Pieter Henning en die “Nutsman”/Pieter Henning and the DIY king. Cashumi wood products are well known in the Tzaneen area, but soon the whole country will know what they are and how to install them.

Riaan Garforth-Venter from the SABC2 show, “DIY-met-Riaan” (previously known as ‘Die Nutsman’) paid a visit to Tzaneen during September for the filming of one of their episodes — this one focussing on building a wooden deck with Cashumi products. Riaan met the owner of Cashumi, b7.c8.d8.e5.f3. Pieter Naude Henning *4-11-1957 at a Laeveld Building Supplies show in Hoedspruit last year. He was very impressed with the products and decided to dedicate an episode to it. Pieter is a forestry farmer and owns a sawmill.

Riaan and his crew spent two days filming their progress on the construction of a wooden deck on Fonteinplaats outside Tzaneen. The reason why the Cashumi products are getting so much attention is because the products are made of Saligna wood — although it is an exotic specie, it is grown locally and is a beautiful, durable wood.

The episode will be aired on December 3 on SABC2.

The ‘DIY-met-Riaan’ team has also agreed to tackle another project with Pieter Henning and Cashumi — this one addressing low cost housing that is easily constructed. The project will be filmed in November.

Photo1: Riaan Garforth-Venter of the SABC2 program, “DIY met Riaan” with Pieter Henning in front of the wooden deck they built with Cashumi products

Photo2: The “DIY-met-Riaan” team also decided to tackle another project with Pieter Henning and Cashumi — easily constructed low cost housing. Pieter Henning in front of an unfinished house

Wie ken hierdie skets/Who knows this sketch. Some time ago one of the daughters of b7.c1.d10.e3.f5.g1. Leonard Henning of Wilderness bought this sketch at an auction. The sketch was made by a L Henning. Is there anybody who perhaps know who this L Henning is and who’s face is on the sketch?

Photo 3: The sketch made by L Henning. Doed anybody know who this L Henning and who the person on the sketch is

Erfenisstigting en ander Kultuurgoedere/Heritage Foundation and Culture. The AGM of the Heritage Foundation was held on 30 July 2011 at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria. The Family League, being a member, was represented by League Secretary, Olivier Henning and his wife, Charlotte. At the meeting a report was tabled on all the projects the Foundation is busy with and a new management team was elected.

It is disturbing to hear that the Foundation only receive a nominal grant from the government for the maintenance of Afrikaner monuments, like the Voortrekker Monument, while the maintenance of ANC political monuments, like Freedon Park (next to the Voortrekker Monument) is fully paid by the government. The Foundation also find it difficult getting the grant form the government. In spite of the fact that the government discriminate between citizens of different nations and culture groups, it was pleasant to hear of all the good work the Foundation is busy with at several Afrikaner nation heritage sites, like the Voortrekker Monument, Blood River Terrain, Concetration Camp grave yards and memorials, Prisoner of War Camps, War Graves of Burgers, the Winburg Museum, NALN in Bloemfontein, etc.

The Foundation must on its own find the funds for its administration and most of the maintenance work. Most of the money received, comes from donations and membership fees for becoming a member of the Heritage Foundation.

After Olivier and Charlotte attended the meeting they left for Bloemfontein, where they visited the War Museum and Womens Monument. Members would remember that the Family League donated money for the erection of a new Bethulie Concentration Camp Memorial at the site of the Womens Monument. Our donation was specifically used to manufacture a replica of the angel statue, which was stolen from the old Bethulie Memorial during 2003. The angel was symbolic of the 1 311 children younger than 15 years who died in this camp. 13 Henning children and two – women died here. The stolen statue was recovered later and is exhibited in the museum, while the replica was placed at the memorial.

From Bloemfontein Olivier and Charlotte traveled to Aliwal North for discussions with mr Hannes van den Berg and mrs Madeleine Joubert of the Aliwal North Museum Committee. It became clear that the Eastern Cape Province decided to manage themselves all museums in the province – including municipal museums – from 2014. They plan to close the Church Squire Museum, where the Henning exhibition can be found. They want to use this building – the oldest in the town – as a stoor. In the mean time they refuse to do any maintenance.

The building of the Church Squire Museum was the first DR Church building and was erected in 1857. Several Hennings played a significant role here. b1.c3. Jan Hendrik Henning *17-5-1805 served on the building commission. b7.c8 Olivier JGC Henning *1-12-1834 transported all the wood for the church with his oxwagon from Knysna and some of the building material from the Wepener area. He was the leader in singing during the 1860’s.

Fortunately, mrs Madeleine Joubert made a complete inventory of all the artefacts donated by Hennings to the museum. Apart from all items exhibited in the Henning exhibition, the late b7.c8.d8.e1.f2. Olivier Henning of Aliwal North and the late Stella Henning from Barkly East donated several items for exhibition elsewhere in the museum.

It was mutually decided that the family league would send letters to the mayor and municipal manager of Aliwal North in which we convey our solicitude regarding their plans for the museums. These letters were posted during August 2011, but no reply has been received since then. When it becomes clear that they do not intend to reply, we would use other methods of pressure.

