Fourth Henning Family Festival

The fourth Henning festival took place at the Schanskop fortress at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria on 11 October 2014. League Secretary Olivier Henning, his wife Charlotte and brother Fanie departed a week proir to the festival from their homes in the Cape to make sure that all preparations have been done. In Pretoria b7.c8.d8.e1.f2.g2. Stanley Henning, his wife Mary-Ann and son Heinrich (26) also assisted with the preparations.

The whole week before the festival the sun shined clear and warm, but when the morning of 11 October arrived, winter was back in the old Transvaal. It was overcast and a cold winter wind was blowing. The four men started at 06:30 hours to hang all the Henning flags, banners and pennants. The strong wind did not make it easier for the men to do their job, but at last all 120 flags, banners and pennants were hanged.

In the mean time Hennie Coetzee, manager of Facilities at the Voortrekker Monument and his team of workers started to place all the tables and chairs in the hall and at the barbeque. Mauritz Henning got his registration table ready. Fanie Henning also made sure that his table where people could buy Henning souvernirs, were ready for business.

Now we only waited for the people to arrive and at approximately 09:00 hours they started to flock in. As promptly as a military parade we could start with our proceedings. At 10:00 hours Chairman Gideon Henning welcomed everybody at the festival and Mrs Sonja Lombard, Chief Executive Officer of the Heritage Foundation and the Voortrekker Monument welcomed the Henning family at the –Monument.

Olivier Henning read out all the messages of greetings and congratulations we received. Messages were received from cultural societies like the FAK (Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Societies), Afrikanerbond, Orania Movement and Afriforum. Messages were also received from representatives of Henning families in Germany, Netherlands and Estonia. Our good friend, Herbert Henning from Munich, Germany not only sent us a strong and inspiring message but also a donation of R5 000.00. He intended to attend the festival, but due to the death of his sister just before the festival, his plans were ruined. We also received messages from Rev Bjarne Fowels of Hjelmeland, Norway and ex-South Africans like Neels Henning from Tampa, USA and Jozef Henning from Antigua in the West Indian Islands. Olivier closed the official proceedings with an interesting slideshow on the Henning progenitor, Peter Henrich Henning, to commemorate his arrival at the Cape of Good Hope 250 years ago.

Some people here-after visited the museum at the fortress, others went to the Monument, while the majority moved to the barbeque area. This high laying area with huge thatched roof sitting areas has a magnificent view of Pretoria. Everybody had a chance to put a piece of meat on the fire and meet other Hennings.

The only disappointment of the festival was the small number of Hennings living in Pretoria who attended. More people from the Cape attended than Hennings from Pretoria — and almost 40% of the 4000 Hennings in South Africa live in Pretoria. The majority attending the festival came from places as far as Strand, Paarl, Kuilriver, Villierdorp, Tzaneen, Secunda, Kimberley, Klerksdorp, Memel, Welkom, Heidelberg, just to mention a few.The weather most probably played a role, but at the end it was a very pleasant day.

More photographs can be seen on the last three pages.


It is with sorrow that we have learnt of the death of the following Hennings:

b1.c6.d1.e2.f2.g5. Coenraad Hermanus Henning *28-7-1931, or Boetie as he was called died on 19 June 2014 at Brakpan. His mother died with his birth. As a concequence he was raised by a Carstens couple without own children, living in Brakpan. He worked his life long for the Chamber of Mines and retired 25 years ago. He was very active in his church, being the secretary of the AFM church in Brakpan for 33 years. He was buried from this church. He loved sport and to travel.

b7.c8.d8.e1.f1. Johanna Delport (born Henning) *30-6-1929 of Brenthurst, Brakpan died on 26 July 2014 in the age of 85 years. She was a widow since 1988, when her husband Danie Delport died. Johanna and her husband lived in Brakpan since 1968. They had five children (three daugters and two sons) as well as 10 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

b1.c6.d14.e2.f3. Arthur Smith Henning *14-2-1937 of the farm, Sweetwaters, district Louis Trichardt died on 21 July 2014 in a hospital in Pretoria.


