Andries Pretorius monument te Graaff-Reinet/Andries Pretorius monument at Graaff Reinet

The Henning family has a long relationship with Graaff Reinet. Our progenitor, Peter Henrich Henning *Des 1740 moved from Drakenstein (Paarl) to the area near Bruitjeshoogte in 1779. From 1786 he permanently moved to the ward “Achter de Sneeuwberg” where he laid out the farm Elandskraal.

The last descendant of Peter Henrich who lived on this farm was Johannes Jacobus Coetzee, the son of b10.c6.d3.e1. Lucya Aletta Henning *28-2-1894. He sold the farm shortly after the beginning of the 21st Century. A relationship of more than two hundred years between the Henning family and Graaff Reinet therefore came to an end.

Several leaders of the Great Trek, who must have been known to the first two generations of Hennings, also lived in the Graaff Reinet district. A monument for Andries Pretorius was erected in 1943 near Graaff Reinet. Unfortunately a squater camp developed next to the monument and these squaters started vandalizing the monument. It was totally unsafe to visit the monument.

In 2003 two Afrikaner cultural societies, the Afrikanerbond and the Rapportryers raised the question if this monument should not be moved to a safer place. In 2012 they started collecting money for this operation. The Henning Family League therefore decided to contribute to this effort, due to the long relationship the family had with Graaff Reinet and the many Hennings who took part in the Great Trek.

The two cultural societies and other interested parties, like the Graaff Reinet museum and the Camdeboo National Park debated on the repositioning of the monument. One of the proposals was to move the monument to the premises of the museum, but at the end it was decided that it should be moved to the Camdeboo National Park, where it would be safe and can be seen from the N9 national road between Graaff Reinet and Middelburg.

At this stage the Heritage Foundation got involved and with their construction teams moved the monument to the National Park. It was re-inaugurated here on 16 December 2012. In the year and a half since the inauguration, more tourists have visited the monument than the preceding 10 to 15 years.

League Secretary, Olivier Henning and his wife visited the monument at it’s new premises on 23 May 2014. He supports the view that this is the best location for the monument. Something only has to be done to tidy up the immediate surroundings near the monument. In his view this should be done by the authorities of the National Park and/or the municipality. Pressure should be put on these “new South African” institutions

Recognition is given to the people and organisations who contributed towards the move of the monument and the name of the Henning Family League can clearly be seen on the tablet.

Photo 1: The Andries Pretorius monument at its new site. To the right of League Secretary Olivier Henning’s feet the memorial tablet can be seen of the donors who paid for the moving of the monument. The Henning family League is mentioned clearly on the tablet
Photo 2: The memorial tablet erected with the unveiling of the monument at its new site on 16 December 2012
Photo 3: The memorial tablet with the names of the donors. The Henning family League is clearly mentioned

Oorlewende Stigterslede van die Familiebond/Surviving Founder Members of the Family League

Our Family League celebrated its 30th birthday a few days ago, on 21 July 2014! THIRTY YEARS OF MERCY! Nobody could have thought that it would survive so long. Many other families have tried to establish family leagues, but only a few survived longer than a year or two. Now, after 30 years, the Henning Family League is still going strong.

In this article we would like to focus on the founder members of the Family League.

During January 1980 Olivier Henning started with the compilation of a family tree for the descendants of Peter Henrich Henning. He also investigated if this clan could claim any coat-of-arms.

This search was unsuccessful. It became clear that the only way for the Henning family to obtain a coat-of –arms was to establish a family league. Such a family league could design a coat-of-arms and register it with the State Herald.

Olivier invited more than hundred Henning’s, of whom he obtained the addresses, to his home for a meeting on 21 July 1984, with the aim to establish a family league for the descendants of Peter Henrich Henning. Several apologised, but the majority never replied. He, therefore, had no idea how many would turn up for the meeting.