Photo 4: League Secretary, Olivier Henning with his old friend and collegue, Gert Opperman, Chief Executive Officer of the Heritage Foundation

Photo 5: Olivier Henning with Dr Pieter Mulder, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Leader of the Freedom Front and mr Johan Willemse, well-known cultural leader from Pietersburg. Dr Mulder is the only political leader also involved with heritage preservation

Photo 6: Olivier and Charlotte Henning at the Angel section of the Consentration Camp Memorial. The donation of the Henning Family League was used to manufacture this statue. The original statue is now kept in the museum

Photo 7 & 8: Olivier Henning at the original angel statue which was stolen but recovered and now kept in the museum. Below the inscription at the statue

Interessante Stapstok terug by eienaar/Interesting walking stick back at its owner. b7.c1.d10.e3.f5.g1. Leonard Henry (Len) Henning *26-3-1934 of Wilderness in the South Cape (a previous chairman of the family league) informed us that he inherited many years ago a walking stick from his father. They suspect that his father inherited it from his father (b7.c1.d10.e3. Pieter Hendrik Henning *28-1-1877). The name “Col Innes” and “Perth” was engraved on the walking stick.

Len wrote to the Australian Defence Force and enquired if they have any record of such a person. He received a reply that he must contact Perth in Scotland. After a month or two he received a letter from a Major Colin Innes. He was the grandson of the original Col Innes. Col Innes was an officer in the Scottish “Black Watch Regiment” during the Anglo Boer War. Both Maj Innes and his father were also members of the Black Watch Regiment.

Photo 9: Leonard Henry (Len) Henning (right) with Maj Colin Innes of Perth, Scotland who is holding the walking stick which belonged to his grand father during the Anglo Boer War. The walking stick will now be exhibited in the museum of the Black Watch Regiment

Len immediately donated the walking stick to Maj Innes. He received an invitation to visit the Innes family in Scotland, when ever he is in Britain.

During June this year Len visited his daughter in Britain and made an appointment with the Innes family. He was also entertained by the Officer Commanding (and other officers) of the Black Watch Regiment at their head quarters in Perth, Scotland. The walking stick can now be seen in the museum of the regiment.

Nuus van Oom Nicolaas Henning/News from Uncle Nicolaas Henning. b1.c3.d7.e9.f6. Nicolaas Henning, born 10-4-1918 from Pretoria has been a member (and later honorary member) of the family league since its founding in 1984. His is now 93 years old. He and his wife, Idelette are doing well under circumstances. He can not see and hear so good anymore and keep most of the time in his small empty mind box. Idelette (now 83) find it difficult to walk, after she fell last year and hurt one of her legs.

Their children arranged for an assistant to support them with their daily tasks and Hester from Johannesburg visit them every weekend to give additional support.

Photo 10: Nicolaas Henning (93), his wife Idelette and daughters Hester Henning and Helena Muller

Duitse Sekswerkers/German Sex Worker. We found this article, which appeared on Internet very humerous. Bonn in Germany is installing parking meters for sex workers. Before a sex worker can do business on the streets, she must deposit a fee at one of these “parking meters”. The spokesperson of the sex workers, Juanita Rosina Henning said that they are against the meters and would oppose it as far as possible.

Geldsake/Money matters. Every year we appeal to al our members to send any donations before end of March to the Family League. This enable us to plan our activities properly. Fortunately the majority of our members try to comply with this request. As can be expected there are always some members who can not comply with this request. Some members can not afford to make any donation any more; others can later in the year and then there are some members who just forget.

We appeal to members who can not afford it any longer to make any contribution, to let us know. We keep these members on record, because we do not want to exclude anybody. If we do not hear from these members for two years, we are forced to scratch them from our records.

At this stage – November – we still have 19 families who have not contributed anything for 2011. We want to appeal to those members who forgot, to remember this when they contribute for 2012. We are sending out the requests for 2012 with this newsletter.

Babas/Babies. a1.b1.c1.d10.e2.f1.g1.h1. Vicky-Lodene Henning *21-6-1978 married Riaan Stefan Du Toit *24-2-1973 on 17 March 2007. Their first child, a baby girl with name Karli was born on 3 January 2011 in Pretoria-East.

Vicky-Lodine’s brother Johannes Carel (h2) got married to Natasha Chantal van der Merwe *10-3-1986 on 12-6-2010. Their first child, a boy, was born on 22-6-2011. He is the sixth generation consecutive who were named Johannes Carel.

Retha Jacobi Henning, the second child of b6.c1.d3.e5.f2.g4.h1.i2. Petrus Francois Joubert (Pieter) Henning and his wife Chrisna from Heidelberg was born on 3 July 2011.

Pieter is a lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Johannesburg.

Photo 11: Riaan and Vicky-Lodene Du Toit (born Henning) with their first born, Karli

Photo 12: Three generations Johannes Carel Henning: Grandfather Calie, father Jaques and baby JC

Photo 13: A proud Christa Janine Henning *20-9-2008 with her baby sister, Retha Jacobi *3-7-2011