Henning Egpaar Vermoor/Henning Couple Murdered. Unfortunetely we must again report on the murder of another Henning couple. Anna Susanna Magdalena (Suzette) Henning (born Prinsloo) *13-2-1941, wife of b7.c8.d5.e10.f2. Olivier Johannes Henning *8-3-1940, was the owner of a créche at Kempton Park for more than 30 years. The afternoon of Sunday 20 April 2008 the two of them, as well as one of their employees (mrs Salome Sithole) and the 26 year old son of mrs Sithole were busy working at the créche, when they were taken by surprise. The four of them were apparently attacked with a pick handle. Olivier and mrs Sithole died instantly. Suzette and mrs Sithole's son died a few days later - Suzette on 27 April.

A man, well known to the Hennings, has been arrested. He and another employee had an affair, but she broke the relationship. He started to harass her at her job and they began thinking of a court order to prevent him to harras her at her job.

Olivier Henning served from 1984 for many years as Treasurer of the Family League on the Executive Committee. He was a staunch supporter of the Family League. This tragedy is made even bigger by the fact that Olivier and Suzette's youngest child, Avril had been murdered during 1999 by a former friend, when she broke of the relationship.

Regter van die Hooggeegshof/Judge of the Suppreme Court. It is well known that Judges, and especially Judges of the Supreme Court, enjoy the highest esteem in all communities. We were aware that b1.c6.d3.e13.f6. Johannes Stefanus Henning *22-4-1922 was a Judge of the Suppreme Court - Natal Division, but he already died during 1973 at the age of 51. In spite of special attempts, we could not make contact with any of his family members.

We were aware that his widow, Helen Annette (born Crossley) after his death married his brother, Pieter Hendrik *17-1-1913 who was also a widower. Joanne, one of the daughters of Johannes Stefanus recently made contact, after she visited the Henning web site. She provided us with photographs of her father, mother and uncle Pieter.

Geldsake/Money Matters. As usual we mention the names of those members who donated amounts of R200,00 or more over the past three months. See the list in the Afrikaans text. Somebody deposited R250,00 on 2 June 2008 in the account of the Family League at the Modimolle branch of ABSA Bank without mentioning his/her name or any other reference. We also mention the names of those members who have signed a monthly Debit Order at their bank in favour of the Family League. A regular small amount, as little as R20,00 per month, is of great value to the Family League. Members are encouranged to follow this method.

Genealogie- en Erfenisfees, 10 Mei 2008/Genealogical and Heritage Festival 10 May 2008. The festival at the Voortrekker Monument was a great success and the Henning Family League played a big part in the success. Our stall was definitily one of the most colourfull and interesting of the 20 stalls. Gideon Henning from Strand (Chairman of the Family League) and Olivier Henning (League Secretary) flew up to Pretoria from the Cape to man the stall. Right through the day several Hennings and other interested people visited our stall.

We suggested to the organisers that this become an annual festival at the Voortrekker Monument on 24 September every year, when Heritage Day is celebrated.

Matrikulante/Matriculants. We mentioned the names of all Hennings who passed matric at the end of 2007 in the February Newsletter - especially those who have done well. Then Prof Josef Henning from Hartenbos informed us that his grand daughter Nina Snyman also passed matric with six distinctions. Unfortunately a short circuit occurred during the telephone conversation between Josef and Olivier and Olivier mentioned her surname as Swart in the May Newsletter. He must have been thinking of the well known Afrikaans actress, Nina Swart. If you look at the photograph of Nina you would see that she is just as beautiful as the actress. SORRY FOR THE MISTAKE NINA! Nina is now a B Sc student at the North-West University (Potchefstroom Campus).

Henning Babas/Henning Babies. b5.c1.d3.e1.f15.g3.h1. Johannes Alwyn Henning married Maria Petronella Reyneke on 23 April 2005. Maria had four beautiful daughters from a previous marriage. After their marriage Alwyn (his first name) adopted the four legally and they have been re-registered as Henning. Alwyn and Maria now have a baby together - on 13 May 2008 Helena was born.

Although b1.c6.d3.e11.f3.g1.h1.i1.Jason Neels Henning have already been born on 26 July 2007, we mention him specially. He was born in Durham, North Carolina, USA. His father, Reyco Henning is a Physics Professor at the University of North Carolina. His mother also have a doctors degree in Physics. He is the first member of the Peter Henrich Henning clan, we are aware of, who have been born as an American citizen.

Amerikaanse Hennings/American Hennings. At the beginning of June 2008 we received an e-mail from b1.c6.d3.e11.f3.g1. Cornelius Belthaser (Neels) Henning from the USA. He, his wife Bernice and their three children emigrated 11 years ago to the USA. Neels and Bernice now lives in Tampa, Florida, while their three children, of which two have been married in the mean time, lives elsewhere. The whole Henning family can be proud of the achievements of this family, in a highly competitive country.

Neels works as an electronics engineer and design micro computers for the control of machinery, like forklifts and construction equipment.

Their son Reyco passed matric at the Waterkloof high school, Pretoria with six destinctions. He wrote the American university admittance test (the so-called SAT tests which candidates can write every year at American embasies). He passed within the top 1% candidates worldwide and was awarded a bursary to study at the University of Denver, Colorado, where he passed the B Sc degree, Magna Cum Laude, with Physics and Maths. Here-after he got a bursary for Doctoral studies at the Massachusets Institute for Technology (MIT). After he obtained his doctors degree, he did for some time research in the field of sub-atomics particles (neutrinos). At present he work as Professor in Physics at the University of North Carolina. During his studies at the MIT he had contact with the American space program. Reyco's wife, Cara (born Cartwright) herself have a Doctors degree in Physics. We mention their baby boy on pages 5 and 6. They live in Durham, North Carolina.

