Britse Hennings/British Hennings

One can accept that since the name Henning originated during 1290 at Demmin, near the city of Stralsund at the Baltic Sea, people with this name/surname spread over almost the whole civilised world.

Tim Vale, a British citizen who lives in Hungary wrote us a few very interesting E Mail letters about his ancestors, which include five generations of Henning families. His family tree begins with Edward, the third king of England, who reigned from 1327 until 1377. The Henning families in his family tree lived from 1575 for almost 350 years at Poxwell Manor, near Weymouth in England.

Tim Vale's Family Tree

1st Generation: Edward, third king of England and his wife, queen Philipa of Hainault
2nd Generation: Thomas Plantagenet, Duke of Gloster and his wife Eleanor, d&h of Bohun Earl of Hereford
3rd Generation:Lady Ann Plantagenet married to William Bourchier Lord Fitzwaryn
4th Generation: Fulke Bourchier 4th Lord Fitzwaryn, married to Elizabeth & co.h of Lord Dinham
5th Generation: John Bourchier 1st Earl of Bath married to Florence Daubeny sister to Earl of Bridgwater
6th Generation: Lady Dorothy Bourchier married to Sir John Fulford of Fulford Devon
7th Generation: Sir John Fulford of Fulford married to Anne d.of Sir Thomas Dennys. Winterborne Whitchurch
8th Generation: Sir Thomas Fulford of Fulford married to Ursula d.of Richard Bampfylde of Poltimore
9th Generation: Ursula d.of Sir Thomas Fulford married to Thomas Achyn of Pelynt
10th Generation: Ursula Achyn of Pelynt Cornwall married to John Henning of Notton Newton
11th Generation: Edmund Henning of Frome Whitfield married to Anne d.of William Masterman
12th Generation: Robert Henning of Alton Pancras married to Jane d.of Thos. Spratt of Woodsford Castle
13th Generation: Edmund Henning of Poxwell married to Elizabeth d.of Robert Wansborough
14th Generation: Martha d.of Edmund Henning married to Charles Buxton

Here-after follows five generations to reach Tim Vale (Timothy Francom Vale *1958). One can read more about Poxwell at the following web site:


The Manor House, set back from the road and fronted by hedging, was the seat of the Henning family. Poxwell was formerly in the possession of Cerne Abbey. After the dissolution of the monasteries, Elizabeth I granted it to Thomas Howard of Lulworth and Bindon. In 1575 it was sold to John Henning, a merchant of Poole.

The porch bears a date of 1613 and the Manor is listed in the Survey of Dorset of 1625. A date of 1634 was inscribed over the archway of the gateway, which suggests that maybe this was added at that time.

By 1699 the Manor had passed to its next heir, Elizabeth Trenchard nee Henning, the wife of Colonel Thomas Trenchard of Wolfeton (in the parish of Charminster near Dorchester). In 1727 the Trenchards resettled the Henning estates.

The Land Tax assessments of 1798 show just three plots of land for Poxwell. John Trenchard is the proprietor of Poxwell Farm, which is assessed at 40, 18 shillings, 8 pence, and Water Combe Down at 4 16 shillings. Both are in the occupation of Edmund Henning, a Weymouth banker. Weymouth's great patron, King George III often visited Henning at Poxwell. The third plot, Watercombe Farm is owned by the Honourable Lionel Damer and occupied by Thomas Billett.

The Henning Bank of Weymouth failed and so the manor house and land at Poxwell passed to the Pickards of Bloxworth and continued in possession of that family descent.

Extensive renovations were carried out in the 1930s to bring the Manor back to its former glory, it having become rather neglected.

Have a look at the photo's of banknotes issued by the Weymouth and Dorsetshire Bank which belonged to Edmund Henning. One can see that only half of the value of one of the notes were paid out, when problems at the bank started.

Ou goed in heerlike kuiertuin/Old things in glorious garden.

Some time ago a pleasant article appeared in *Volksblad*, the Afrikaans newspaper which is spread in the Free State, about a Gerhard Henning. With a little bit of detective work we could establish that this was b1.c6.d1.e1.f2.g1. Gerhardus Stefanis Henning *24-6-1956 of Royldene, Kimberley. We had Gerhard on record, but not his wife and children. After this article we could update Gerhard's record.

