Henning / Jankowitz Konneksie\ Connection. One always find missing particulars in Family Trees - especially with female members of previous generations. Sometimes it takes years to find the missing particulars; others are never found and is lost for ever. In some cases one find information by chance. A letter received from Dederick Jankowitz is a good example of information received by chance. Dederick (30) started compiling his own family tree. It came to his attention that the brother of his great grandfather married a Henning girl. Dederick lives in Namibia and cannot visit any of the archives in South Africa. On the Internet he visited the website and found the marriage particulars of Johan Carel Frederick Jankowitz and Marthina Jacoba Alida Johanna Henning in 1908.

The website gave additional particulars. Here after he visited the Henning website and many of the particulars corresponded, but our website also missed several of the particulars. Fortunately Dederick filled us in and supplied us with a photograph of the couple.

Afsterwe van Hennings / Death of Henning's. It is with regret that we have learned of the death of the following Hennings:

b1.c3.d2.e2.f7.g2. James Adrian Henning *26-7-1940 passed away on 24 February 2007. Adrian (as he was called) was educated at King Edward VII school and went on to train as a teacher at JCE. He became Headmaster of Parkview Senior School and later moved to Bishop Bavin as Head of the junior school because of heart problems. It was there that he started studying theology and did a B. Theo, through UNISA, later completing a Master of Ministeries degree.

He was appointed rector of the Anglican Church at Kempton Park, and Archdeacon over four other parishes. He also became Airport Chaplain, and was appointed to the board. He became vice president, and was later elected as President of the International Association of Airport Chaplains, which caused him to travel worldwide to various chaplaincies from as far as The Philipines, the USA, Europe and Central Africa.

Adrian was an educator, a priest and a tireless worker for humanity. He leaves his widow Heather and two sons Michael and Robert, and two grand children Michelle and Sian. b1.c6.d3.e11.f1.g2. Pieter Cornelius (Neels) Henning *3-10-1948 of Garsfontein, Pretoria died on 23 July 2007. He died from melanoma cancer, which spread to his brain. In spite of the fact that 2007 was a very difficult year for Neels and his wife Heleen, their first grand child, Karli van Heerden, daughter of Louis and Karin van Heerden was born on 13 April 2007 - 10 days before her grand father became ill. His family promised to send us a photograph of him, but unfortunately it did not arrive in time.

'n Tragiese Ongeluk / A Tragic Accident. He had a heart attack and died before the accident....... Miss Mari De Jager, fiancé of b5.c1.d3.e6.f2.g3.h4.i4. Karel Erasmus Johannes Nicolaas Henning (31) *29-6-1976 told the media that an autopsy indicated that Karel was already dead when the accident happened, which claimed the lives of three people on the N1 Eastern Bypass near Pretoria. Three friends, me Désirée-Simone van Nieuwenhuizen (21), Chirése Viljoen (22) and mr Hendry Coetzer (23) returned from the Menlyn Shopping Centre to the East of Pretoria on 16 February 2008. At the Botha ave off-ramp another car crossed the ridge in the road and collided head-on with their vehicle. Van Nieuwenhuizen, Coetzer and Karel Henning died in the accident.

Miss De Jager said that her fiancé (Karel) was on his way to his parents in Eloffsdal, to get some pills from his mother. His whole family have heart problems and he has been complaining the whole week of a pain in his chest. Unfortunately he did not make it, but he did not even knew about the accident.

Karel Henning and Mari De Jager would have maried a week after his funeral. Unfortunately a photograph of him did not arrive in time for this Newsletter.

Mediese Navorsing / Medical Research. We received an E Mail (quoted in the Afrikaans version of the Newsletter) from Nelleke Langerak. He is busy with his doctoral studies at the University of Cape Town. Please read his letter in the Afrikaans version.

This patient's parents is Willem Jacobus Henning *19-9-1952 and his wife Maria Magdalena (born Lubbe) *28-7-1956. Unfortunately we could not trace any of their addresses. If any of our members have contact with this family, please contact the League Secretary urgently.

Geldsake / Money Matters. With the closing of the Family League's books for the year 2007 it became clear that we had another successful year. On the Income side donations decreased from R11 250.00 in 2006 to R10 907.00 in 2007, but the interest we received on our savings increased from R2 853.00 in 2006 to R4 342.00 in 2007, due to the huge increase in Interest rates during 2007. We also made a profit of R500.00 on the sale of souvenirs in 2007, against the R991.00 the previous year.

On the Expenditure side we have to look carefully at two items: Postage, which normally take a huge bite from our funds, only used R75.00 during 2007, in comparison with R1 824.00 the previous year. This was due to the fact that we bought a huge quantity of "Standard Postage" stamp during 2006, which lasted until deep into 2007, thereby avoiding the 2007 tariff increases. We will find that our expenditure on postage will again increase rapidly during 2008, due to the fact that we again bought a huge quantity just before tariffs increased in April.

Our Computer costs in 2007 was also much less than the previous year - R1 983.00 against R3 619.00 during 2006. During 2006 we bought a huge quantity of ink - and ink-powder cartridges at huge discount prices. We will have to take note that expenditure during 2008 will again increase rapidly.

Due to our farsightedness in 2006 to anticipate and avoid 2007 tariff/price increases, we accoplished the situation that our 2007 income from donations (10 907.00) exceeded our total expenditure - R6 800.00 (in comparison with expenditure of R13 627.00 in 2006).

However! We want to warn that the same situation would, most probably, not repeat itself during 2008. We already had to do huge purchases of postage stamps and computer supplies, before the April increases. We would like to appeal to all members to continue contributing according to their ability.

Unfortunately there are still several members who have not made any contribution yet for 2008. Please remember! All contributions, irrespective of the size, are welcome. Small contributions (of as littlle as R20.00) by means of a monthly Debit Order, are very welcome.