Neels and Bernice's daughter, Jolette also passed matric at the Waterkloof High School, but shortly thereafter they moved to the USA. She obtained her BA degree in Graphical Art (Summa Cum Laude) at the University of Tampa (Summa Cum Laude is the highest grade of distiction you can obtain in the USA). She worked for a few years at an advertising company before she started her own company. She is a successful business woman and her mother today work for her. She married another South African, Ettiene van Vuuren in the USA.

Neels and Bernice's youngest daughter, Anél matriculated in the USA and obtained there-after her BA degree in Graphical Art at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Today she live and work in New York for the Girl Scouts of America.

Neels writes furthermore that you must not under estimate the power of homesickness. The country he left behind and his Afrikaner culture lays deep in his heart. Some time ago he saw on TV an interview with a Chinaman who have been living in America for many years. When they asked him why he never returned to China, he replied: "I don't have to go back. I carry China in heart wherever I go. She is always with me". This is true. People who think that they can just shed their roots abroad, is superficial and repudiate themselves. I would, most probably, never return to South Africa, because it will break my heart to see how the country have gone down the drain. My heritage and culture will stay with me forever. I can always return in my imagination to what has been, even if that does not exist any more.

On the other side America gave my children opportunities which they never would have had elsewhere. I am very proud of the fact that they grabbed these opportunities with both hands. We also have two wonderful children in law.

Afsterwe van Henning/Death of Hennings. b1.c6.d3.e7.f8.g2. Pieter Hendrik Henning *2-10-1949 died on 29-2-2008 in 1 Military Hospital, Pretoria. He grew up in Burghersdorp in the N E Cape. After school he joined the Defence Force and retired in 2002 as a Sergeant-major Class I.

Redaksioneel/Editorial. The editor of any newspaper/magazine/newsletter is arrogant when he writes of himself, but today I can't help doing it. I am grateful to be able to produce this Newsletter, on my own, in time.

The afternoon of 13 June 2008 my wife Charlotte and I were busy shopping in Worcester, when I got a stroke. Fortunately Charlotte got me to the Worcester MediClinic within a half hour and I received the best possible treatment you can get. My left side was affected and I could not talk. Due to first class treatment and intensive exercises I progressed to the point where I can talk slowly and moderate use of my limbs is possible. Fortunately it appears that my mind was not affected.

I am, therefore, thankful that I could produce and issue this Newsletter on my own with one hand, without help from anyone. I believe that after I have survived three major setbacks in my health over the past two years, my job on earth is not finished. In 2006 I contracted a Guillain Barré Syndrome; in 2007 I had a hip replacement (with complications) and now the stroke.

A priority is the identification of a successor for the League Secretary of the Family League. We have been unsuccessful up to now. Fortunately two young people (a brother and sister) agreed to take this task over, when it is no longer possible for me to do the job or when the Management Committee of the Family League is no longer satisfied with my performance. In the meantime I will continue.

b7.c8.d8.e3.f5.g1. Stephanus Rudolf (Rudolf) Henning *17-9-1972 is well known to us. He has been serving as an additional member on the Management Committee for the past nine years. As a programmer he compiled the database we use to administer the Family League. He also did the programming of the Family Cronicle on CD. He will handle the upkeep of the Family Cronicle. His sister, Cornelia Nicolina (Nelia) *14-2-1975 will handle the administration and finances. Their cousin, Jannetta Steyn from Durham, England will continue to manage the Henning website. Overhead management by the Management Committee under chairmanship of Gideon Henning from Strand will continue.

Goeie Nuus vir Henning Gesin/Good News for a Henning Family. In a TV broadcast during May 2008 we have heard of the distress of many of the residants of Wolmer, Pretoria and especially the family of b7.c13.d3.e1.f1.g8. Stephanus Petrus Henning *4-5-1956. This family was all born with cataracts. They can not afford it to have all operated on.

After the TV broadcast several newspapers reported on this family's needs. The trade union "Solidarity" then got involved and soon several offers for help poured in at their office. The Pretoria Eye Institute offered to remove the cataracts from the whole family's eyes free of charge. They do this as part of their annual outreach program. This gesture is very good news for this family.

'n Baie Fikse Henning/A Really Fit Henning. Mary-Ann Henning *28-5-1963, wife of b7.c8.d8.e1.f2.g2. Stanley Henning from Wierda Park, Centurion is probably one of the fittest Hennings in South Africa. They have a large, heated indoor pool at their home, where Mary-Ann give swimming lessons and aquarobic exercises for grownups and children. Medical practinioners even refer patients to her for specific aquarobic exercises. However, Mary-Ann is a fanatic long distance athlete who have competed in almost every long distance road- and cross country competition over the past ten years in South Africa. She has won more than 600 medals in these competitions.

Last year Mary-Ann competed for the first time in the Comrades Marathon. Due to an injury she had from the beginning of the race, she had to stop after 65 kilo's. This year Mary-Ann made sure that she had no injuries or illnesses. Then fate struck again! After 79 kilo's and 5 kilo's from the winning-post huge cramps in her legs forced her out of the race. But, this is not the end of the road, next year she will be there again!