The article tells about Gerhard's passion for his hobbies - gardening and antique cars. He uses old, useless items, like weelbarrows, baths, toilets, wasbasins as well as statues, miniature windmills, etc as decorations in the garden. Round every corner there is something interesting or a place to sit and enjoy the scenery.

When not busy in the garden, you would find him in his workshop busy renovating one of his antique cars. He has a 1968 Jaguar, a Hillman Minx, and his favourite, a 1974 model Datsun 620 which looks like a new vehicle. He has T-shirts complimenting these vehicles, which he wears on show days.

For the reporter this was an inspiring visit between all the lovely cars and a beautiful garden

Tap, Tappies, Tappe

On 29 September 2012 the guest on the show, "Toks en Chops" on the TV channel, Kyknet was the well known retired international rugby referee, Tappe Henning. His performance on the show made us quite proud of him. Tappe can be found in Chapter 9 of the Henning Family Cronicle at the record of b9.c1.d2.e7.f1.g3.h3. Willem Taljaard Stopforth Henning. Today Tappe is the full time South African representative on the International Rugby Board, where they compile the rules of the game and evaluate and grade all international referees.

It is interesting to observe that three consecutive generations of this family had interesting nicknames. Tappe's grandfather, b9.c1.d2.e7.f1. Pieter Hendrik Henning *11-11-1903 was known as Tap Henning. His son, Gerhardus Petrus Henning *29-11-1931 was known as Tappies Henning as well as Tappe's older brother, Pieter Hendrik *6-5-1960. And of course, Tappe is Tappe.

Oom Apie groet Pietersburg na 30 Jaar/Uncle Apie greets Pietersburg after 30 Years

In the 5 September 2012 edition of the Observer, a newspaper issued in the old Northern Transvaal, we read about b5.c5.d8.e2.f6. Abraham Johannes Henning *13-1-1921. He is known as "Oom Apie" - uncle Apie. He is leaving Pietersburg (or Polokwane as it is known today) after 30 years. With the death of his wife and all his direct family members he was very lonesome and decided that it would be better to move to Pretoria, where he could stay near other family members.

He served on the church council of the NG Church for almost 30 years. He was also one of the oldest members of the Gideons, an inter denominational society of Christian business - and professional men who distributes Bibles in more than 190 countries. The past few years he was the treasurer of the society.

Uncle Apie and his first wife moved to Pietersburg with his retirement. During 1992 his wife died after a swarm bees attacked them. He survived after the doctors removed more than 1000 stings from his body. Unfortunately his wife did not survive the attack. He got married a second time and he and his second wife had 18 happy years together when she died after a stroke. His only son died shortly afterwards.

We reported on the bee attack on this Henning couple in Newsletter no 30 of May 1992.


As usual we mention the names of members who contributed generously towards the maintenance of the family league over the past three months:
* PH (Tappies) Henning from Farramere, Benoni, a lifelong member, contributed R5 000.00
* TJ (Tjaart) Henning from Sinoville, Pretoria, a lifelong member, contributed R1 000.00
* Jan Andries Henning from Leraatsfontein and Jan Hendrik Henning from Glenstantia, Pretoria maintained their monthly debit orders, which are very valuable

A word of thanks to these members, as well as those who aready contributed for 2012. Unfortunately there are still 24 families who have made no contribution.


We have learned of the death of b6.c4.d1.e5.f9.g1. Elsie Maria Jordaan (born Henning) *29-5-1922 on 23 July 2012. She was married to Esaias Engelbertus Jordaan *13-4-1918.

The last 10 months of her life, she lived in an old age home in Parys, Free State. On 22 May she experienced a setback and was admitted to the Mediclinic in Potchefstroom, where she was treated for eight weeks. During this time she reached the ripe age of 90 years, which she celebrated with her children, grand children and brother and sisters. She was discharged from hospital middle July and treated further at the old age home. The last few days she experienced much pain. She leave five children, 17 grand children and 11 great grand children behind.

Elektroniese Nuusbrief/Electronic Newsletter

Many of our members enquired from time to time if the Newsletter could not be distributed electronicly. In the past we were quite cautious, because the electronic file was very big. Today we can transfer it to a pdf file, which is much smaller. In the previous newsletter we enquired who would like to receive the Newsletter electronically.Only four members reacted, therefore, we repeat our request. If necesarry you can choose to receive the electronic as well as the paper copies of the Newsletter

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