When the time for the meeting arrived, 26 people sat in his home – enough to hold such an inaugural meeting. The following Henning’s turned up for this meeting:

1. From the Johannes Gerhardus Branch
b1.c3.d2.e2.f2.g1. Jan Hendrik Henning *3-2-1922 and his wife Sarie Johanna (born Maré) *8-7-1926
b1.c3.d7.e9.f1.g2. Nicolaas Johannes Henning *1-10-1942 and his wife Marita (born Van Aarde) *6-6-1943
b1.c3.d10.e8.f3. Johannes Gerhardus Henning *25-4-1913 and his wife Magteld Magdalena Catharina (born Steyn) *13-8-1913

2. From the Jacobus Cornelis Branch
b5.c1.d3.e1.f7.g1. Jan Andries Henning *1-4-1929 and his wife Elsie Maria (born Roux) *4-1-1933

3. From the Gert Frans Branch
b7.c2.d3.e5.f2.g3. Pieter Emile Henning *18-6-1943 and his wife Patricia (born Byrne-Davison) *5-1-1946
b7.c8.d5.e10.f2. Olivier Johannes Henning *8-3-1940 and his wife Anna Susanna Magdalena (born Prinsloo) *13-2-1941
b7.c8.d5.e10.f6. Elizabeth Brümmer (born Henning) *6-7-1948 and her husband Phillipus Le Roux Brümmer *19-11-1943
b7.c8.d8.e1. Stanley Henning *26-1-1904
b7.c8.d8.e1.f2.g2. Stanley Henning * 20-10-1961
b7.c8.d8.e3. Leonard Henning *24-7-1908 and his wife Elsie Johanna (born Evert) *11-9-1922
b7.c8.d8.e3.f1. Leonetta Steyn (born Henning) *10-12-1936 and her daughter Jannetta Sophia Steyn
b7.c8.d8.e3.f4. Olivier Johannes Henning *14-12-1943 and his wife Charlotte Francina (born Kleynhans) *25-6-1948
b7.c8.d8.e3.f5. Stephanus Rudolf Kruger Henning *1-5-1946 and his wife Hester Cornelia (born Kleynhans) *17-12-1950

4. From the Jan Hendrik Branch
b9.c3.d3.e3.f4.g1. Hendrik Jacobus Henning *14-8-1920
b9.c3.d3.e3.f4.g2.h2. Nicolaas Gideon Christiaan Henning *11-2-1949

Of this 26 founder members only 12 are still alive, and all of them are still members of the family league. They are:
Nicolaas Johannes Henning *1-10-1942
Elsie Maria Henning (born Roux) *4-1-1933
Pieter Emile Henning *18-6-1943
Stanley Henning *20-10-1961
Elsie Johanna Henning (born Evert) *11-9-1922
Leonetta Steyn (born Henning) *10-12-1936 and her daughter Jannetta Sophia Steyn *27-6-1962
Olivier Johannes Henning *14-12-1943 and his wife Charlotte Francina (born Kleynhans) *25-6-1948
Stephanus Rudolf Kruger Henning *1-5-1946 and his wife Hester Cornelia (born Kleynhans) *17-12-1950
Nicolaas Gideon Christiaan Henning *11-2-1949
Three of this twelve members are still directly involved with the management of the family league. Olivier Henning has been the league secretary since the inaugural meeting; Jannetta Steyn has been the webmaster of our website since 28 June 1997 when our website was established and Stephanus Rudolf Kruger Henning (Fanie) has been a member of the executive committee for the past 16 years. Stanley Henning *20-10-1961 has also been involved with several actions of the family league, eg the October 2014 family festival in Pretoria.
Elsie Johanna (Ellie) Henning (born Evert) *11-9-1922 is the oldest founder member who is still alive. She lives in an old age home in Welkom, Free State.
Lita Henning van Argentinië/Lita Henning of Argentinia. b6.c1.d3.e5.f3.g4.h1. Angela Elena (Lita) Henning (72) is the only member of the family league living in Argentina. She is the third generation of her family who were born and lives here.
After our report in Newsletter no 117 of Feb 2014 on the film which hopefully will be made of the Boers who emigrated to Argentina at the beginning of the 20th Century, Lita wrote us a letter. We published her letter in the Afrikaans version exactly as she wrote it, to show how good her Afrikaans still is. We must remember that she never had any education in Afrikaans. She only spoke the language as a child in their home. Spanish is the education language in Argentina. It is heartbreaking that she mention that today there are nobody left with whom she can speak in her home language.

