'n Nuwe Henning Stam in Duitsland ontdek/ A New Henning Clan discovered in Germany. From time to time people from over the world visit our website and correspond thereafter with us. During December we received two letters from Jan von Henning from Netherlands. He gave us a lot of information on a Henning clan we suspected to exist, due to the fact that we had a copy of their coat-of-arms, but nothing else.

According to Jan, their clan can trace their ancestors back to 1575 and the town Rudolstadt, where several of their ancestors were the Mayor. During 1660 Laurentius Henning was allowed to the aristocracy. His name there-after changed to Laurentius von Henning auf Schönhoff and he and his descendants used the coat-of-arms as published in this Newsletter. Please read the two letters in Dutch by Jan von Henning. Compare the Coat-of-Arms Jan supplied with the coat-of-arms under the heading "Henning de Schönhoff, Prusse" in all the publications by Brig Olivier (O J) Henning. The Henning website will be updated with this new information in due course.

Henning Matrikulante/ Henning Matriculants. Statistics show that the number of Hennings, like the total white population, is diminishing. Over the past 20-years the number of Henning children passing matric diminished every year from †60 in the early 1980's to †30 at present. Gauteng again had the most matriculants in 2006 - 21. The Free State followed with 5, Eastern Cape with 3 ( the well known Henning triplets) and Western - and Northen Cape with 1 each. It seems as if there was no Henning matriculants in the other provinces.

It is with pleasure that we report on those children who performed well:

b7.c8.d8.e1.f2.g2.h1. Heinrich George Henning, son of Stanley - and Mary-Ann Henning of Wierda Park, Centurion passed matric with 5 distinctions: English HG, Mathematics HG, Additional Mathematics HG, Physical Science & Chemistry HG and Accountancy HG. He expected distinctions in all seven his subjects, but something went wrong in two subjects, where he only obtained B symbols.

As a scholar of Eldoraigne Secondary School, Heinrich earned two trophies for the best scholar in Mathematics and Electronics in his grade (360 scholars). During 2005 he earned the same two trophies, plus the Physical Science & Chemistry trophy.

During the first countrywide Henning festival held during October 1988, Heinrich was the only baby baptised at the festival by Rev. Willie Henning. Heinrich is enrolled to study actuarial science at the University of Pretoria.

b1.c3.d10.e8.f1.g1.h1.i4. Christiaan Rudolph Henning, son of Johannes Gerhardus (Johan) Henning and his wife Marietjie from Bloemfontein also passed matric with five distinctions - Afrikaans HG, Mathematics HG, Physical Science & Chemistry HG, Biology HG and Accountancy HG. He intends to study for a B Sc degree with Maths and Physical Science at the University of the Free State.

In the North-Eastern Cape, at the Burgersdorp Secondary School the triplets of Willie- and Gerda Henning (b6.c3.d2.e6.f1.g2.h1.) of the farm Leeufontein passed matric very well.

Anelme obtained an average A symbol and had the best results in the region. She obtained distinctions in Afrikaans HG, Accountancy HG, Biology HG and Geography HG. She and her parents had to attend a Provincial presentation of prizes in East London, but could unfortunately not attend.

Elseri passed with a B average and obtained a distinction in Afrikaans HG. Herman passed with a C average. The triplets is enrolled at the Potchefstroom campus of the North Western University to study for the degree B Com (accountancy)

'n Nuwe Henning Tandarts/A New Henning Dentist. On 24 November 2006 b9.c3.d3.e3.f4.g2.h2.i3. Giselle Henning became the newest Henning dentist, when she obtained her B.Ch.D degree Cum Laude at the University of Pretoria. To obtain her degree with distinction, Giselle had to score an average of 75% in all her subjects over the last three years. She came second in a class of 70 students and received two medals for the best student in Odontology and Prosthodontology.

Giselle will do her Community Service year at Bethlehem and plan to do post graduate studies thereafter in the UK. She is the daughter of the Dr Nico Henning and his wife Elize, the well-known veterinary surgeon of Lyttelton Manor, Centurion.

