Ontbrekende Henning Legkaartstukkies gevind/Missing Henning Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces Found. Jos le Roux a South African expatriate living in Canada, is doing genealogical research on the Krynauw families. Recently he wrote to us and provided missing information on the wife of b6.c1.d3.e1. Pieter Hendrik Henning *21-1-1853, which we were looking for for many years. It was known that Pieter Hendrik was born and grew up in Burgersdorp. We also knew that he and his family moved before or during the Anglo Boer War to Pietersburg in the “Zuid-Afrikaansche” Republic (old Transvaal). During the war he went on Commando, but surrendered on 2-6-1901. The British, however, was still of the opinion that he was a citizen of the Cape Colony and accused and found him guilty of high treason. Like many other Cape Rebels his sentence was that he was disqualified for five years of being elected for any public position or to vote in such an election.

He and his family, together with two of his brothers and their families, emigrated during 1905 to Argentina. Approximately 1909/10 he and his family returned to South Africa. We could, however, not find any track of his wife Jacoba Levina (born De Klerk) *1854. We were not sure if she perhaps died in Argentina or if she returned with her husband and re-married after his death.

Jos le Roux informed us that after Pieter Hendrik’s death on 11-4-1913, his wife, Jacoba Levina remarried Douw Gerbrand Grobler in 1914 in Burgersdorp. This was Grobler’s fourth marriage. They compiled a will in 1920. When Grobler died on 19-11-1926, his Death Notice clearly indicated that he was married. His son-in-law from his first marriage, signed the Death Notice. This confirms that Jacoba Levina (born De Klerk) was still alive in November 1926.

Jos le Roux also let us know that Pieter Hendrik Henning’s fourth daughter, b6.c1.d3.e1.f4. Susanna Maria *17-11-1883 married Jan Hendrik Krynauw *8-9-1879 on 31-5-1905. They got divorced during 1915 and she remarried Christopher Harry Barrett in 1916. Documents from Susanna Maria’s divorce case mention that her mother was in 1914 on the point of leaving the country for Argentina, with her new husband, Douw Gerbrand Grobler. Unfortunately we could not determine where their 1920 will was compiled — South Africa or Argentina.

Photo caption. The three Henning brothers who emigrated to Argentina in 1905: b6.c1.d3.e5. Joseph Jooste Henning *15-1-1862, Pieter Hendrik Henning *21-1-1853 (e1) and Douw Gerbrand Henning *28-11-1868 (e8)

Sterftes/ Deaths

1. Marthina Brink Henning (born Smuts) *13-8-1926 from Goodwood died on 3-4-2011 in the age of 84 years. She was the spouse of the late b7.c13.d5.e1. Johannes Lodewyk Henning *29-7-1923. Her son, Freddie filled us in on the particulars of the whole family.

2. b5.c1.d3.e9.f1.g2. Susanna Hendrika (Drika) van Heerden (born Henning) *20-8-1946 died on 14-4-2011 in a head on car accident in the mountains near Lydenburg. She was married to Jeremias Jesajas van Heerden. They lived in Steelpoort and the particular weekend they visited Nelspruit. While still at school, their neighbours were the family of b5.c1.d5.e6.f1.g1. Jacobus Cornelius Henning *22-1-1917 and his wife Janetta Hendrika. Drika and this family’s daughter, Isabella Fredrieka (Isabel) Henning *1-9-1944 were friends. Isabel informed us of the accident.

3. b6.c4.d1.e5.f7.g7.h2.i1. Sonja Wright (born Henning) informed us that her grandfather b6.c4.d1.e5.f7.g7. Jan Adriaan Henning *1-4-1930 died on 20-4-2011 in Sebokeng of a heart attach. One of her uncles, b6.c4.d1.e5.f7.g7.h1. Jan Adriaan (Riaan) Henning *1-9-1953 also died on 14-8-2010 in Meyerton of a heart attack.

4. b6.c4.d1.e5.f4.g14. Jacoba Danielina Smit (born Henning) *7-4-1938 died on 13-4-2011 at Benoni. She was the fourteenth child of Willem Frederik Henning *29-4-1886 and his wife Cornelia Catharina Jacoba (born Venter). Jacoba and her husband had twelve children. They lived all their lives at Lichtenburg and Benoni. After her husband’s death, she went to live with her daughter, Jacoba Lottering.

