Die Henning en Von Henning families van Thuringia, Duitsland/The Henning and Von Henning family of Thuringia, Germany.

In 2007 Jan von Henning of Netherlands sent us a family tree of the Von Henning clan of Thuringia, Germany. This clan can be traced back as far as 1575. Caspar Henning can be seen as the progenitor of this clan. He was a merchant at Frankenhausen, near Rudolstadt in the Thuringia region in Eastern Germany. Caspar was the Mayor of Rudolstadt for many years. He had two sons, Bartholomeus Henning and Laurentius Henning.

Laurentius was raised to the peerage in Wienna (Austria) in 1660. His surname (as well as his descendants) therefore changed henceforth to Von Henning auf Schonhoff.

The surname of his brother Bartholomeus (and his descendants) remained Henning.

Bartholomeus Henning also became Mayor of Rudolstadt for many years and his son Andres was the third generation to become Mayor of Rudolstadt. Laurentius and his descendants lived for many years in Rudolstadt, Wandersleben and Gotha. One of his descendants emigrated to Netherlands approximately 1800.

Recently we received an E Mail from Dagmar Stoll of Wandersleben in Germany. She and her husband are the owners of the house (castle) which belonged to the Henning/ Von Henning family from approximately 1620 to 1820. They use the house at present as a nice, cosy restaurant.

Monument ter ere van die Boere in Argentinië/Monument in Honour of the Boers in Argentina.

We reported in Newsletter no 101 of February 2010 on the monument erected in Comodoro Rivadavia, in honour of the Boers who emigrated to Argentina. We received the following E Mail from Dave Cooper of Roermond, Limburg, Netherlands:

Ik zal in het Engels schrijven, maar je kan in het Afrikaans of het Nederlands antwoorden als je wil ...

I am a South African living in Roermond, Limburg, and I found your information on the descendants of the Boers who live in Patagonia to be of great interest. My maternal family are Afrikaners: Pieterse is the family name. My paternal family is English.

I was trying to locate the monument to the Boer emigrants which you describe in your document 'Monument ter Ere van die Boere in Argentinië'. Alas, using the string 'Boulevard Colectividad Sudafricana' does not find the monument on current Google Maps of Comodoro Rivadavia. Eventually I did locate the monument on Wikimapia, here:

There the monument is called 'Monumento a los Inmigrantes Sudafricanos' and it is located at the crossroads of Rawson and Av. Alsina. I located the latitude and longitude coordinates of this position via Google Earth as follows: 45°51'52.86"S 67°29'38.26"W. Perhaps this information will be of use to you and to others to pin-point the monument. I know that it will help me when I go to The Argentine to visit the region where the Boers settled in 1902 and 1905. I plan on doing that in the next year or so. All the best ... Dave Cooper, Roermond, LIMBURG, Nederland.

We are sure that this information will be of value to many of our members – especially those who are descendants of the Hennings who emigrated to Argentina.

Ds Bjarne Fowels stap die hele wêreld vol/Rev Bjarne Fowels is hiking all over the world.

Emeritus Rev Bjarne Fowels (73) of Hjelmeland, Norway is a full member of the Henning Family League due to the fact that he is a descendant of b7.c8.d8.e1. Martha Johanna Elizabeth Henning *26-8-1857. He is very proud of his Henning ancestry and send us on a regular basis news from Norway. Recently we received two letters on the two hikes he and his son Brynjar (47) and grandson H˚kon (12) (pronounced Haakon) participated in. Firstly he, Brynjar and H˚kon participated in the renowned “Vierdaagse Mars” (Four days march) in Nijmegen, Netherlands.

Have finished the Nijmegen Marathon March, De 4Daagse, in Netherlands for the 5th time. What is special is that we this year were 3 generations walking: Me (73), Brynjar (47) and his son H˚kon (12). H˚kon was the youngest Norwegian participant ever in this 4 days long march. He was walking with his grandfather 126 km. That is a long distance for a young boy, who is also small in size for his age.

H˚kon's father, Brynjar, medical doctor, army major and parachuter, had to walk the military distance, 164 km in full uniform and with 10 kg weight (read: sand) in his rucksack. However, parts of the route we could walk together.

