Gedenkmuur: Burgersterftes op Kommando, ABO/Memorial Wall: Burghers Killed in Action, ABW.

During 2010 the Family League contributed towards the erection of a monument for the women and children killed in British Concentration Camps during the Anglo Boer War (ABW). 56 Henning women and children were killed in these hell camps. Since then the Family League tried its best to be a real friend and contributor towards the Heritage Foundation and the War museum/Womens monument due to the fact that these institutions commemorate events which also forms part of the history of the Henning families of South Africa.

On Sunday 18 March 2012 a memorial wall with the names of 4350 burghers of the two Boer Republics who were killed in action during the ABW was unveiled. This includes the names of all the Henning men who fell in action. Full particulars of the events how they fell in action can be read in the Henning Family Cronicle.

League Secretary, Olivier Henning received an invitation to the ceremony in Bloemfontein, but could not attend due to the huge distance between Villiersdorp and Bloemfontein. He arranged that one of our members who live in Bloemfontein attend and take a few photographs.

The governing body of the War Museum is at present busy collecting funds for the erection of a memorial tablet with the names of Burghers who died in British Prisoners of War camps. Two Henning men died while in detention in camps in India and Ceylon. The Family League plan to contribute towards this effert and want to invite our members to add any personal contributions to that of the Family League. Deposit your contribution into the account of the Family League: ABSA Bank Viliersdorp (Branch no 334 612); Account name - Henning Familiebond; Account no - 2890 610 423.Use your name and the words ABW as reference.

Photo 1: The "farewell" statue at the Womens monument in Bloemfontein. In the background the new memorial wall with the names of Burghers who fell in action can be seen
Photo 2: Some of the panels of the memorial wall, with wreaths laid during the unveilance ceremony
Photo 3: The panel with the names of Hennings who fell in action during the ABW

ABO: Lötter Kommando (Kaapse rebelle)/ABW: Lötter Commando (Cape Rebels)

It is known that the commando of Cmdt Lötter during the ABW consisted of Cape Rebels of the districts Graaff-Reinet, Cradock, Tarkastad and Middelburg. We were aware that b10.c6.d1. Daniël Stephanus Henning *12-4-1867 was a member if this commando. He and several other members of the commando was taken prisoner of war on 5 September 1901 at Perdekraal, in the district of Cradock. Due to the fact that he was a Cape Rebel and he shot a British soldier and took his weapon, he was declared a "First Class Rebel" and sentenced to death. This sentence was later changed to £100 fine plus 3 years in prison. During the war he was kept in the prison at Bermuda and after the war in the prison at Tokai. During March 1903 he was granted amnesty. He was a staunch supporter of Genl Hertzog and later farmed at Zoekmekaar in the Transvaal. Recently we received a few photos of the Lötter Commando. We publish a photo with Daniël Stephanus Henning.

Photo 4: Daniël Stephanus Henning is no 19 on the photo


David Allen was a British soldier during the Anglo Boer War. After the war he remained in South Africa as a police officer in the Rouxville/ Zastron districts. Here he met the young Henning girl b1.c6.d8.e3. Charlotte Gertruida Henning *18-7-1888 and they got married during January 1907. Shortly after their marriage they moved back to Scotland and had a prosperous and happy marriage of 56 years and nine children before David died in 1963.

Leonard Andrews of Polmont, Falkirk, Scotland who's mother, Annie Winniefred Andrews *26-10-1923 was the youngest and only surviving child, informed us that his mother died on 6 April 2012. With her death another era and a generation of children of a Henning woman comes to an end.

Photo 5: David Allen *27-7-1880 and his wife Charlotte Gertruida Henning *18-7-1888 with all their children at their 50th wedding aniversary. Their youngest child, Annie Winniefred who died recently, is in the middle row, first from the left

Brief uit Nederland/Letter from Netherland

We published in the previous newsletter two letters from Pierre Schlappi of Tilburg, Netherlands. His grand mother was a Henning girl and descendant of a Dutch Henning clan. From his letters one could determine his interest and admiration for the Afrikaner nation. In this third letter one can again see this young man's admiration and it is a great pleasure for us to publish his letter.

Pierre tells that he was born in Tilburg and that he has been living there his whole life. Since childhood, he always had a passion for history and philosophy. When he finished his school career, he became an exchange student in Australia (Brisbane), where he met a South African boy, Willem Botha - also an exchange student. For that year they became friends and he came in contact with the Afrikaans language, culture and history. It fascinated him tremendously. Unfortunately Willem emigrated with his parents to America after that year.

In Netherlands he always watched the TV News when South African issues were broadcast. It soon became clear to him that dirty leftish propaganda were most of the time broadcasted. He started with his own investigation into the political situation in South Africa - especially from the viewpoint of Afrikaners. He learned of all the Afrikaner heroes of the past and why this "broedervolk" (brother nation) did things the way they did. He also started listening to Afrikaans music and all the new artists. Even his family and friends join him when he sings Afrikaans songs.

He has a great admiration for the old SA Defence Force and has full knowledge of the war in Angola and why South Africa got involved.

