Andries Pretorius Monument, Graaff-Reinet.

Graaff-Reinet can be described as the cradle of the Henning family in South Africa. Although this district was only proclaimed in 1785, the Henning progenitor, Pieter Hendrik Henning *1740 already moved to this area in 1784 and settled on the farm Elandskloof, in the "Achter Sneeuwberg" ward towards the end of 1785 / beginning 1786. Most of his children and grand children started their journeys as "trekboere" ("trek farmers") to the interior of the country from this farm. Pieter Hendrik's youngest son, Daniël Stephanus and his children, however, stayed on Elandskloof and other neighbouring farms and lived here for more than 200 years.

Progenitor Pieter Hendrik also was one of the citizens who proclaimed the Republic of Graaff-Reinet in 1795, when they got rid of Magistrate Mainier.

In spite of this long relationship, there are nothing today which reminds us of the involvement of the Henning family in the history of Graaff-Reinet - tragic!

Graaff-Reinet and several of its citizens, however, played an important role in the history of South Africa and the Afrikaner nation. We think specifically of Voortrekker leaders like Andries Hendrik Potgieter, Louis Trichardt, Gerrit Maritz and Andries Pretorius, who lived in Graaff-Reinet at the same time as the first three Henning generations.

Due to the role Andries Pretorius played in the history of the Afrikaner nation, a monument in memory of this Voortrekker leader was erected in 1943, about 2 km from the town adjacent to the road to Middelburg, the route to the north and into the interior, which the Voortrekkers followed.

The sculptor was Coert Steynberg. The moument was unveiled on Andries Pretorius's birthday, 27 November. The imposing figure of Pretorius, gazing northwards, with his left hand resting on a wagon wheel, dominates the monument. The sculptor incorporated Afrikaner oxen in the design to pay tribute to the noble animal that hauled the trekkers' wagons. The inscription "Eenmaal sal daar wel 'n wiel oor ons wêreld rol wat vir u en vir my onkeerbaar is"("One day a wheel will indeed roll across our world, and neither you nor I will be able to stop it") are these words used by Andries Pretorius to Sir Harry Smith during their discussions in 1848.

Unfortunately a squatter camp developed over the past few years near the monument and it is vandalised regularly. Two cultural organisations - the local branches of the Rapportryers and the Afrikanerbond have decided to collect funds to move the monument to the local nature park. Approval from Sanparks have been obtained. Aproximately R70 000.00 would be needed to move the monument. It is their intention to give recognition to everybody who contribute towards this project.

The management committee of the Family League have decided several years ago to contribute, where possible, towards projects also commemorating the history and culture of the Henning family.

After carefull consideration it has been decided to contribute R1000.00 towards this project. We would have loved to make a bigger contribution, but at present this is not possible. We would, however, like to appeal to members who would like to support this effort, to send their contribution to us, to add to the Family League's contribution, or deposit your contribution directly into the account which have been opened specifically for this project: ABSA Bank Savings Account 924 865 1321; Name of account - Andries Pretorius monument; use your name as reference who made the deposit.

Diyatalawa Krygsgevangenekamp, Ceylon/Diyatalawa Prisoner of War Camp, Ceylon.

As more and more people connect to the Internet, we also receive more information on the Henning family from these new internet users. Koos Henning (b9.c3.d3.e2.f4.g3.h3. Jacobus Adrian Henning *23-5-1951) supplied us with a lot of information on his family. We had his grandparents on record, plus a little bit of information on their descendants. Koos himself and his family was not on record. With the information Koos supplied we could complete this branch of the family.

Koos also solved one of the mysteries in the military history of the family. We could identify all the Henning prisoners of war (POW's) in the Diyatalawa Camp, Ceylon except for three men. Their names appear in the official records as Gert Frans Henning and two men with names Jacobus Abraham Henning - one on a complementary list. Koos could confirm without doubt that his great grandfather, b9.c3.d3.e2. Jacobus Abraham Adriaan Henning *11-2-1866 was a prisoner of war in Ceylon. During the Anglo Boer War he was a member of the police force of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republic (ZARP). He was taken prisoner of war on 9-8-1900, shortly after the British forces took over control of Pretoria, capital of the Republic. Through legend Koos and family were brought under the impression that their grandfather, Jacobus Abraham Adriaan *5-6-1893 (named after his father) joined his father later in the war. We could establish that the second "Jacobus Abraham Henning" arrived on 3-7-1902 at the POW camp - the complementary list. If this was Jacobus Abraham Adriaan Henning, born 5-6-1893, he was only 9 years old when he was taken prisoner of war. Several research works on the Boer POW camps indicate that there were several boys as young as 9 years old in the POW camps. There are, therefore, the possibility that this could have been the grandfather of Koos Henning.