Estie van Straaten *27-9-1990, daughter of Simon Sauer van Straaten and b7.c8.d8.e5.f5. Rubina Theunissa van Straaten (born Henning) got married to Menanteau Serfontein on 9 August 2014 at Casa & Lee, Boschkop

Money Matters

Our family festival made quite a big hole in our finances. The leasing of the facilities, manufacturing of flags, banners and souvenirs, advertisements and other expenditure used R12 374.00 of our money. Fortunately we have very loyal members who contributed amply over the past three months and this entailed that we could close the festival on a positive note. The following members contributed amply:

* Pieter Hendrik (Tappies) Henning of Benoni — R5 000.00
* Herbert Henning of Munich, Germany — R5 000.00
* Tjaart Johannes (Tjaart) Henning of Sinoville, Pretoria — R2 000.00
* Lizelle Henning of Villieria, Pretoria — R700.00
* Helena Maria (Marinda) Heunis (born Henning) of Mandini — R300.00
* Runa van Straaten (born Henning) of Doringkloof, Centurion — R300.00
* Jan Sarel Marthinus (Jan) Henning of Lyttelton Manor, Centurion — R300.00

With the end of the year in sight, there are still 24 members who have not contributed for the year 2014, and we are already requesting all our members to make a contribution for 2015. Members can consider contributing by means of a small monthly debit order as small as R20.00 to R30.00 per month. You almost do not feel such a small contribution, but for the family league it is of great value. You have full control over the transaction, because you arrange it yourself at your bank. Otherwise one larger annual contribution is just as welcome.

The particulars of the bank account of the family league are as follows: Bank — ABSA Bank Villiersdorp (Branch no 334 612); Account name — Henning Familiebond; Account no 2890 610 423

A New Baby

b1.c1.d10.e2.f1.g1. Johannes Carel Henning of Verwoerdpark, Alberton informed us that his daughter Vicky-Lodine Du Toit and her husband Riaan Stefan Du Toit had a new baby boy on 10 January 2013. His name Luan Du Toit. Luan is their second child.

Lenélle Henning represent South Africa

Lenélle Henning (16) daughter of b7.c8.d8.e3.f4.g2 Leonard Henning and his wife Chantélle was a Grade 10 (old St 8) pupil at the D F Malan High School, Bellville during 2014. The past few years she participated in Fitness Sport Aerobics (Hip-Hop).

During the South African championships which was held during August 2014 she and her team were selected to represent South Africa in the junior division at the World Championships which will be held during the last week of October 2014 at Prague in the Czech Republic. We will report in the next newsletter on their performance. We are very proud of Lenélle.

A Henning Beheaded in Syria

During September 2014 it became known that a Alan Henning was beheaded in Syria by the terrorsit group Islamic State. We could not find any connection with this Alan Henning and any of the Henning clans in South Africa. All pointers indicate that he was a British subject rendering voluntary medical aid to the local people. He volunteered to drive an ambulance full of medical aid when he was captured. Henning Souvenirs for Christmas

We still have several Henning souvenirs available, which would make very nice Christmas presents. With the postal strike almost over, it would be wise to place an order telephonically (028 840 0113) or by E Mail ( to make sure how much the postage would be. Unfortunately the size of the order determine the postage. Prizes are as follows:

1. Teaspoons — R50.00 each. Very nice as a set of six or more, plus a suger spoon.
2. Suger spoons — R54.00 each
3. Collar badges — R30.00 each
4. Cuff-Links — R100.00 set. In spite of the fact that most men do not wear cuff-links any more, we would like to mention that our cuff-links are very beautiful and can be worn with pride or displayed in a showcase.
5. Writing pads (50 pages) — R30.00
6. Henning CD — R125.00
7. Henning Family Cronicle — two volumes (only eight sets available) — R450.00
Our contact details also appear on the front page and the banking particulars of the family league are as follows: ABSA Bank Villiersdorp (branch 334 612), Account name — Henning Familiebond, Account no — 2890 610 423.

More Henning Festival Photographs

Left above: Mrs Sonja Lombard, CEO of the Heritage Foundation welcomes the Hennings at the Voortrekkermonument. Middle: Gideon Henning, Chairman of the Family League welcomes everybody at the festival.

Right: Attendants listen attentively to the speeches and the slide show

Above: Olivier Henning busy with the slide show on the Henning progenitor, Pieter Hendrik Henning. The other three photo's — Hennings enjoy themselves at the barbeque

Due to the postal strike, many members would receive this newsletter late.

A merry Christmas and happy New Year to all our members!