Photo 4: Lita Henning (72) of Cordoba, Argentina (middle) with her sister Gesina Spangenberg and brother-in-law Thys Spangenberg when they visited Lita in Argentina during March 2012

Henning’s met geen vrees!/Henning’s with no fear!

Mary-Ann Henning (born Nel) *28-5-1963 (51), wife of b7.c8.d8.e1.f2.g2. Stanley Henning of Wierda Park, Centurion is certainly one of the most fit and sporting Henning’s in South Africa. She participated several times in the Comrades Ultra Marathon, the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon, the 100 miles Washi Ultra Marathon and hundreds of other road races. Sho also operates a swimming school at her home.

Recently Mary-Ann informed us of her and her daughter, Anel’s newest experience. Mother and daughter was on a six day visit to Mossel Bay. Here they reported to the air field to jump for the first time in their lives out of an aeroplane – a Cessna 182. For the first 35 seconds they free fall out of the aircraft and only then open their parachute to glide for 4 to 5 minutes calm and slowly down to earth. Mary-Ann say this was one of the best experiences she had in her life.

Photo 5: Mary-Ann Henning (51) of Wierda Park, Centurion free falling out of an aeroplane for the first time in her life, without any training. The trainer is with her, to make sure nothing goes

Henning babas/Henning Babies

The first baby boy of b5.c1.d5.e6.f3.g1.h4.i2. Johannes Jacobus (Janus) Henning *18-6-1982 and his wife Heleen (born Naude) *6-3-1982 was born on 22 April 2014 at Mossel Bay. His name is also Johannes Jacobus, but he will be called Johan.

Photo 6: Heleen Henning, wife of Janus Henning and her new-born baby, Johan


b9.c1.d2.e1.f5.g4. Rudolph Cornelis Henning *21-7-1935 died on 26 March 2014. He was born in Alberton and grew up there. After school he joined National Mineral Products (NMP) in Germiston, where he did maintenance on boilers. He worked here until his retirement, when he and his brother Ockert started a general dealership at Blythedale Beach in Natal. Hereafter he had a general dealer shop at Tzaneen, but returned after a few years to Alberton.

He and his wife were married for 57 years. Before her death in July 2008 they returned to Tzaneen. He died at Tzaneen, but his funeral service was held in Alberton, where he was buried.

Unfortunately we only recently learned of the death of b10.c6.d3.e2.f1. Mirian Henning *Cradock 30-3-1924. She died on 3 September 2013 at Graaff Reinet. Miriam was the daughter of b10.c6.d3.e2. Daniël Stephanus Henning *1898 and his wife Hester Maria (born van Heerden). She was married for many years to Willem Nicolaas Petrus Snyman, but after his death she married b7.c5.d1.e4.f5. Willem Lodewicus Jansen Henning * 23-8-1921. Her family was the last Henning’s who lived on the original Henning farm, Elandskraal in the Graaff Reinet (later Cradock) district.

Photo 7: Rudolph Cornelis Henning who died on 26 March 2014
Photo 8: b10.c6.d3.e2.f1. Miriam Henning *30-3-1924 who died on 3-9-2013. She was married for many years with a Snyman, but after his death she married b7.c5.d1.e4.f5. Willem Lodewicus Jansen Henning * 23-8-1921. They lived in Graaff Reinet


Many thanks to our three members who continue to contribute by means of a monthly debit order – Jan Andries Henning of Leraatsfontein, Witbank, Jan Hendrik Henning of Glenstantia, Pretoria and Past Antonie Henning of Rietfontein, Pretoria. Your contributions are priceless.

We would like to encourage more members to contribute by means of a small monthly debit order. You decide yourself the amount you can afford and make the necessary arrangements with your bank. You, therefore, have full control over the transaction.

The particulars of our bank account are as follows: ABSA Bank Villiersdorp (branch 334-612), Account name – Henning Familiebond, Cheque account no 2890 610 423.