Thank you to everybody who have already contributed for 2008 - especially those who contributed generously or by means of a monthly Debit Order.

As usual we mention the names of those members who contributed R200.00 or more over the past three months: (see list in the Afrikaans text)

Prof Peter Henning van Karlsruhe Universiteit vereer/ Prof Peter Henning of Karlsruhe University Honoured. For many years we have had contact with Prof Peter Henning, Chief of the Department Computer Science of the Karlsruhe University in Germany. He is a descendant of the Demmin / Karnin Hennings near Stralsund, in the North of Germany. In January it came to our attention that Peter has been nominated as the 2007 winner of a competition "Professor of the Year" in the category Engineering Science, in which all German universities participate. Congratulations to Prof Peter! All Hennings are proud of him.

Nog 'n Uitstaande 2007 Matrikulant/ Another Outstanding 2007 Matriculant. After reading our report on the 2007 matriculants in the previous Newsletter, b6.c1.d3.e5.f1.g1.h2. Prof Josef Jooste Henning of Hartenbos informed us that his grand daughter, Nina Swart (D/o Daleen [i3] of Randburg obtained six distinctions (all on higher grade) in the 2007 exam: Afrikaans, English, Maths, Natural Science, Biology and Art.

Internet Briewe/ Internet Letters. From the letters we receive from time to time it is clear that descendants of Hennings who emigrated to America, Britain and British Colonies find it difficult to trace their ancestors. Our League Secretary, Olivier Henning have invited several of these potential genealogists to make the results of their research available to the Family League, for publication on the Henning web site on Internet. So far, not one was able to do so. The letter (in the Afrikaans version) is a practical example.

Henning Aandenkings / Souvenirs. We remind our members that the following souvenirs are still available:

Gold plated teaspoons - R28.00 each
Collar badges - R20.00 each
Cuff links - R60.00 set
Beer mugs - R40.00 [only two still available, unfortunately different types]
Writing pads - R24.00 (50 pages)
Henning Compact Disc (CD) - R120.00

Postage is payable according to the number/weight of the parcel, therefore, please enquire by phoning (028 840 0113 or cell 082 355 3801) or E-mail to

Genealogie- en Erfenisfees: Voortrekkermonument/ Genealogical and Heritage Festival: Voortrekker Monument. We remind all Hennings in the vicinity of Pretoria of the genealogical- and heritage festival which will be held on Saturday 10 May 2008 (fron 09h00 to 13h00) at the Voortrekker Monument. Come and support us, and meet Gideon- and Olivier Henning, respectively Chairman and League Secretary of the Family League, who will be traveling from the Cape to Pretoria, to man the Henning stall.

Henning Eiland/ Henning Island. The existence of a "Henning Island" came to our attention. It forms part of a collection of 74 islands called the Whitsunday Islands of the Whitsunday Coast of Australia. This stretch of Coastline is found 1125 km north of Brisbane and 725 km south of Cairns, just above Mackay.

The 74 Whitsunday Islands are the remnants of a coastal range which was submerged by the sea at the end of the ice - age. They lie in the Coral Sea and are part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park which also includes the magnificent reef that stretches 2000km along the east coast of Australia. Almost all of the Islands are National Parks, 8 of them have been developed into resorts, but the remaining 66 are left untouched. Each Island has its own unique beauty and charm.

The Southern end of Whitsunday Island can be seen across the passage from Henning Island. Henning is accessible to boats on all tides, and is National Park. Visitors wishing to stay on the Island are subject to fees and permits, but a large bush campsite is provided for their use with picnic tables and toilets.

Henning Island was named after William Henry Henning; he was an assistant paymaster on the ship called The Salamander. While the Salamander was anchored off of Olden Island in 1866, Henning went ashore to do a little shooting. However, it was he that was shot. Locals say that a wild hermit lived on the island at the time. He resented visitors and it was he that shot Henning through the eye from 70 yards away.

The wild hermit no longer inhabits the Island, therefore a visit is no less adventurous, but generally much safer.

Die Dorpie "Henning" in Amerika/ The Village "Henning" in America. Where we have just given a little bit of information on Henning Island, we may just as well mention the village "Henning" in Minnesota, USA. The village advertise itself on Internet as follows: "Welcome to HENNING On Line! Henning is a Community Growing With Pride! The 760 residents of Henning, Minnesota, will tell you that it's a nice small town, a great place to raise a family and educate their children, a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the big city and just a wonderful place to call home.

Geographically, Henning is located at the intersection of Minnesota Highways 210 and 108 in the southeastern part of Otter Tail County in west-central Minnesota. The community is about 150 miles northwest of Minneapolis/St. Paul and about 90 miles southeast of Fargo/Moorhead. Henning is the gateway to fishing, hunting and water recreation in the nearby lakes. Rolling farmland, modern dairies and hardwood forests cover the county. The community takes pride in their K-12 school and a Christian School. There are three Lutheran churches as well as Methodist, Baptist and a Catholic Church. Unfortunately we could not find out where and how it's name originated, except for the fact that is was established in 1881.

With our tongue in the cheek, the thought came instinctively up: Where the "barbarians" took control over of South Africa in 1994 and the country falling back to the jungle it was before the Europeans brought civilisation to Africa in 1652, we know that many civilized people are rethinking the future of their children and grand children in this country. Henning Island and the village Henning sound like good emigration destinations. In South Afriva the barbarians took over control of every city, town and village by breeding like rats and when they got the vote, made sure that they had the majority everywhere. With the village Henning in Minnesota with only 760 residents, we only need 20% of Hennings in South Africa to become the majority in Henning, Minnesota - but why would we need a majority, if we could only be part of a peaceful, friendly and civilized community?