Gradeplegtigheid/Graduation Ceremony

Over years we became used to the fact that many of our Henning's do not let us know out of their own when their children achieved something exceptional. Normally we hear of this second hand. For this newsletter two of our members let us know about the academic achievements of their children. Estie van Straaten, daughter of Sauer van Straaten and his wife Runa (b7.c8.d8.e5.f5. Rubina Theunissa Henning) of Doringkloof, Centurion obtained on 14 March 2013 an Honours BSc degree from the North West University (Potchefstroom Campus) with distinction (Cum Laude). Earlier she also obtained her BSc degree with distinction.

Sonette Henning (b6.c4.d1,e5.f9.g4.h3.i1.) daughter of Jaco - and Ina Henning of Ninapark, Pretoria obtained during the April 2013 degree ceremony at the University of Pretoria (TUKS) her B Com (Accountancy) degree. She is already busy with further studies.


We have learned of the deaths of the following Hennings:

1. b6.c1.d3.e4.f2.g4.h3. Josef Jooste Henning *17-12-1947. He died on 8 March 2013 at Krugersdorp. Josef started working as an apprentice at the East Geduld Mine on 13 March 1967. During 1968 he was transferred to the Leslie goldmine and the year there after to the Hendrik Verwoerd Dam as Shiftboss.He met his future wife, Susan Herbst, here. They got married on 3 October 1970 at Venterstad. Here after they moved to Welkom where he started to work at the St Helena gold mine. During 1978 he was transfered to the Unisel gold mine as Mine Captain.

October 1984 he accept a position at an asbestos mine near the small town of Diepgezet, near the Swazi border. They spend the best time of their lives here. In July 1993 he accept the position as Regional Manager of UASA (Underground Association of South Africa) in Krugersdorp. He retired in 2010 and died in Krugersdorp on March 8 2013.

2. b1.c3.d7.e9.f6. Nicolaas Henning *10-4-1918 or "uncle Klasie" and his wife Idelette (born Pansegrouw) lived the past few years at the Oostvallei Retirement Village in Pretoria. He died on May 21 2013 in the Winmed Clinic after he had a stroke 10 months earlier. Shortly before his death he also contracted pneumonia. Uncle Klasie was one of the oldest Hennings in Souh Africa when he died at the age of 95 years one month and 11 days.

Uncle Klasie grew up on the historical farm, "Het Kamp", in the Zastron district. This farm can be found at the foot of the mountain "Vegkop", where a commando of the Free State Republic finally beat the impi's of Mosjesh in 1868. The farm where the commando gathered got the name "Het Kamp".

When he finished school uncle Klasie started to work on the railways, but when his father got ill a few years later, he returned to the farm to assist his father. In the mean time he married Idelle Pansegrouw, daughter of reverent JJ Pansegrouw of Zastron. In 1955 they moved to Pretoria and in 1961 they started farming on the farm, Bloempoort in the Groblersdal district. At the same time both of them started to work at the Philadelphia Mission Hospital. After both their daughers completed their university training, Klasie and Idelette accepted a transfer to the Department of Health offices in Pretoria, where he retired twice.

Uncle Klasie was a proud and staunch member of the Henning Family League since it was instituted in 1984.

3. It also came to our knowledge that Deanne Henning (born Karg) *30-8-1967 died on 7 July 2012 at Nelspruit. She was the wife of b5.c1.d3.e1.f2.g2.h1. Johannes Lodewikus Henning *30-7-1964. She leave behind her husband and three children: Suzaan (20), Johan (170 and Rohan (13).

Deanne was born in Paarl. In 1978 her parents moved to Witrivier where she finished her school career at the HoŽrskool Rob Ferreira. In 1987 her parents moved back to the Cape and she started to work at the Headquarters of Sanlam in Bellville. Deanne loved children. After her marriage she started a nursary school at Wellington. When they moved to Nelspruit, she sold the nursary school. At Nelspruit she first joined an existing nursary school for two years, before she again started her own school. She loved to see how the toddlers develop under her hand. After two years, she became ill and was in hospital since January 2012, therefore, the school had to close down.

Deanne lived for her husband and children. She did everything in her power to make sure that her children could participate in the sports they loved. When Rohan was selected to participate in the Chess World Cup championship, she worked exceptionally hard to make sure that enough funds were raised for him to participate. She even accompanied him (as a 10-year old child) to the championships. Deanne died from cancer, but never lost courage. She fought until the end. She was a beautiful example for her family.

Veelsydige Sportman deur-en-deur/Allrounder Sportsman

Rohan Henning *15-2-2000, is the youngest child of b5.c1.d3.e1.f2.g2.h1. Johannes Lodewikus Henning and his wife, the late Deanne (above). It is clear that Rohan is developing in an excellent allrounder sportsman. In August 2010 he represented South Africa at the World Cup Chess championships in Turkey in the Under-11 age group. His mother accompanied him, because he was still only 10 years old. Rohan played nine matches, of which he won two, drew two and lost five. The experience he gained was priceless. To represent your country also was a big honour.

In 2012 Rohan also represented the Under 12-rugby team of the Pumas of Mpumalanga as a lock. This year he was selected as a flank and captain of the Under 13 team of the Pumas. Unfortunately he contracted concussion in the first game of the season and would, therefore, not be able to play for the rest of the year. Rohan also represented Mpumalanga for the past two years on the hockey field in his age group.

We see a future Springbok on the horison!