We also would like to thank everybody who made annual contributions over the past three months. The following members contributed amply:
Johannes Jacobus Henning of Monument Park, Pretoria – R500.00
Wiena Wilkinson (born Henning) of Paarl – R350.00
Stanley – and Mary-Ann Henning of Wierda Park, Centurion – R300.00 and their two children: Heinrich George Henning of Zwartkops, Centurion – R300.00 and Anél Henning of Eldoraigne, Centurion – R300.00

Len Henning word 80!/Len Henning becomes 80!

b7.c1.d10.e3.f5.g1. Leonard Henry Henning (Len) *26-3-1934 served for many years on the Executive Committee of the Family League. He served as Chairman from 1995 until 1997. Len was always an active member and stalwart. He must be one of the proudest Henning’s in South Africa.

Len turned 80 on the 26th March 2014. The celebration was a relatively small and intimate family get together at his home in Wilderness, where family and close friends were in attendance. Len was surrounded by his four daughters, five of his nine grandchildren and four of his eight great grandchildren. The celebration was made all the more special when his daughter Sonja visited him from England where she settled 10 years ago. His daughters Ingeborg and Erika visited from Gauteng. "We are truly blessed that he is still with us and still so capable and independent. He is a wonderful example and inspiration to us, his daughters, and we are very proud of our heritage and lineage. We are truly proud to carry the Henning bloodline" says his eldest daughter, Ingrid.

Unfortunately Len had a light stroke a week after his birthday, which affected the left side of his body. However, we can report that he is getting better by the day. He still has a sparkle in the eye and is ready for a joke or two.

Photo 9: b7.c1.d10.e3.f5.g1. Leonard Henry (Len) Henning *26-3-1934 who celebrated his 80th birthday this year. Also read the next article on him, his dad and his daughter

Drie Geslagte Skerpskutters/Three Generations Sharp Shooters

League Secretary Olivier Henning is always on the look out for news concerning the Henning family.

The last weekend in May he and his wife, Charlotte visited his old friend, b7.c1.d10.e3.f5.g1. Len Henning of Wilderness to congratulate him on his 80th birthday a month earlier.

Len served for may years on the management committee of the family league. During this time he could have mentioned that his family were all good marksmen, but we never took note of this.

During this visit it came to Olivier’s attention that Len’s father, Leon Ziegtfried Henning *5-12-1907 and his oldest daughter, Ingrid *2-2-1958 (married Cronje) performed exceptionally well as sharp shooters and both obtained Springbok colours. Len himself acquired provincial colours as a senior and represented the South African musketry school team.

b7.c1.d10.e3.f5. Leon Ziegtfried Henning *5-12-1907 was selected in 1947 as a member of the Springbok musketry team to represent South Africa at the Commonwealth Games, where all the countries competed for the Smythe Cup. Len won the Silver medal.

The same year Leon won the first place in a competition against India for the Cawnpore Cup.

b7.c1.d10.e3.f5.g1. Leonard Henry Henning *26-3-1934 was selected in 1948 as a member of the Border schools musketry team. The same year he was also selected as a member of the South African schools musketry team. As a senior he was selected to represent Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) in musketry. He also represented Transvaal from 1975 to 1980.

b7.c1.d10.e3.f5.g1.h1. Ingrid Rose Henning *2-2-1958 obtained in 1975 as a seventeen years old girl Springbok colours in musketry in a competition where South Africa competed against Switzerland, USA and Rhodesia. She obtained the second place.

For three generations of the same family to perform so well in one sport and keep so long quiet, is something to be proud of.

