law.

Daar is selfs Hennings in Fiji!/There is even Hennings in Fiji! We received the following E Mail from Fiji:

Hello Olivier,

Bula from the Fiji Islands in the South Pacific. My name is Brian Hennings and I'm just checking out your Henning web site. I am a 5th generation Hennings living in Fiji & my great/great grand father Fred William Hennings came to Fiji from Bremen Germany in the 1840's. Hoping to hear from you so we can trace our family connections. You might be my long lost cousin, ha! ha! Please reply.

Bryan Wallace Hennings

We wrote to Bula, but unfortunately we could not supply him with additional information.

Henning Museum /Henning Museum. On 1 April 2009 an article on the Aliwal North Museum appeared in the regional newspaper, 'Kontrei Volksblad'. This museum is housed in two historical buildings. Both buildings belong to the Maletswai municipality, who is supposed to maintain them but this task rest solely on the shoulders of volunteers.

The Church Square museum date back to 1864 when it was erected as a NG church. After a new church was built, this building was used consecutively as a dance hall, storeplace and a market. The exhibitions in this building focus on early life in Aliwal North. A street (with old fashioned gas lamps) with several shops - a clothing -, music -, photography - and farm shop are displayed.

The houses of the earliest inhabitants are also displayed. The De Wet family was the first residents, followed by the Joubert's and the Henning's. Unfortunately the Joubert's was not able to prepare a display.

There is also a complete display of the Anglo Boer War and Concentration Camp, which was situated near Aliwal North.

When a new town library was built several years ago, the old library was given for a museum. Displays of the warm water springs, geology, the local black tribes, as well as a soap display can be seen. Copies of all newspapers printed in Aliwal North since 1879 can be seen.

Mrs Madeleine Joubert is involved as a volunteer at the museum since the opening 22 years ago. She is the back bone of the museum. From time to time she does genealogical - and other research in the old news papers for people.

The museum's only income comes from Madeleine's research, old books they sell at the museum, spices Madeleine grow and sell at the museum, as well as donations from visitors. Entrance at both buildings is free.

Mrs Madeleine Joubert can be contacted at 051 634 1910

Nog 'n Henning Korporaal tydens die ABO/Another Henning Corporal during the ABW. We were aware of the fact that b9.c1.d2.e5. Michiel Petrus Henning *24-12-1875 fought on the side of the Boers until the end of the Anglo Boer War (ABW).

Recently we had a look into the salary records of the Heidelberg Commando which served during the war. According to these records Michiel Petrus Henning was a Corporal in the Heidelberg Commando and in charge of a section of 20 men. Two of these men was his brothers - Johannes Jacobus (e4) *22-3-1874 and Pieter Hendrik (e1) *Feb 1870, who became a corporal later in the war.

Michiel's first wife, Cornelia Magrieta Etresia Smit (born Pretorius) and their first two children were apprehended in the Johannesburg Concentration Camp, where both children died. Later she was transfered to the Heidelberg camp.

For the first few years after the war Michiel Petrus and his wife farmed on a small piece of land at Blesboklaagte, near Heidelberg. During 1910 they moved to Vereeniging, where he started working at the newly built facory of Union Steel Corporation.

But back to the ABW. During the early parts of the war, the governments of both Boer Republics instructed their command structure to keep record of burghers who excelled themselves on the battlefield. It was the intention to award a decoration or medal after the war. Due to the fact that the Boers were defeated, Britain only awarded decorations and medals to its own soldiers.

More than 18 years later, in 1920, the government of the Union approved a decoration for officers, a medal for other ranks and a ribbon for woundings. It was, however, a tragedy that burghers who complied with the requirements, had to apply themselves. Many has died already. Many fell in action. Many have not even heard of the award and many did not even bother to apply.

Michiel Petrus was one of those who never applied. Please read Chapter 13 of the Henning Family Cronicle and in particular the section on war medals during the ABW.

