1. 'n Henning sterf na aanval op sy huis/ A Henning die after attack on his home. b5.c1.d5.e3.f1.g1.h4. Adriaan Jacobus (André) Henning *25-10-1958 of the Reeds, Centurion died on 28 Sep 06 in hospital after he fought for his life for almost ten weeks. In the early hours of a day in July André and his family was attached in their house by a gang of black criminals, who obtained entrance by throwing a stone through a window. André and his wife woke up from the noise. Both were shot immediately. André was hit through his chin, while his wife Daleen was hit in the chest. The same bullet went through her arm. In the meantime both their son's were still sleaping in their rooms. The criminals fled with a cell phone, a television set and R100.00 ...... and another white family is deprived of their spouse and father and the Government is doing nothing to prevent crime effectively ..... may be this is part of a bigger sinister plan. André is the fourth Henning killed in crime over the past few years.

2. Nederland se guns, Suid-Afrika se wins/ Netherland's favour, South Africa's gain. The Dutch Government approved the financing of the transcribation of all archives in countries where the Netherlands had a historical influence and to make the transcribed archives available on Internet. In the case of the Cape of Good Hope the following archive groups were transcribed:

* The resolutions of the Political Council of the Cape of Good Hope (1651 - 1795)

* the first 40 folders of the inventories of intestate estates (1673 - 1834) of the Orpan Chamber of the Cape of Good Hope. The last 35 folders is being transcribed at present.

This project claims the highest expertise due to the fact that most of these documents are so old, fragile and almost unreadable. Fortunately Dr Helena Liebenberg of the University of Cape Town was appointed as head of this project, therefore, we can be assured that the end product will be of the highest quality.

For the Henning family this project is of great value. It is only necessary to feed the name "Henning" into the search engine and all documents where this name appears can be reached. League secretary, Olivier Henning, has already done this job and all information of value had been added to our family history. If you want to read the proper history of the origin of the Cape of Good Hope visit

3. Henning Stamvader se betrokkenheid in Graaff-Reinet/ Involvement of Henning Progenitor in Graaff Reinet. While working through the transcribed documents of the Cape of Good Hope one sometimes find documents where one or other Henning is mentioned, but where this is of no real value to the history of the family, but still interesting. The entry below is an example. In this letter to the Governor it is mentioned that a commando had to take action against marauding Hottentot and Bushman gangs. Certain items had to be purchased from specific citizens, who have to be remunerated. 25 pairs of "voervelle" (?feeding hoppers?) were purchased from the Henning progenitor, Pieter Hendrik Henning. Read the original Dutch letter in the Newsletter.

4. Sterftes/ Deaths. We report on the deaths of two members:

" Erich Endrejat *19-5-1938 at Kusellen, East Prussia, husband of Levien (born Henning), †10 September 2006

" Adriaan Jacobus (André) Henning *25-10-1958, † 28 September 2006 , mentioned on first page.

5. Vyf geslagte op een foto/ Five generations on one photo. One of our oldest members, b9.c1.d4.e6.f1. Frederika Wilhelmina (Driekie) Alberts (born Henning) *30-6-1913 commemorated her 93rd birthday in June. Four generations of her descendants were present. There are not many people who are privileged to see the grandchildren of their grandchildren. In the case of this family, Driekie's parents only had daughters and since then all subsequent generations also only have daughters.

6. Foto's/ Photographs. Photographs is one of the most important ways to enlighten a family's history. Since the last Newsletter we received photographs of b6.c1.d3.e5. Joseph Jooste Henning *15-1-1862, his wife Gertruida Susanna and three generations of his descendants - page 6

7. Briewe/ Letters. We received an amusing letter from "Lulu Henning", a one year old Yorkshire Terrier. She has been adopted by b1.c1.d10.e2.f1.g1. Calie- and Irene Henning of Alberton. She enquires if there are other registered pedigree Henning dogs. Her pedigree certificate by the "Kennel Union of South Africa" states that her name is Tashwil Lulu Henning. She mentions that she will be going on a three months course to teach her proper manners, because her father, Calie is very particular.

8. 'n Henning wen 'n prys/ A Henning won a prize. Mrs Caville Henning, wife of b1.c6.d3.e9.f7.g1. Johannes Stephanus Henning of Blomtuin, Durbanville, won a case of wine from Boschendal Cellar in a competition in the wine supplement of the newspaper, Die Burger. As background we mention that the Henning progenitor, Pieter Hendrik Henning owned a piece of land in the Klein Drakenstein district (today named Paarl) during the 1780's. This is known as the "winelands" of South Africa. When he moved to the Graaff Reinet district he started a vineyard with more than 1 800 vines. This indicates that he already knew the enjoyment of a glass of wine.

9. Studie Beursfonds/ Study Bursary Fund. In the socalled "new South Africa" white (Afrikaans and English speaking) chidren have almost no chance to obtain any governmental support for their studies at a higher education institution, in spite of the fact that this cultural group contributes the biggest part of the governments income. We, therefore, have to pay ourselves for our children's studies. We know that there are several Henning families with very deserving children, but who cannot afford to pay for their children's studies.

Several years ago the Family League, therefore, set an objective to compile a study bursary fund. This fund should be strong enough, so that the interest received is enough to sponser at least 50% of the expenditure of one Henning student for three years. We appeal to Hennings (especially those without childen) to think of this bursary fund when compiling their will.

Since the foundation of the Family League in 1984 we have accumilated approximately R40 000.00 in our reserve fund, which could also be regarded as the creation of the Bursary fund.

10. Geldsake/ Money matters. It is almost the end of the year and there are still several members who have not made their annual contribution to the Family League. We leave it to every member to decide him- or herself how much they can afford to contribute. On average, the most members contribute R100.00 annually. Some members contribute a smaller amount, while others contribute more. If everybody contributes according to their ability, we could maintain the normal day to day functioning of the Family League, and transfer surplus funds over to the Reserve Fund.

We invite members to consider donating by means of a monthly Debit Order a small amount .... even as small as R20.00. This is of great value to the Family League. The banking particulars of the Family League is as follows: ABSA Bank Villiersdorp (Branch code 334-612), Account number 2890 610 423, Henning Familiebond

11. Redakteur/ Editor. Thank you very much to all our members who enquired on my health condition. It is pleasant to know that so many of you were thinking of me. Several specialist warned that I must be aware that it can take several years to recover from a Guillain Barré Syndrome, but I am positive that I will recover completely.