Photo caption: Two Henning girls who were neighbours and friends – Isabel – and Drika Henning

Oupa-en-oumagrootjie/Great Grandparents. b6.c4.d1.e5.f9.g6. Mauritz Martin Henning *10-4-1936 informed us that he and his wife, Ollie became great grandparents on 9 April 2011. Mauritz Groenewald, son of their oldest daughter, Maria Saloma (Loma) Groenewald, and his wife Andrea had a baby boy named Henry on that day. Henry was a premature baby (three months before the time) and weighed only 1.2 kg. He was kept in hospital (Femina hospital) until 30 June, before he could be discharged. It was a very tense time for the whole family, because the prospect for such a baby to survive is very bleak. Fortunately this hospital specialize in such cases and being a fighter, Henry survived.

Springbok/Springbok. From time to time we hear of well-known sportsmen who have one or other relationship with the Henning family. The latest case which came to our attention is Phillip Schutte, who was a Springbok rugby player during the 1990’s. The parents of Philippus Jacobus Wilhelmus Schutte *7-10-1969 were Willem Frederik Schutte *20-5-1945 and Anna Maria Jacoba Vlok. Willem Frederik Schutte was the son of Philippus Jacobus Wilhelmus Schutte and b6.c1.d1.e12.f5. Aletta Francina Henning *18-4-1920. Willem Frederik Schutte was named after his Henning grand father. Phillip Schutte obtained his B Com degree in Financial Management at the University of Pretoria. He played mainly for Northern Transvaal, but also for Transvaal and Western Province. He played for Northern Transvaal in the Currie Cup final of 1991 against Transvaal, which they won. He was also selected as Springbok no 582.

Photo caption: Philip Schutte former Springbok rugby player who’s grandmother was a Henning

Afname in Getalle/Decline in Numbers. For a long time it has been clear that there is a constant decline in the number of Henning’s in South Africa. During the 1980’s we estimated that there were approximately 4 000 Henning’s. It balanced with the number of Henning’s on the 1989 votersrole — 2850. Add to this the number of children younger than 18 years.We succeeded in obtaining the 2011 votersrole. To our shock we discovered that in 2011 there are only 1820 Henning’s on this votersrole — a decline of 56.6%. We are of the opinion that the following reasons are primarily responsible for this decline:

1. Decline in the number of births the past 40 – 50 years;
2. Emigration;
3. Large numbers of whites not registered as voters any more. We are aware of several Henning’s who’s names does not appear on the votersrole.

A thorough investigation would be necesarry to determine if these are the only reasons and what the influence of each is.

Skotse Henning Nasate/Scottish Henning Descendants. In the previous Haantjie we reported on Leonard (Len) Andrews of Falkirk, Scotland who is very proud of his Henning grandmother and other ancesors. We received the following letter from him — original letter in English.

Hennings in Amerika/Hennings in America. We received an E Mail from Randy Henning of Norman, Oklahoma, USA. He enquired if we found any trace of Hennings originating from the Westphalia and surrounding regions in Germany. Lippstadt, the birth town of Peter Henrich Henning, our progenitor, is today part of the Westphalia region. We provided Randy with full particulars of all the brothers and sisters of Peter Henrich, as well as the history of this family, as far as we know it. These brothers and sisters were born between 1730 and 1746. Randy responded with the letter printed in the Afrikaans version.

Like most of the other people from the USA enquiring if we can’t help, the particulars Randy provided is not enough to help. There is more than a 100 years gap (approximately four generations) between the information we have and Randy’s information. We, therefore tried to bring basic genealogical research techniques under his attention and advised that he begin with the death registers of his ancestors kept in the American State concerned.

Otto Henning, Eerste Henning Veearts in Suid-Afrika/Otto Henning, First Veterinary Surgeon in South Africa. In the Haantjie of November 2007 (nr 92) we reported on Otto Henning, who was the first veterinary surgeon in South Africa towards the end of the nineteenth century. Otto had no relationship with any of the Henning clans in South Africa and lived towards the end of his life in the old South West Africa (Namibia). We concluded the report with the remark that intensive research in Namibia would be necesarry to determine if he had any descendants. Craig Hilton-Taylor responded with the letter printed in the Afrikaans version.