Geldsake /Money Matters. We gladly mention the names of those members who made contributions of R200.00 or more over the past three months - (names in the newsletter).

There are still 22 families who have made no contribution for this year. We would like to appeal to these members to try and contribute annualy. You decide yourself how much you can or want to contribute. Every cent we receive is spent in the interest of the Henning family - being the reason why the Henning Family League is still one of the best organised family organisations in South Africa.

Huwelike/Marriages. We took note of two Henning marriages which took place earlier this year:

b6.c4.d1.e5.f3.g7.h5.i1. Willem Frederik Henning *10-2-1981 got married to Charmaine Jacueline Bezuidenhout *14-8-1980 on 11 April 2009 in Pretoria. He is the son of Willem Frederik Henning *12-7-1952 and Margaret Elizabeth Josephine (born Breytenbach).

We also heard of the marriage on 14-2-2009 of b6.c4.d2.e6.f3.g1.h3.i3. Benjamin Henning *8-4-1986 and his bride, Lezinda Hugo-Lagerman *20-6-1985. They got married on Valentinesday in a small church at Bronkhorstspruit. It was a very cosy and intimate ceremony.

Henning Babas /Henning Babies. Ludick Henning, the third son of b7.c2.d15.e3.f7.g3. Martinus Christoffel (Martin) Henning and Charlotte René (born Bergh) was born on 4 May 2009 in Pretoria. The names of their other two son's are Martinus and Matthian.

Nuus van Henning Afstammelinge /News of Henning Descendants. We received news from two different sources of Henning descendants with other surnames. Both end up at the same point in the Henning family tree - b7.c8. Olivier Johannes Gerhardus Cornelis Henning *1-12-1834 and concerns descendants of his oldest daughter, b7.c8.d1. Martha Johanna Elizabeth *26-8-1857 and his youngest daughter, b7.c8.d11. Annie Isabella *23-1-1877.

Rev Bjarne Fowels of Hjelmeland, Norway, a descendant of Martha Henning (above) and a member of the family league informed us that Edith Amelia Foreman, who was born at Lady Grey (near Aliwal North) on 24 March 1909, died on 5 March 2009 - a few days short of her 100th birthday. She was the daughter of Hanry Clifton Foreman *Thingie, England 1858 and his wife Amelia (born Zurich) *Lady Grey 31-10-1881. Amelia Zurich was a daughter of Herman Zurich and his wife Martha Henning (b7.c8.d1. above)

Mrs Elizabeth van Oudtshoorn, granddaughter of b7.c8.d11. Annie Isabella Fuller (born Henning) *23-1-1877 and a proud member of the Henning Family League informed us that her grand daugter, Roxanne van Oudtshoorn (7 years) of Pinetown, Natal was selected to perform at the Kwa-Zulu Natal Young Performers Concert, held at the Playhouse on 9 May 2009. Roxy, accompanied by the Natal Philharmonic Orchestra, performed one of Vivaldi's Concerto's.

Roxy started her violin career with her grandmother violin teacher, Elizabeth van Oudtshoorn in 2006, and has been a dedicated student of Maestro Vincenso lo Castro for the past year. She has been invited to play as guest artist at various concerts, churches, weddings and schools. She was noticed by Dr Dubin and invited to play as the Prelude Performer at the elite Friends of Music Concert held at the Jewish Club in January 2009.

Roxy has now been invited to perform with the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra on 30 August at the Hugo Lamprecht Theater at Stellenbosch. She will also participate in the Sanlam competition during the September school holidays at the Hugo Lamprecht Theater.

Any grandmother will be very proud of such a talented granddaughter!

Sy is 80-jaar oud/She is 80 years old. b7.c8.d8.e1.f1. Johanna Delport (gebore Henning) *30-6-1929 was 80 years old on 30 June. Her children held a surprise party for her at the Brakpan Catering School, just across the road at her home. Her only surviving brother and sister flew from the Cape to attend this party.