We have learned with regret of the death of the following Henning's:

1. b9.c1.d2.e3.f3.g2. Izak Jacobus Henning *2-10-1932 died on 3 January 2012. Izak and his wife Emmerentia lived in Birchleigh North, Kempton Park. Before his retirement he worked for the Post Office. He began his career in Port Elizabeth, but was later transfered with promotion to Johannesburg, where he progressed to Assistant Manager. In his younger days he played rugby and did "volkspele" (folk-dancing) and acting. He also drew in his spare time building plans for people. His chidren remember him as hard-working and that he did everything for his children. He died after a stroke.

2. Helena Martha Henning (born Roos) *13-10-1917 died on 7 January 2012 in the age of 94 years. She was the widow of b6.c1.d1.e9.f13. Francois Ulman Henning *24-8-1913, who died during 1978. The past 10 years of her life she lived with her daughter Nella in Potgietersrus.

3. b6.c1.d3.e5.f1.g1.h2. Josef Jooste Henning *23-8-1931 of Hartenbos died on 16 June 2012. Josef completed all his studies at the Potchefstroom University and became a lecturer at this university. During 1963 he visited the University of Edenburgh in Scotland, where he became a founder member of the Centre of African Studies. During 1970 he was promoted to Professor in Political Science at Potchefstroom. After his retirement he and his wife Ina moved to Hartenbos.

Wierdapark Henning's/Wierda Park Henning's.

b7.c8.d8.e1.f2.g2. Stanley Henning *20-10-1961, his wife Mary-Ann (born Nel) and their children of Wierda Park, Centurion keep on performing exceptionally. Their daughter, Anél received the degree BA Visual Arts op 17 April 2012 at the University of Pretoria. She obtained a job at 5DT, where she do three dimentional designs for the simulators used to train the operators of mine machinery. Apart from her university degree, Anél had to do several extra courses in computer graphical design.

Mother Mary-Ann completed the Comrades Marathon for the second time this year - and she will be 50 with her next birthday!


Over the past few years a new Afrikaans singer came to the foreground. He uses the stage name, Snotkop. It is clear that he is one of the most popular artists in South Africa. He is invited to almost all festivals and concerts all over the country. He appeared two times already on the cover of the family magazine, Huisgenoot, and almost all newspapers report positive on him. Snotkop radiate the image of a nice, strong, vivacious and full of fun young man, who can also be serious and responsible.

For those who do not know, Snotkop is a Henning young man. His particulars: b5.c4.d4.e1.f7.g1.h2. Francois Henning *22-12-1972


b1.c6.d3.e11.f3.g1. Cornelius Belthaser (Neels) Henning of Tampa in the USA reported that his daughter, Jolette and her husband, Ettiene van Vuuren had a baby - their first - on 6 June 2012. It is a boy with the name Hugh. He was born in Tampa and is therefore an Americal citizen. Neels and wife, Bernice therefore now have three grandchidren - all of them American citizens.

Nuusbrief per E-Pos/Newsletter by E Mail.

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Geldsake/Money Matters.

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GS (Gideon) Henning, Chairman of the Family League and a life-long member of Strand - R300.00
PH (Piet) Henning of Strand - R300.00
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Suid-Afrikanse Hennings in die Karibiese Eilande/South African Hennings in the Caribian Islands

b1.c8.d6.e8.f1.g3. Jozef Hendrick Henning *11-3-1956 served for some time on the management committee of the Family League. A few years ago mail we posted to his adress in Alberton came back, marked "Address unknown". We were quite disappointed because Jozef just disappeared. Recently we received an E Mail from Jozef - from the Caribean Islands! Jozef informed us that he and his wife, Lyndi decided two years ago to visit Lyndi's children (from a previous marriage) who moved to the island of Antigua in the West Indian Islands and they are still there. It is at present their intention to stay there. Jozef tells us about the islands, the weather, the people and why they think it is a better place to stay than the present South Africa. You can read more on Jozef's web page