Geldsake/Money Matters. Thank you to everbody who made donations over the past three months — this include those members who contribute on a monthly basis by means of a small debit order. Your contributions keep the family league energetic and progressive. The following members contributed generously over the past three months:

Marthinus (MC) Henning of Welkom, a Lifelong member — R250.00
Gesina Spangenberg of Swakopmund, Namibia — R300.00
Elsie Henning of Centurion, a Honorary Member — R500.00

Members who contribute annually receive a notice with the particulars from time to time of the banking account of the Family League. For the sake of Lifelong – and Honorary Members who would like to make a contribution these particulars are as follows: ABSA Bank Villiersdorp (branch no 334-612); Account name – Henning Family League; Account no – 2890 610 423. Please use your membership number or initials and surname as reference for the deposit.

Babas/Babies. It came to our attention that b1.c6.d3.e13.f5.g1.h1. Ernest Theunis (Theuns) Henning *21-6-1979 and his wife Michonne (born van Wyk) *22-6-1986 had a baby girl on 6 June 2011. Little Lika was born in the Meyerton Mediclinic and weighed 3.4 kg. Congratulations to the parents and grandparents, Theunis Philippus Henning and wife Tania. Unfortunately we could not obtain a photo in time.

Tant Driekie word 98/Aunt Driekie is 98. b9.c1.d4.e6.f1. Fredrika Wilhelmina Alberts (born Henning) or aunt Driekie as she is commonly known, celebrated her 98th birthday on 30 June 2011. The son of her sister, Henning Pieterse informed us about her well-being and sent us a few photos taken at her birthday party . Her health deteriorated considerably since last year. She is in a wheelchair and must be helped with everything. She cannot remember most people anymore. Her eyesight and hearing has also deteriorated considerably. She has been admitted to the section of the Old Age Home where special care can be given to her. Only her daughter, Elize (Anna Maria Elizabeth van der Merwe) who lives in the Cape could not attend her birthday party.

Photo caption 1: Aunt Driekie Alberts (98) with three of her daughters who attended her birthday party – Amanda, Fransie and Driekie

Photo caption 2: Some of the people who attended the birthday party: F.l.t.r. Henning Pieterse (sister’s son, Amanda (oldest daughter, Fransie (youngest daughter), Aunt Driekie, Driekie (daughter) and Aunt Driekie’s sister, Marie Pieterse

Ultra Marathons/Ultra Marathons. b7.c8.d8.e1.f2.g2. Stanley – and Mary-Ann Henning (48) of Wierda Park, Centurion have a large, heated interior swimming pool at their home. Mary-Ann, therefore practice a swimming – and aquarobic school, where children as well as grown-ups learn to swim. Many medical practitioners also refer patients to her for aquarobic exercises. This keeps Mary-Ann quite fit. Notwithstanding this, Mary-Ann is also a keen cross-country runner. She has hundreds of medals as proof of her success. For the past few years Mary-Ann has also tackled ultra –marathons and this year she finished the Two Oceans Marathon in the Cape and the Comrades Marathon from Durban to Pietermaritzburg within five weeks. This is a huge achievement, because normally it takes several weeks to recover from such a gruelling race. Mary-Ann finished the Two Oceans in 6 hours 18 minutes on 23 April 2011 and the Comrades in 11 hours 17 minutes and 33 seconds on 29 May 2011.

Mary-Ann go into raptures with the route the Two Oceans Marathon follows. She is of the opinion that this must be the most beautiful route in the country. Running is not only a physical challenge for her, but also a spiritual experience, because she can talk to her creator and enjoy the talents she received.

Photo caption 1: Mary-Ann Henning – The smile one has when you realise that you have achieved a dream. I succeeded, my creator supported me! What a life.

Photo caption 2: The beautiful finish at the University of Cape Town – Mary-Ann with her friend Blanche van Vuuren.

Photo caption 3: Mary-Ann with all the medals she has won during cross country races