Photo 10: b7.c1.d10.e3.f5. Leon Ziegtfried Henning *5-12-1907 who became a Springbok marksman during 1947. He won a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games
Photo 11: The two prizes Leon Ziegtfried Henning won at the Commonwealth Games in 1947. The silver mug on the left is for the second place for the Smythe Cup. The silver box on the right was for the first place during the Cawnpore Cup against India. Unfortunately the inscriptions are not clear on the photo
Photo 12: Ingrid Rose Henning *2-2-1958 who were awarded Springbok colours as a 17 year old girl in 1975 in a competition against Switzerland, USA and Rhodesia

Nederlands Henning Familie hou Re-unie/Re-union of aDutch Henning Family

Some time ago Peter Hernning of Eindhoven, Netherlands discovered the Henning Website on Internet. He was very impressed to see the family tree of his family on the web site. He started corresponding with our League Secretary.He wens so far as to translate the main sections and menu’s of the website into Dutch. We, therefore, plan to add this Dutch translation to the web site. Our web site would then be available in four languages: Afrikaans, English, German and Dutch.

Recently Peter asked permission to use our festival logo for one of their family re-unions. This re-union was held on 1 June 2014 at the house of his brother Piet, at Appelscha.

Photo 13: Peter Henning and his wife, with all their brothers and sisters, with their amended festival logo for their re-union on 1 June 2014. Our cockerel now only crow “Appelscha 1 Jun 2014. V.l.t.r. standing Marinus Henning; Dick Slaats + Lida Henning; Dina van der Molen + Piet Henning;Peter Henning + Inez de Gier; Sitting: Rinie Henning; Theo Ogink + Mannie Hernning

Johan Henning van Tygerpoort se Percheron Perde/The Perceron Horses of Johan Henning of Tygerpoort We reported sever times on the Percheron horses of b9.c1.d2.r4.f67.g1.h1. Johannes Jacobus (Johan) Henning of Klipkop, Tygerpoort . One of Johan’s horses , the champion stallion Sympa de Belleview appeared on the front page of the 25 April 2014 issue of the well-known agriculture magazine, Landbou Weekblad. A complete article on Percheron horses and Johan’s stud, Summerwind appeared in the magazine.

Photo 14: Front page of the 25 April 2014 issue of the Landbou Weekblad with the champion stallion Sympa. Even a rose has been named after this horse

Ons Nuusbrief/Our Newsletter

From time to time we receive compliments with our newsletter, Ons Haantjie. Many people ask the question how we keep up with this, seeing that over the past 30 years a newsletter was issued every three months – on time! Where do we get all the news?

Some people also ask the question, why do we do it? In reply to this question we immediately respond: We are proud of our family name! This is the only way to keep in contact with Henning families in South Africa; to keep them informed with all our actions and to keep on updating the history of the Henning family. Almost every day something happens with a Henning, somewhere in South Africa.

The most important message of this article is therefore that we will do our best to keep you informed, but we rely on our members to let us know of anything interesting or important which happens in their family circle. Births, deaths and marriages is of utmost importance and other achievements or happenings is always very welcome.

Familiefees 11 Oktober 2014/Family Festival 11 October 2014

This is the last Newsletter before the family festival of 11 October 2014. All Hennings are cordially invited to attend this memorable event at Fort Schanskop at the Voortrekker Monument. In previous newsletters we mentioned that the festival would take place at the Culture Hall, but please take note that the venue has changed to Fort Schanskop, which is also on the terrain of the Monument.

The proceedings would start at 10:00 hours when the Chairman of the Henning Family League would welcome everybody at the festival. Here-after the Chief Exective Officer of the Heritage Foundation and the Voortrekker Monument, me Sonja Lombard would welcome the Henning family at this heritage site. This would be followed by a slide show of the life of Peter Henrich Henning *December 1740, the progenitor of the Hennings of South Africa, who arrived at the Cape of Good Hope 250 years ago.

This would be the only organised items for the day. The rest of the day we enjoy ourselves by meeting other Hennings, having a picnic, throwing a piece of meat on the fire – there will be several fire places, but bring your own charcoal or wood along. You can also visit the monument, museum and other facilities on the terrain, eg. horse-riding. There will be tables and chairs available, but due to the fact that we do not know how many people would attend, it would be wise to bring along one or two folding chairs.

We will sell several Henning souvenirs, like teaspoons, suger spoons, collar badges, cuff links, writing pads, Family Cronicle CD’s. Be sure to bring a few Rand along for this.

Please remember, the only entrance to the Voortrekker Monument and Fort Schanskop is in Eeufees Road