I had been dreaming of getting some of our grandchildren with me on this march. This year the dream came true. I have never heard of any other Norwegians walking this tough march 3 generations together. It was my 5th time and Brynjar's 4th. - I decided I wanted to obtain the participant medal, sand H˚kon. "Willen is kunnen" is the motto for the march. - And I made it, said a proud H˚kon. The Norwegian major-general Kristin Lund, General Inspector for the Norwegian Home Forces, congratulated H˚kon as the youngest Norwegian ever to fulfill the march. Also others noticed the three marchers.

Just before the finish in Via Gladiola, H˚kon was invited to the tribune to shake hands with the Lord Mayor of Nijmegen, who congratulated the young man with this great achievement. Then he gave him a special edition of "Donald Duck in Gelderland", an amusing story of Donald interfering De 4Daagse march in Nijmegen and thus making a lot of fuss.

46.000 participants from 70 countries had registered for this year's march. 39.396 fullfilled. The march goes on asphalt and concrete surface. Sore feet and blisters are always a problem, but all three avoided this without any problem. The temperature was up to 29 degrees this year, but then the asphalt can be 50.

The Nijmegen march was first arranged in 1909 and has been arranged every year since, except during the war years. The march is an endurance test for the military elite forces. It is the biggest sport arrangement in the Netherlands, and parts of the route follow the same route as the liberation army in WW2 Operation Market Garden). Therefore foreign guests and soldiers in uniform are especially well received. About 1,5 million people travel to Nijmegen to watch the march and take part in the festivities. It is the walkers' Tour de France, and nearly a National day in the Netherlands. Rejoicing and show four days to an end, carneval, music and fun all the way. More than 70 stages and live music along the route.

Once Nijmegen was a Roman town, and for 1.000 years the Romans' most western stronghold. Excavations still recover remnants from that age.

In his second letter Rev Fowels tells us of the two days hike he and H˚kon did. This hike – “The Saga March” started in Jämtland, Sweden. Then over the mountains and end at Stiklestad, Norway. During this hike they passed a very interesting farm and church – a Henning farm and - church!

Have done another walk with H˚kon (Brynjar's son). Brynjar wanted to join us, but had to go to London. This was a 2 day walk called "The Saga March". (25 x 2 km). The march started in Jämtland, Sweden, and we walked across the mountain to Stiklestad, Norway. During the march we stayed with some friends, some 25 km away. We rented a car and along the road we passed the dorp Henning. Henning Church (Norwegian: Henning kirke) is a parish church in the municipality of Steinkjer in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. It is located in the village of Vekre. The church is part of the Henning parish in the Nord-Innherad deanery in the Diocese of Nidaros.

The white wooden church was constructed in 1872 and designed by Rasmus M. Overrein. It was built on a site that has been the location of several churches since (at least) the 1200s. The first record of the existence of the church dates back to 1289 when it was called Bagabu church, the old name for the Henning area. See article about Henning Church at:

Tappe Henning aangestel as Skeidsregterbaas in Skotland/ Tappe Henning appointed as Chief of Referees in Scotland. b9.c1. d2.e7.f1.g3.h3. Willem Taljaard Stopforth Henning *6-6-1961 is well known as Tappe Henning. He is a former international rugby referee and was until recently South Africa’s representative on the International Rugby Board’s committee for referee matters, where they evaluate and grade all international referees. They also determine the rules of the game.

Tappe has recently been appointed by the rugby authorities in Scotland as that country’s head of referee matters. He will, therefore, be directly involved with all efforts to improve the game in Scotland.

Lourens Henning se Nasate/The Descendants of Lourens Henning.

b1.c6.d12.e3.f2. Lourens Adriaan Francois Henning *17-8-1930 was the commanding officer of the squadron aircrafts which was in an accident in 1971, during a practice for the ten year republic festivities, where all three aircraft flew straight into Table Mountain. Over almost 30 years, we failed to contact any of the descendants of Lourens Henning. During 2012 we enquired in the Newsletter if any of our members have any contact with these family members.

A certain Martin Viljoen read on the Internet of our search and sent us a lot of information and a photograph of the family. His family and the family of Lourens Henning were big friends. We reported all this new particulars in Newsletter no 114 of May 2013, but could still not make any contact with descendants.

A few weeks ago we received an Email from Irene van Zyl. She is the oldest daughter of Lourens Henning. Irene informed us that the daughter of her youngest brother, the late Jan Steyl Henning was searching the internet for information on the Henning family for a school task. She discovered that we were looking for their family. Irene supplied us with all the information on their family. From our side we supplied Irene with the address of Martin Viljoen.


