Boland Pluimbalspelers/ Boland badminton Players. b7.c8.d8.e1.f5. Gideon Henning (72) is Chairman of the Family League, but he is also a provincial badminton player, representing Boland at National Masters League tournaments. Players must be older than 40, therefore, Gideon play most of the time against players who could have been his children.

Three of his grand children have now been selected to represent Boland at National tournaments in their respective age groups. Nina Goosen as an under 17-player; Stephan as an under 15-player, while Nardo Henning was included in the under 15- and under 13-teams. The under 13 team won their devision.

This grandfather is just as proud of his grand children as they are proud of him.

Gertrude Steenkamp (gebore Henning) / Gertrude Steenkamp (born Henning). In the previous newsletter (no 92/Nov 07) we reported on the death of b5.c4.d7.e1.f1. Gertruida Susanna Steenkamp (born Henning) on 11 September 2007 in the age of 101 years.

Our League Secretary receives from time to time letters which he calls "unresolved cases". From time to time he works through this file to see if there is any progress. During October 2004 he received a letter from a "Gertrude", without address or surname - see letter. It now became clear that this letter was from the (at that stage) 98 years old Gertrude Steenkamp.

If we just knew, we would have arranged for a visit to Gertrude ... but unfortunately it is too late now.

Rowers skiet Henning boer / Gang of Robbers shoot Henning farmer. Early morning 17 November 2007 a gang of five heavily armed robbers attacked the homes of the labourers on the farm of b7.c7.d10.e3.f1. Philippus Arnoldus (Flip) Henning in the Trompsburg district. They tried to force the labourers to give them information and the keys of the Henning farmhouse. They killed one of the labourers, because he refused to participate and terrorised the other families. They forced one of the women, who worked in the farmhouse, to accompany them, to get access.

In the meantime Flip Henning suspected that something was wrong with the labourers, because they did not turn up at 07h00 for their usual morning prayers at the farmhouse. He went to look for them. On his way Flip met the robbers and they started shooting at him, wounding him seriously. Fortunately Flip still had the power to warn his wife by Cellphone. She immediately warned other farmers in the neighbourhood and within minutes all the escape routes were blocked. The five robbers were arrested, by the time the police arrived. One of the robbers there-after committed suicide.The same morning Flip was operated in the MediClinic Hospital in Bloemfontein and he is busy recovering.

Gewapende Rooftog by Henning Woning / Armed Raid on Henning Home. During November 2007 b7.c2.d3.e5.f2.g3. Pieter Emile Henning and his wife, Pat from Malanshof, Randburg were watching a World Cup rugby match on TV at their home. Armed robbers entered the house, skooting one of the two watchdogs and lashed down Pieter and Pat. When Pieter started talking to the robbers, they shot a bullet near his feet to scare him. It was clear that the smallest mishap would encourage them to kill Pieter.

Pat pleaded with the robbers and told them that her husband was deaf and could not hear their instructions properly. They looted almost everything they could fit into Pat's car and drove of.

The car was later found in a nearby squatter camp. Unfortunately nothing in the house was insured, but they are grateful that nobody was hurt.

Afsterwe van Hennings / Death of Hennings

Petrus Johannes (Hentie) Henning *15-3-1926 a 81-year old hop-trefoil - and cattle farmer of the Geelhoutboom district, near George, died on 12 November 2007. Earlier in his life he was a well-known marketing representative for fertilizers in Northern Cape and Western Transvaal. Hentie also had an eye for opportunities in the development of farmland near cities and towns into new suburbs. Examples of his involvement in this regard are Highbury and Croydon in Cape Town and Island View in Mossel Bay. During September 2003 he had a huge stroke. Since then he was cared for at Littleton Frail Care.

b6.c1.d1.e9.f8.g3. Willem Reimer Henning *15-10-1934 died on 24 November 2007. His family and friends called him "Remi" or "Kiwi". For many years he lived in Kenia and moved to New Zealand between 1954 and 1962. Thereafter he returned to Africa and moved between South Africa, Kenia and Zimbabwe - often with a motorhome. He also owned property in Seychelles and lived there for long periods.

Kiwi was a diabetic.Over the past three years he developed heart and blood circulation problems. Shortly before his death he sustained gangrene in his left leg. His wife, Ann cared for him up until the end.

b6.c4.d1.e5.f3.g7.h2. Johannes Lodewikus (Hansie) Henning * 6-5-1946 died on 9 January 2008. He was one of twins, but his brother died as a baby. As the oldest child he had to support his mother caring for his younger brothers and sisters, while his father was working far away for long periods. After matric he did not leave the house and kept on supporting his parents, while all the other children left the house after school, setting up their own homes and families.

Hansie never married, because he took the task of looking after his parents very serious. However, his lady friend of many years was his abutment pier. After Hansie's father went on pension they sold their house in town and moved to Hansie's farm at De Wagensdrift, Cullinan. The three of them lived here in love and peace for more than 20 years, when Hansie's father died. In November 2006, six months after his father's death, Hansie was diagnosed with cancer of the colon. Due to the shock of his condition his mother had a heart attack and died during January 2007. In spite of his illness, Hansie arranged the funeral and even attended the funeral. Since then his conditioned deteriorated almost daily, until his death on 9 January 2008.

2007 Matrikulante / 2007 Matriculants. 44 Henning children matriculated at the end of 2007. The top three achievers were: Dean John Henning who obtained the Senior Certificate with distinction, plus distinctions in six subjects: English 1st language HG, Afrikaans 2 nd language HG, Maths HG, Physical Science HG, Accountancy HG and Art HG. Jandr´ Henning who obtained the Senior Certificate with distinction, plus distinctions in five subjects: Afrikaans 1 st language HG, Maths HG, Physical Science HG, Biology HG and Accountancy HG. An´l Henning, the daughter of Stanley and Mary-Ann Henning of Wierdapark, Centurion also obtained the Senior Certificate with distinction, with distinctions in four subjects: English 2 nd language HG, Maths HG, Art HG and Technical Drawings HG.

Leonetta presteer/ Leonetta perform well. Jannetta Steyn, the daughter of b7.c8.d8.e3.f1. Leonetta (Leonie) Steyn (born Henning) may not be a Henning by birth, but she is the person responsible for the establishment and maintenance of the Henning website on Internet - all on her own cost. Jannettta and her children, Leonetta and Stuart Lewis) live in Durham, England and they are British subjects.

Grandma Leonie informed us that little Leonetta (10) recently received a certificate and other prizes for creative writing. All schools in England submit annually the work of deserving children for the "Young Writers Tiny Tales" competition. Leonetta's story, "Zoe Buys the Weapon" has been included in the publication with the best stories of the year.

Geldsake / Money Matters. Thank you to everybody who have already contributed for 2008. Please see the list of donations of R200.00 and higher

Genealogie- & Erfenisfees / Genealogy & Heritage Festival.On 10 May 2008 (from 09h00 to 13h00) a genealogy and heritage festival will be held at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. The Henning Family League will man one of the stalls. Gideon - and Olivier Henning, respectively Chairman and League Secretary of the Family League will fly from Cape Town to Pretoria to man the stall. All Hennings are cordially invited to visit the festival and our stall.