Philip Burger, Henning Nasaat/ Philip Burger, Henning Descendant. Up until now, no Henning excelled on the highest level as a rugby player. It came to our attention that the mother of Philip Burger, the outstanding wing of the Free State Cheetahs is a Henning. She is b5.c1.d3.e1.f1.g5.h1. Hendrina Johanna (Erna) Hubbard (born Henning). Philip plays Super 14- and Curry Cup rugby for the Free State Cheetahs and is a Springbok sevens rugby player.

Philip matriculated in 1998 at the "Hoërskool Randburg". He studied B.Com Marketing at the University of the Free State. During this time he played for the Shimlas, the Free State under 21 team and the Free State Cheetahs. Here-after he played professional Curry Cup rugby for the Pumas (Mpumalanga), before the Cheetahs called him back.

Philip is a son from Erna's first marriage and she is very proud of him.

Otto Henning, Eerste Henning Vee-Arts in Suid-Afrika / Otto Henning, First Henning Vet in South Africa. We were under the impression that b1.c6.d14.e5. Michiel Wilhelm Henning was the first Henning veterinary surgeon in South Africa. He qualified in 1919 and later became famous as an academic, who received several international awards. It recently came to our attention that Otto Henning, who is not related to the Henning clans of South Africa, was in fact the first Henning veterinary surgeon in South Africa.

Otto Henning was born on 21-11-1865 in Germany. He qualified in 1885 as a veterinary surgeon at the University of Stuttgard. In March 1885 he was appointed as Deputy Veterinarian for the Cape of Good Hope, with headquarters in Cape Town. On 1-11-1896 he was sent to the Orange Free State to assist with Rinder Pest, but a few months later during 1897 he returned on his own to serve as State Veterinarian for the Republic of the Orange Free State. He served until 1900. Due to the war he changed position frequently.
1900 - 1901 he served in the SA Constabulary (British forces)
1901 - 1902 he became the State Vet for the Basutoland government
1902 - 1903 he became the Head Veterinarian of the "Orange River Colony" (Orange Free State after the British take-over)
1904 - 1907 he served in the Repatriation Department

In 1907 he was appointed as the head of the Department of Agriculture of German-West Africa (the Namibia of today) until he was arrested by the South African forces which took over the country in 1915. In 1921 he was re-appointed and served as State veterinarian at Keetmanshoop until 1923. He died on 10-11-1933 at Grootfontein, South-West Africa.

Otto Henning does not fit into the family trees of any of the South African Henning clans, but he served this country in an excellent way. In the 27 years Olivier Henning have been busy with research into the Hennings of South Africa, this was the first time he came into contact with information regarding him. It will take special research in Namibia to determine if Otto Henning and his wife had any descendants.

Henning Babas / Henning Babies. In the previous Newsletter we suggested that we hardly ever hear anymore of any Henning babies being born. Within three days b1.c3.d10.e10.f4.g2. Pieter Henning from Pretoria informed us of at least seven babies since 1999 which have been born under the descendants of his grandfather - al of them in Namibia (see the names in the Afrikaans text).

Soon afterwards we were also informed of the birth of the following babies:

Heinrich Henning * 27-8-2007, son of b5.c5.d4.e4.f1.g4.h1. Gerrit Francois Henning and his wife Sanet (born Klopper) of Johannesburg

Johannes Stephanus Heinrich Henning * 20-4-2007, son of b1.c6.d3.e9.f7.g1.h3. Johannes Stephanus Henning and his wife Madalein of Vereeniging. The twin brother of Johannes Stephanus - Johannes Marthinus - and his wife, Chrisna had a baby daughter, Stephanie on 29-1-2005

Jade Henning * 4-4-2005, daughter of b1.c6.d3.e7.f8.g4. Ferdinand - and Emza Henning

Henning Sterftes / Death of Henning's. The oldest Henning die. b5.c4.d7.e1.f1 Gertruida Susanna Steenkamp (born Henning) was born 4-9-1906. She died a week after her 101 st birthday on 11-9-2007. During her life she became famous as an opera singer locally and abroad and received many awards eg. at Stratford-upon-Avon and in the Vatican from Pope John Paul II. In Jerusalem she received a gold diploma for singing "The Holy City". She was proclaimed Benoni's Nightingale due to her lifelong engagement with this city.
b7.c8.d8.e5.f1. Melody Maria Buitendag (born Henning) * 22-4-1948 of Kokstad died on 17-9-2007 after a very long and painfull illness.
b1.c3.d10.e9.f2. Christiaan Rudolf (Boet) Henning * 19-8-1911 of the old age home Huis Vergesig in Zastron died on 1-10-2007 in the age of 96. He lived his whole life in the Zastron district.

CD oor Henning Okkasies / CD on Henning Occasions. Mauritz Henning of Pretoria still have a few copies of a CD on Henning Occasions available. The CD contains visual material on the following:

1. The Henning festival at Aliwal North 8 - 1- October 1988
2. The inauguration of the Henning museum 4/5 April 1992 at Aliwal North
3. Visits to Elandskraal, farm of the Henning progenitor
4. The Henning festival in Bloemfontein, 16 April 1994
Price of the CD, R100.00. Available from: Mauritz Henning, P O Box 43 463, Theresa Park, 0155. Tel: 012 542 5549; Cel: 076 994 7092; E Mail:

Henning CD en -Aandenkings / Henning CD and Souvenirs. Until the end of the year the Henning Family Cronicle on CD will be available at R120.00. All other souvenirs are available at reduced prizes: Teaspoons - R28.00 each; Collar badges - R20.00 each; Cuff links - R60.00 set; Writing pads - R24.00 pad; Beer mugs - R40.00 each (only 2 left).

Orders can be placed telephonically, by letter or E Mail. Money to be deposited in the account of the Henning Family League. Particulars: ABSA Bank Villiersdorp (334-612) Account no 2890 610 423.

Geskiedkundige Dooprok / Historical Christening Robe. b1.c6.d3.e7.f8.g2. Pieter Hendrik Henning of Doornpoort, Pretoria and his family have a historical christening robe which have been used over generations in their family since 1866. It came down the generations through the ancestors of his mother's family, but will stay from now on as far as possible in the Henning family.

Lou Henning tree af / Lou Henning retires. b1.c6.d11.e10.f2. Lourens Jacobus Henning ( *14-9-1942) the cartoonist of the Sunday newspaper Rapport retired at the end of September 2007 after more than 30 years as cartoonist at the newspapers Die Transvaler, Die Vaderland and Rapport. From time to time he also made sketches for our Henning Newsletter.

'n Henning Aktrise in wording / A Henning actress in the making. b7.c8.d8.e3.f4.g2.h1. Lenélle Henning *23-1-1998, a Grade 3 scholar of the Kenridge Primary school and daughter of Leonard - and Chantellé Henning of Van Riebeechshof, Bellville participated during September 2007 in the Tygerberg International Eisteddfod competition. She was one of 29 Grade 3 girls who participated and one of only five who passed the competition with the highest distinction (95%). Four of these five girls were from Kenridge Primary School.

Geldsake /Moneymatters. We are already sending the 2008 financial contribution notices with this Newsletter. With everything getting more expensive, the Family League must also explore all measures to increase its income, to cover all expenses. Unfortunately there are still 27 members who haven't made any contribution for 2007. We appeal to these members to remember this when they contribute for 2008.