Celesté presteer ook baie goed/ Celesté also performs very well. In the Feb 2004 "Haantjie"we reported on the 9 distinctions Celesté Henning obtained in matric. She is the sister of Rudolph Henning (above). She studied for a B Rek degree the last three years and obtained her degree with distinction. From this year she will study for a CTA degree, which will be followed by the Board exams to qualify as a CA.

Cecile Henning weer in die Kollig/Cecile Henning again in the limelight! We were very proud to have published the cover page of the Oct 2002 SARIE with b7.c7.d10.e4.f2.g3. Cecile Henning on the front page of the Feb 2003 Haantjie. She is one of the most well known photographic model in South Africa and is busy making name for herself internationally. She is the daughter of Dr Philip Henning, a Paediatrist of Durbanville and his wife Annatjie.

Cecile has now appeared in a beautiful article in the January 2007 issue of the magazine FINESSE. She tells about her carreer as photographic model; the support she received from her mother, Annetjie; of her marriage with Rudi Louw and and her religion as an expressed Christian.

Briewe van Buitelandse Hennings/ Letters from Hennings Abroad. Two letters in English can be read in the Newsletter.

Grondeise in Suid-Afrika/ Land Claims in South Africa.It is known that the Black government passed legislation for so-called people who were left behind, to claim land which "have been taken from them". This legislation, however, acknowledge the principal of willing buyer, willing seller. It appears more and more that the government try to sidestep this principal and that a Zimbabwe situation is not so farfetched.

In the newspaper Rapport of 3 December 2006 we read that b1.c6.d14.e2.f3. Arthur Smith Henning applied to the Land Claims Court for the right to submit a claim due to the fact that he was forced to sell his farm (1 600 ha) during 1979 to the government for inclusion into the Venda Homeland.

Arthur and his parents have been farming in the Soutpansberg region since 1912. The Land Claims Commisioner for the Limpopo province was so furious that a white man submitted a claim that he (without having the power) disapproved Arthur's claim and called him Satan. Due to the illegal action of this commisioner, Arthur has now taken the case to the Land Claims Court and is sueing the commisioner for crimen injuria.

Vrystaat Hennings Vergader/ Free State Hennings Gather. The Free State branch of the Family League is the only branch gathering socially on a regular basis. During 2006 they gathered on two occasions: 14 April 2006 at the showgrounds in Petrusburg and on 2 December 2006 at the home of Jan and Mara Henning at Waterbron, Bloemfontein.

All Hennings in the Free State are invited to attend these meetings. Please phone the chairman of the branch, Jan Henning at his cell phone 082 577 7328.

Len Henning besoek die Bakermat van alle Hennings/ Len Henning visit the Cradle of all Hennings. b7.c1.d10.e3.f5.g1. Leonard Henry (Len) Henning of Wilderness and his daughter Sonja visited Germany and Denmark during October 2006. They visited Lippstadt, the birthplace of Peter Henrich Henning the progenitor of most of the South African Hennings, Stralsund, where the name Henning originated †1290 and the towns of Greiffswalt, Demmin and the Henning castle at Karnin. In Stralsund they visited the church archives and wrote down the birth particulars of approximately 100 Hennings between the years 1620 and 1880. We had knowledge of Henning-Mörder str in Stralsund, but were unsure where this name came from. They discovered that almost all the businesses in Henning-Mörder str belongs to or have belonged to Hennings. Most of them were clothing- or shoe factories.

After a long, tiresome walk of several kilometres at Karnin they discovered the castle and had an amusing encounter with one of the guards (an obscure character). At Greiffswalt and Demmin it was not possible to do any research, but the visit was quite interesting.

Geldsake/ Money Matters. We thank all members who have made their annual donations and appeal to those members who have not responded yet to forward their donations as soon as possible. Please consider a small monthly debit order (of as little as R20.00) in favour of the Family League, in stead of one annual donation. Banking particulars are: ABSA Bank Villiersdorp (334-612); Account name: Henning Familiebond; Account no. 2890 610 423 (Cheque account)