Pierre also tells about the origin of his own surname, Schlappi - it has a Swiss origin - and his other ancestors. His parents have their own business and he works for the company. Their website can be viewed at

Photo 6: Pierre Schlappi with his parents and his sister

Brief uit Noorweë/Letter from Norway

One of the most proud members of the family league, is Rev Bjarne Fowels of Hjelmeland, Norway. He is a descendant of b7.c8.d1. Martha Johanna Elizabeth Henning *26-8-1857. Bjarne was for many years a chaplain at Norwegean Seamens churches in Britain, Netherlands and Durban, South Africa, as well as a chaplain for Norwegean military units.

Bjarne informed us that he recently was in the privileged situation to visit the Headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) in Jåttå, Norway with a group of military veterans. His letter is in English

Geldsake/Money Matters

Thank you very much to everybody who sent donations to the Family League over the past three months - especially those members who contribute by means of a monthly debit order, as well as those members who contribute generously. Even a small monthly debit order of R20/30 is of great value to the Family League. As usual and to show our appreciation, we publish the names of everybody who sent contributions of R300.00 or more. (Read the names in the newsletter itself)

Unfortuantely there are still several members who have not made any contribution for 2012. With this newsletter those members will again receive an invitation to contribute. The banking particulars of the Family League is as follows: ABSA Bank Villiersdorp (Branch no 334-612); Account name - Henning Familiebond; Account no - 2890 610 423. Please use your name and member number as reference.

2011 Finansiële Jaar/2011 Financial Year

The financial statements for the year 2011 have been drawn up. Those who would like to receive a copy must contact the League Secretary. We would like to mention that our income for 2011 was R2 101.00 more than our expenditure, in spite of the fact that donations from our members decreased from R17 634.00 in 2010 to R12 200.00 in 2011. This R12 200.00 donations also was R1 564.00 less than our total expenditure for the year. Fortunately the R3 186.00 income from interest on our savings account saved us.

We don't want to put pressure on our members re contributions - on the contrary! We are grateful for every cent we receive, but we would like to see that our income from donations is enough to cover our normal expenditure.


We remind our member that we only have a few Henning souvenirs left. It is clear that it would be difficult to manufacture these things in future again, due to the high cost, while the demand is low. We still sell this last few items at the same price as we bought it many years ago. We are sure all these items would become very sought-after in future. We still have the following items available:

11 x teaspoons (gold) - R30.00 each
1 x teaspoon (silver) - R25.00
4 x cake forks (silver) - R25.00 each
3 x collar badges (gold) - R25.00 each
16 x sets of cuff links (gold) - R70.00/set

We also have 28 x A4 size writing pads with the Henning coat-of-arms available. Each writing pad have 50 pages and is suitable for handwritten -, or typed-, or computer letters - R25.00/pad

Although few men wear cuff links these days, our cuff links is so beautiful that they can be worn with pride or be a gorgeous show-piece in a show-case. Any Henning grandfather should be able to show such a set with pride to his grandson(s) and transfer it to them one day.

In the past you would have paid the postage and packaging on any order for souvenirs, but postage on orders for this last few items would be paid by the family league.

Vrystaat Tak van die Familiebond/Free State Branch of the Family League

The Free State branch of the Family League elected a new management committee at their meeting on 17 March 2012. Cobus (JS) Henning of Rotterdam St 33, Bloemfontein was elected as new chairman. He can be contacted on cell phone no 082 466 4021 or at his work - 051 432 7720. His E-Mail address is

The next meeting of the branch will be held on Saturday 16 June 2012 at 11:00 hours at the home of Jack Henning - Gasconey Crescent 26, Helican Hights, Bloemfontein. This branch will hopefully organise the Henning festival in 2014 and would need all support of Henning's in the Free State - please support the efforts of this branch.

Die Burgersdorp Hennings/The Burgersdorp Henning's

2011 was a very good year for the Henning family of the farm Leeufontein, Burgersdorp - grand father b6.c3.d2.e6.f1.g2. Hermanus Marthinus (Herman) Henning *15-4-1931 celebrated his 80th birtday. His daughter-in-law, Gerda (Gertruida Margaretha) Henning, wife of Willie (Willem Frederik) Henning celebrated her 50 th birthday on 22 April 2011. The children of Willie and Gerda, the triplets Herman, Anelmé and Elseri did very well in their studies and both girls got married during the year. Anelmé obtained her Honnours B Com Chartered Accountancy Degree at the Potchefstoom campus of the NW University. She also succesfully completed her first board exam. She is at present busy with her second year articles at BDO in Randburg. Anelmé and Hennie Welman got married on 19 Marth 2011. He is also busy with his final articles to be admitted as a chartered accountant.

Elseri obtained her Honnours B Com Financial Accountancy degree at Potch and is at present busy with her second year articles at Jonker and Partners at Lichtenburg. Elseri married Johan Myburgh on 8 January 2011. Johan is a Mechanical Engineer at Agrico, Lichtenburg.

Herman also obtained his Honnours B Com Financial Accountancy degree at Potch and is now busy with his articles in Potchefstroom.

Photo 7, 8 and 9: The triplets, Anelmé -, Elseri - and Herman Henning all obtained Honnours degrees during 2011 at the Potchefstroom campus of the NW University
Photo 10: Marriage photo of Elseri Henning and Johan Myburgh on 8 January 2011
Photo 11: Marriage photo of Anelmé Henning and Hennie Welman on 19 March 2011