1. Henning Drieling Presteer / Henning Triplets do well. During our first national Henning festival (Oct 1988) at Aliwal North it came to our attention that Henning triplets were born a few months earlier in the nearby Burgersdorp. They were the children of Willie and Gerda Henning (b6.c3.d2.e6.f1.g2.h1.) of the farm Leeufontein, Bugersdorp.

Although they attended the festival for a short while, no opportunity occured to meet them.

The children were named Hermanus Marthinus (Herman), Anelmé and Elseri.

Since then these triplets grew up and will be in Matric during 2006. Anelmé was selected as Headgirl for 2006 and her brother Herman was selected as deputy Headboy. In the Grade 11 (old St 9) exams Anelmé received prizes (medals) for obtaining the best marks in five of her seven subjects: English (first language HG), Biology HG, Geography HG, Accountancy HG, Science HG (HG = Higher Grade) as well as the gold medal for the first position in class. She obtained distinctions in all seven subjects. Elseri obtained a certificate for her academic achievements.

2. Henning Beursskema / Henning Bursary Scheme. One of the objectives of the Henning Family League is to create a bursary fund from which bursaries could be allocated to meritorious Henning students. A fund of at least R500 000.00 would be needed, before any bursaries can be allocated from the interest.

We left the suggestion with our members (especially those without descendants) to remember the Family League in their will. We also appeal to members to contribute from time to time even small amounts to this fund. If all Hennings contribute from time to time, we could reach this goal somewhere in the future.

A German couple, Herbert and Margita Henning, from Munich decided to get immediately involved and sponsor a Henning child. In the May 2005 edition we invited Henning students to apply. After several months of consideration they decided to sponsor Anelmé Henning, one of the Burgersdorp triplets as from 2007. She will be studying Commecial Science at the University of the Free State.

3. Geldsake / Money Matters. No family league can survive without funds. Fortunately most of the members of the Henning Family League contribute on a regular basis and we can survive. The names of members who contributed R200.00 or more are mentioned in the article. Members can also contribute by means of a small monthly Debit Order. The particulars of the Family League Bank Account is as follows: ABSA Bank Villiersdorp; Branch No 334-612; Account name: Henning Familiebond; Account No 2890 610 423.

4. Voortrekker Argiefstukke / Early Pioneers Archival Documents. During the period 1829 and 1849 several citizens of the Cape Colony moved away from the Colony to get away from British oppresion. The British invaded the Cape during 1806. Most of these people moved to the area which later became the Transvaal (Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek). In spite of the fact that no official country existed at that time in the Transvaal, these Boers appointed several officials to govern them. A "President" was appointed, as well as several magistrates and field cornets.

One of the "citizens" of the new country wrote a letter to the "President" accusing the "magistrate" for the district "Vaalriver" of not fullfilling his duties properly. He uses several examples where Magistrate Lombaard misbehaved.

One of the examples affects one of our Henning ancestors, b5.c2. Pieter Hendrik Henning. A person Bezuidenhout applied through his Field Cornet (Thomas Dreyer) to Magistrate Lombaard that a certain farm be allocated to him. Lombaard had several excuses. Later Henning applied for the same farm and Lombaard sold the farm to him for 12 oxen.

b5.c2 Pieter Hendrik Henning * 8-9-1804, his wife Elizabeth Catharina (Elsa) and their five children initially lived on a farm "De Put" in the Cape Colony. During 1835 (the 6th Xhosa War) the Xhosas attached their farm and killed his wife. His youngest child was only a few months old. Ten months later he married Aletta De Bruyn and they left the Colony and move to the new Boer Republic.

5. Oom Jan Henning van Lyttelton / Uncle Jan Henning from Lyttelton.b1.c3.d2.e2.f2.g1. Jan Hendrik Henning *3-2-1922 served for several years on the management committee of the Henning family League (1984 - 1997). At present he is an honorary member. His wife , Sarie died during 2002. Since then he has been living alone. During February 2005 doctors discovered a tumor in his brain. It cannot be removed, but he undergoes irradiation. His eyes, ears and speach is affected, but he remains positive.

Jan asked a nurse, Gerritje (Gerry) van der Smit to come and assist him. Gerry's parents emigrated during 1975 from the Netherlands and have been Jan's neighbours for the last 16 years. Gerry therefore knew Jan very well. When Jan's wife, Sarie died during 2002 Gerry assisted Jan with much dedication to make life easier for Sarie.

During December 2004 Jerry decided to return to the Netherlands, but when Jan requested her during May 2005 to come and assist him, she immediately agreed and returned. She performed with such love, dedication and compassion that Jan asked her to marry him. They were married on 3 December 2005.

6. Die naam Henning in die Noorde van Duitsland / The Name Henning in the North of Germany. Two interesting photographs - Henning-murderer St, Stralsund near the Baltic sea, where the name Henning originated durning the years 1290. Research will have to be done to find out where this name came from.

A Henning sign against a wall in Paderborn, a neighboring town of Lippstadt, where the Henning progenitor, Peter Henrich Henning lived.

7. Name met 'n Bybelse oosprong / Names with a Biblical origin. Article in English

8. Sterftes / Deaths. We report on the death of Stephanus Gerhardus Henning * 21-4-1935 and Jan Sarel Marthinus Henning * 14-9-1925

9. Briewe vanuit die Buiteland / Letters from Abroad. Letters in English.

10. Ons Haantjies word goed geteel / Our Roosters are Raised well! The name Henning originated from a young cheeky rooster. We want to make sure that no other rooster can beat us. How is this for size!