Many thanks to everybody who made financial contributions over the past three months. As usual we mention the names of everybody who contributes generously. We would like to mention the name of TJ (Tjaart) Henning of Sinoville, Pretoria, a Life Long Member who contributed R1 000.00. A certain JA Henning deposited an amount of R300.00 in the account of the Family League on 30 September without mentioning his member number. Due to the fact that we have several members with initials JA, we could not identify the specific person. Please let us know exactly who you are, but in the mean time we would like to thank this member for this generous contribution.

Many thanks also to our three members who contribute every month by means of a debit order. They are Jan Andries Henning of Leraatsfontein, Jan Hendrik Henning of Glenstantia, Pretoria and Past Antonie Henning of Rietfontein, Pretoria. This method of contributing is of great value to the Family League. Our bank particulars are as follows: ABSA Bank Villiersdorp (Branch no 334 612), Account name – Henning Familiebond, Account number – 2890 610 423


A very proud grandfather, Jan Andries Henning of Leraatsfontein informed us that his son b5.c1.d5.e3.f1.g1.h2.i3. Conrad Henning *17-3-1983 and his wife, Barinda Sophia (born Opperman) *23-5-1983 had a second baby boy recently. Werner was born on 23 April 2013 in Pretoria.


We have learned of the death of b1.c3.d8.e7.f3.g1. Pieter Hendrik Barend Henning *20-6-1944 on 9 July 2012 at Gaborone, Botswana. Pieter and his wife Maria Magdelena (born Fourie) got married at Gaborone in 1967 and have since then lived there. Initially he was a butcher and they owned their own business, Henning’s Buthery. Later he joined his two brothers in their supermark business, Payless Group. After his death, his widow stayed on in Gaborone.

Die “Washie 100” Wedloop by Oos-London/The “Washie 100” race at East London.

We reported in the previous newsletter on Mary-Ann Henning (50), wife of b7.c8.d8.e1.f2.g2. Stanley Henning of Wierda Park, Centurion who completed the 2013 Comrades Marathon. In July 2013 Mary-Ann entered the “Washie 100” race at East London. This is an endurance race over 161 kilometres, which must be completed within 26 hours. This is one of the most challenging races one could participate in.

They started running on a Friday afternoon at 17:00 hours and must have completed the race before 19:00 hours the next day. Therefore, they run right through the night. Mary-Ann was assisted by her daughter, Anél, who had to supply her with food, drinks, liniment for the sore muscles and anything else. She had to give moral support, inspire with courage and even join her in running through the night.

At the end, Mary-Ann completed the race in 24 hours and 53 minutes. As we know Mary-Ann she enjoyed every moment – even when she was in the Slouth of Despond, when the muscles and limbs refused to participate.

We are very proud of you Mary-Ann! Very few people can participate in such crule races at the age of 50 years.

Die NG Kerk Jamestown/The NG Church Jamestown.

b7.c2.d3.e5.f2.g3. Pieter Emile Henning of Randburg travel regularly through the whole country. Recently he drove through Jamestown in the North Eastern Cape. At the NG Church Jamestown he saw coincidental that the names of two Henning’s were engraved on one of the pillars of one of the three gates giving acces to the church terrain. A Biblical text – Psalm 100 verse 4, the date 11 November 1902 and the names JH Henning and JG Henning were engraved on the pillar. Up until now we could not get substantiating evidence for the reason for this inscription, but from the Biblical verse used, we suspect that the two men probably erected the fence and gates around the church. We also suspect that the two men were b1.c3.d11.e1. Jan Hendrik Henning *9-3-1869 and b7.c1.d2. Johannes Gerhardus Henning *29-4-1833. Jan Hendrik Henning farmed on the family farm, Elandshoek between Aliwal North and Jamestown, while Johannes Gerhardus Henning lived much nearer to Jamestown, on the farm Modderpoort.

Henning Familiefees/Henning Family Festival.

We hope everybody have already booked the date of 11 October 2014 in their diaries. That is the day our big family festival will take place at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria.

Our good looking festival logo was designed by Anél Henning, daughter of b7.c8.d8.e1.f2.g2. Stanley Henning and his wife Mary-Ann of Wierda Park, Centurion.

Please propagate our festival as wide as possible. Our slogan for the festival will be: “250 years in South Africa and no plan to flee”