1. Adv. Jan Henning tree af/ Adv. Jan Henning retires. Jan Sarel Marthinus Henning *24-10-1951 can be found at b6.c4.d1.e5.f4.g6.h2. in the Henning family tree. He retired on 31 January 2006 as the Deputy Chief of the National Prosecution Authority. The last three years he was the chief of the Prosecution Division. Pres Mbeki approved his retirement due to medical reasons earlier. During 2005 he underwent a very serious neck operation, but did not recover in full. A career of almost 33 years in the department came to an end.

During his career he was involved in many sensational crimenal cases which included murder, rape, commercial crime - in which he specialised - as well as "security matters and clandestine operations during the old dispensation". A few years ago he also was a member of Adv Klaus von Lieres und Wilkau, SC's team who tried to persuade the Constitutional Court to bring back capital punishment. Although they did not succeed, Jan is still of the opinion that there are still many people who kill for the fun. Fear for capital punishment is the only deterrent. In the legal profession he was looked at as one of the best prosecuters and prosecution managers this country has produced and that his succesor will have to fill big shoes. The Chief of National Prosecution, Vusi Picoli said that Jan Henning's retirement is a big loss for the department. His contribution in finalising the big backlog in crimenal cases was priceless.

2. 'n Besoek aan Noorweegse Henning Nasate/ A Visit to Norwegian Henning Descendants. The webmaster of the Henning website on Internet, Jannetta Lewis has been living in Durham, England for some years. Her mother, Leonie Steyn (born Henning, b7.c8.d8.e3.f1) has been visiting Jannetta and her two children since February.

Leonie wrote us a letter about three families with historical ties with the Henning family, whom they visited over the past few weeks. Firstly they made contact with Christopher Cooksen and his wife Babsie, who lives in Worcestershire, England. Christopher's grandmother was b7.c8.d11. Annie Isabella Henning *23-1-1877 (see her brother and sister below), who married the pharmacist George Sidney Fuller. He emigrated earlier from England. He also was a photographer. Many of the historical photo's of the Gert Frans Branch (b7) (the Aliwal North Hennings) were taken by him. He also was the first person who imported an incubator to South Africa.

Christopher's mother, Alice married an Englishman, Cookson, but he and his brother and two sisters all married Afrikaners. Like many other South Africans, the "new South Africa" forced them to move to England.

Secondly Leonie visited her cousin, Elize Kruger and her husband in London. Elize married a Muslim Indian, Sjabir Raidhan. Elize had to accept the Muslim name, Zaynab Raidhan. He is a bookkeeper.

Thirdly, and the highlight of her holiday, Leonie and Jannetta visited the Fowels Landmark family in Norway. Pastor emeritus Bjarne Fowels Landmark of Hjelmeland, Norway is a lifelong member of the Henning Family League. He is responsible for the series on Biblical names used by the Henning family in this quarterly Newsletter. His grandmother's mother and Leonie's grandfather were brother and sister. She was b7.c8.d1. Martha Johanna Elizabeth Henning *26-8-1857, married Zurich, while Leonie's grandfather was b7.c8.d8. Olivier Johannes Henning *1869 (Their younger sister, Annie b7.c8.d11 above). Martha was 19 years old when she married, while her brother Olivier (12 years younger) married when he was 33, therefore, their children were already a generation apart. Their father was Olivier Johannes Gerhardus Cornelis Henning *1-12-1834. Bjarne's grandmother married a Norwegian skipper, Landmark and moved with him to Norway. Bjarne and his whole family are very proud of their Henning and South African ancestors.

Leonie and Jannetta flew from England to Norway in a small passenger aircraft and landed at a secondary airport near Oslo.They only paid 2 pennies each for their air tickets, due to the fact that these airlines make their money from the sales on the aircraft. (However, nearer to the flight date the price of the air tickets increased to 20.00). Leonie had to pay airport tax of R300.00 and R450.00 for her visa.

They stayed over at the home of Bjarne's son Brynjar and his wife Olaug near Oslo, due to the fact that Bjarne's own house in Hjelmeland is several hours drive away and is difficult to reach this time of the year. Leonie remarks on the small population of Norway ( 4 million) and how beautiful all the girls are. She could not understand a word of the Norwegian language, although Jannetta tried to learn a few words before they departed. Everybody in Norway receives huge salaries, therefore, everything is very expensive, in such a way that even Bjarne and family visit neighbouring countries like Poland and Hungary for shopping.

The bottom story of Brynjar and Olaug's house is from stone and the top storey from timber. The plot is very huge, with a beautiful garden, although one could not see anything at this time of the year, due to the snow. The house was a huge experience with it's 37 rooms on three levels. They collect almost everything, semi-precious stones, signatures of important people, stuffed animals, paintings, etcetera, they paint eggs and exhibit them during club meetings. Both Brynjar and Olaug write books on different subjects. Brynjar, as a medical practitioner, write articles for medical magazines and books on painting of eggs. Olaug on dressmaking. Their library is almost as big as a small village library.

This was the first visit from far away relatives to the Fowels-Landmark family in Norway, and was a was a huge experience for Leonie and Jannetta.

3. 'n Henning bou HOP-huise/ A Henning erect RDP-houses. Since the "new South Africa" started in 1994 we got used to negative reporting on the erection of low cost housing for the poorest of the poor. Almost every project, country wide were characterised by corruption, mismanagement, nepotism, or bad craftmanship.

In the 4 April 2006 issue of the "Northern Review", a local newspaper in the Limpopo province we found a very positive report in which the Limpopo Provincial Government decided to ask mr Carl Henning of Mununzwa Nepco to erect 600 houses in the Vhembe district for the "People's Housing Project" (PHP). This is b1.c6.d14.e2.f3.g1. Carl Arthur Henning *19-7-1964 who farms between Louis Trichardt and Elim.

Carl's grandfather moved during 1912 from Rouxville to this farm and since then this family is well-known residents in the Soutpansberg region. Apparently Carl erected such good houses for his labourers that it caught the eye of the government and they decided to contract him.

The MEC for Local Government and Housing, me Maite Nkoana-Mashabane paid special tribute to mr Carl Henning for his contribution to good relations between employers and employees and the different race groups in the Province.

4. Geldsake/ Money Matters. Due to the fact that no Family League can survive without money, we pay tribute to members who donated amounts of R200.00 and more over the past three months. This includes Honorary- and Life-long members - see list in the newsletter. We also thank those members who donate small amounts of money by means of a monthly debit-order.

5. Name met 'n Bybelse Oorsprong/ Names with a Biblical origin. Article in English

6. Briewe ontvang/ Letters received. Piet Henning (b6.c1.d3.e5.f3.g9.h1.) reports from Italy, where he works, on the exhibition of the "Rijks-museum", Amsterdam at the Schiphol airport. When he signed the visitors register, he saw that a person with the name "Prins Henning" (prince in English) signed the register before him. He wondered if this was his name or if the person might be a real prince. See a photograph of the page of the register on page 10.

Second letter from Peter Henning from Australia in English. Third letter from Leandro Henning from Portugal, had to be translated from Portugese into English. Translation on page 10.

7. Henning CD en Aandenkings/ Henning CD and Souvenirs. Prices as follows, plus postage. Postage according to weight of parcel. Phone Olivier Henning (028 840 0113) for amount: CD - R150.00 ; Teaspoons (gold plated) - R28.00 each; Collar badge - R20.00; Cuff Links - R60.00; Bear mugs - R40.00; writing pads (50 pages) - R24.00