Comrades Ultra Marathon 2013/Comrades Ultra Marathon 2013

Mary-Ann Henning (born Nel), wife of b7.c8.d8.e1.f2.g2. Stanley Henning of Wierda Park, Centurion has been participating for many years in long distance racing, including ultra marathons, like the Comrades and Two Oceans. Mary-Ann's statistics for this years Comrades is as follows:

1. She participated in the age group 50 - 59
2. 14 300 athletes - men and women - of all age groups started, but only 10 188 completed the race
3. Mary-Ann completed the race in 11 hours, 20 minutes and 50 seconds
4. She finished altogether in the 6 770's position
5. In her age group she finished 97th of 624 athletes
6. From the 1 953 women of all age groups she finished in position no 1 072.

Runnig is a way of life for Mary-Ann. She say that she would keep on participating as long as she enjoys it.

'n Henning meisie Trou!/A Henning girl gets married!

On Saturday 27 April 2013 Letitia Henning *30-11-1988, daughter of b7.c8.d8.e1.f2.g3. Alexander Henning and his first wife, Salome (born Rheeder) got married to Willem Hendrik Jacobus Griesel *6-10-1984. The marriage ceremony, as well as the reception, took place 26 km outside Bloemfontein, at the Sandstone Sleeper Estate, near the Glen Agricultural College.

The previous evening the parents of the groom prepared several traditional dishes for both families and friends at the Estate and everybody had the opportunity to meet each other before the marriage ceremony. Most of the 124 guests stayed over at the venue.

Henri and Letitia met in 2004. After school he attended a four year course in Agricultural Chemicals and started to work for Bayagro at Christiana, where his parents still live. In 2008 he and Letitia moved to Vanderkloof, where he opened a franchise branch/depot at Petrusville (near Orania). Letitia handled the administration and finances of the business. In 2012 they registered their own business, "Bo-Karoo Landboudienste", but still sell all chemicals under the name Bayagro.

Tant Driekie sterf 12 dae na haar 100ste verjaardag!/Aunt Driekie dies 12 days after her 100th birthday.

Over the past few years we reported several times on aunt Driekie Alberts (born Henning). She was the oldest living Henning in South Africa. Her genealogical number is b9.c1.d4.e6.f1. and her full names Frederika Wilhelmina Alberts (born Henning) born 30 June 1913. She lived at the "Huis Agape" Old-age Home, where she was well provided for. On her birhday this year, all her children, grand children, great-grand children and even great-great grand children and other family members gathered socially to celebrate her 100th birthday. Even old friends came over to congratulate her.

It is heartbreaking to report that she died 12 days later, on 12 July 2013. We are sorry to conclude such a nice report with a tear in the eye.

Geldsake/Money matters

As usual we mention, with thanks, the names of everybody who donated R300.00 or more over the past three months.

• Stanley and Mary-Ann Henning of Wierda Park, Centurion - R300.00
• Heinrich Henning (S/o Stanley and Mary-Ann) of Zwartkops, Centurion - R300.00
• Anél Henning (D/o Stanley and mary-Ann) of Rooihuiskraal, Centurion - R300.00
• Gerhard and Deidré Henning of Kimberley - R400.00
• Johannes Henning of Monument Park, Pretoria - R300.00
• Japie (JJ) Henning and his wife Mabel of Roodepoort - R300.00

We also want to thank our three members who donate by monthly debit orders - Jan Andries Henning of Leraatsfontein, Jan Hendrik Henning of Glenstantia, Pretoria and Pastor Antonie Henning of Rietfontein, Pretoria. These regular donations are of utmost importance. Unfortunately there are still 32 members who have made no donations to the family league this year.

Familiefees 2014/Family Festival 2014

2014 will be a good year for festivities for the Henning Family League. It is exactly 10 years since the previous country wide family festival; it will be 30 years since the founding of the Family League and, most important, it will be almost 250 years since the progenitor, Peter Henrich (Pieter Hendrik) Henning arrived in South Africa.

Initially the Free State Branch agreed to organise a family festival. After careful consideration the management committee came to the conclusion that it would be wiser to arrange such an important festival at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. The vast majority of Henning's live in easy reach of the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, Johannesburg and the East - and West Rand. The facilities at the monument are good and there are a variety of activities at the Monument the Henning family members would be interested in.

We rented the Cultural Hall on the terrain for 11 October 2014. We really hope that the Hennings would not disappoint us by not turning up. We do not plan many activities - we would only welcome those who attend the festival, plus one or two other items. The rest of the time we envisage that everybody would meet each other, have a barbeque or "potjiekos". There would also be enough time to visit all the exhibitions in the monument, museum and the terrain. Children can go horse riding, or watch the game on the terrain, etc.

We will give more information in all newsletters until August 2014.

Geskiedkundige Henning Meubels/Historical Henning Furniture

It is a fact that historical furniture in the Henning family is very scarse. This is due to the fact that most Hennings lived during the 19th Century in the Orange Free State and the ZAR (Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek or Transvaal). During the Anglo Boer War the British forces burned down all farm houses and destroyed everthing on all farms in the Transvaal and Free State. Nothing were saved. Therefore, only Henning's who lived in the Cape Province were able to preserve furniture or other household items.

When we tried to collect items for exhibition in the Henning museum at Aliwal North, few people were willing to let go of the items they had, for sentimental reasons. The fact that the future of our museum is unsure, also contributed towards this unwillingness.

We intend to publish photo's of historical items in possesion of Henning's in a few newsletters and start of with two items which belongs to b7.c8.d8.e3.f6. Sylvia Daisy Grobler (born Henning) of Randburg.

Henning Baba/Henning Baby

Willem Pieter Henning was born on 21 December 2011 in the Moot General Hospital, Pretoria. His father and mother is b6.c4.d3.e7.f11.g1.h3. Johannes Christiaan (Christo) Henning and his wife Riatha (born Diedericks). The photo was taken on 24 December 2011, when he and his mother were discharged. It is was also the birthday of his grand father, Johannes Christiaan Henning, born 24-12-1944.