Skotsman baie trots op sy Ouma/Scotsman proud of his Grandmother. Some time ago, Leonard Andrews of Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland played around on the Internet and suddenly found information on his grandparents on the web site of the Henning family League. His grand mother, b1.c6.d8.e3. Charlotte Gertruida Henning *18-7-1888 was a young farm girl of Zastron and his grand father, David Allen, came as a British soldier during the Ango-Boer War from Scotland to South Africa. After the British forces conquered the Orange Free State capital during 1901, David Allen was posted as a policeman in the Rouxville/Zastron districts. Here he met this young Henning girl and in 1907 they got married. He served until 1911 in the South Free State, whereafter he and his family moved back to Sotland, where they settled at Stenhousemuir, near Falkirk.

Leonard Andrews was so excited to find information on his grand parents on the Internet that he contacted our League Secretary and supplied him with additional information, as well as a photograph of his grandparents. He was so impressed with his Henning ancestors and the family league that he ordered two sets of Henning cuff links and two collar badges. He also made a generous donation of R500.00 to the family league.

The letter of Leonard Andrews follows: "Just a note to say I've received the cufflinks and badges and I am delighted with them. I will wear them with pride. I have sent a photo of me and Moira on our 40th anniversary, so you can put a face to my name. I hope the funds transferred OK and I am glad you will put my small donation to good use. All the best from chilly Scotland and I hope you and your family are well.

2010 Matrikulante/2010 Matriculants. The parents of the children who completed matric at the end of 2010, were in most cases still small when we published the various family trees, therefore, most of these matriculants are not on record, and can not be identified.

We would have liked to send out a new questionaire to all Hennings in South Africa, to trace people who are not yet on record. Unfortunately complete and reliable address lists can not be found any more.

With regard to the matric results. We could only get hold of the results of seven of the nine provinces. Unfortunately we could not get the Natal results and there were apparantly no Henning matriculants in the Eastern Cape - traditionally the cradle of the Henning family.

In the past there were more Henning matriculants in the old Transvaal than in all the other provinces together, with the Orange Free State in the second place. It is alarming to see how the numbers of Hennings decreased over the years. In 1989 40 Hennings passed the matric exam in the old Transvaal. At the end of 2010 there were only 12 in Gauteng, 7 in Mpumalanga, and two each in Limpopo and North West - total 23. There were seven matriculants in the Western Cape, four in the Free State (much less than than in the past) and three in the Nortern Cape.

In Gauteng Ignatius Wilhelm Henning obtained the best results with university entrance and seven distinctions. We suspect that he is a son of b5.c2.d13.e1.f3.g1.h2. Ignatius Wilhelm Henning and his wife Catharina Magdalena (born Mans). In the Western Cape Adriaan Johannes Henning of DF Malan High School obtained university entrance plus five distinctions. Unfortunately we could not identify him. In the Free State b6.c1.d3.e5.f3.g9.h1.i2. Mariska Henning obtained university entrance plus three distinctions.

Jannetta Presteer/Jannetta Performed. Jannetta Steyn (49) is the daughter of b7.c8.d8.e3.f1. Leonetta Steyn (born Henning). She and her two children lives in Durham, England. Although she obtained a BA (Hons) degree in languages many years ago at the University of Potchefstroom, she is very competent in Computer Science. During 1997 she created the Henning web site on Internet on her own cost and administer it since then on behalf of the Family League. She also obtained a M Sc degree in Computer Science.

During 2009 a bursary was awarded to her for full time studies for another M Sc degree in Bio-Informatics at the University of Newcastle. This meant that she had to perform her normal functions of a working mother together with this full time studies. Bio-Informatics is the application of statistics and computer technology in the field of molecular biology. If you want to read more about Bio-Informatics, visit or write to Jannetta at . She, therefore, writes programs for biologists and neurologists, where she wrote in the past programs for businesses.

Her classes started in September 2009 and she planned to work for one day a week. By February she realised that the course was so intensive that she could not afford to work one day a week. The subjects of her course can be scrutinised in the Afrikaans newsletter.

At the end of 2009 the course leader told them about a IGEM competition in synthetical biology, the university enter into every year ( IGEM stands for International Genetically Engineered Machines). The team must consist of Doctors degree-, masters degree- and under graduate students. Only the best students would be selected and Jannetta was one of them (If you would like to read more about Synthetic Biology go to

Universities from all over the world enter this competition and the final adjudication take place at MIT (Massachusets Institute of Technology) at Boston, USA. Teams must achieve certain criteria to be awarded a gold, silver or bronze medal and there is a winner for each of the different categories. The team of the University of Newcastle were awarded a gold medal. This year for the first time a university from South Africa (Wits) participated and obtained a bronze medal. (Read more about Newcastle's project at

While at Boston, Jannetta received her MSc results and she obtained her degree with distinction. The graduation ceremony took place on 8 December 2010 and her degree was confered by the Vise Chancellor of the University, Prof Chris Brink, who is also a South African citizen and a previous rector of the University of Stellenbosch. It was a highlight for Jannetta when Prof Brink congratulated her in Afrikaans.

During January 2011 Jannetta received the news that she got a bursary for full time study for a Doctors degree in Bio-Informatcs and Neuro science. She will have to spend some time at the University of Ulm, in Germany, learning to disect crabs (correct! Those living in the sea) to remove the stomato-gastric ganglion. She must also learn to stimulate neurones, using very small electrodes.

One can listen with astonishment to the fairytale stories of so many South African Hennings who expatriated to the Western world and performed on the highest level. We can be as proud of Jannetta as we are of b1.c6.d3.e11.f3.g1.h1. Dr Reyco Henning who performed at the highest level at American universities (Newsletter 95/Aug 2008 and 1010/Feb 2010).

Sterftes/Deaths. We received notice of the death of b7.c2.d3.e5.f2.g1. James Matthew Henning *27-11-1939 on 29 December 2010 after a short, but serious illness. Doctors suspect Malaria, but could not confirm it. He returned from the Zambesi where he lead a group of Tiger fishermen, when he fell ill. Nothing could stop his retrogression. His death certificate read "Natural causes". The Old Age Home, where he was the manager for 18 years, honoured him with Nat King Cole's song "Unforgettable".

We also learnt of the death of Hendrik Pieter Burger *10-11-1917, spouse of b1.c6.d3.e11.f6. Martjé Elizabeth Burger (born Henning) on 12 September 2010. After their retirement they lived at Vredenburg. Hendrik was born here and grew up on the farm Spioenkop in the district. He was a keen fisherman and won several trophies being sportsman of the year. Up until three years ago he walked every day eleven kilometres. He and Martjé were married for more than 60 years.

Mooi komplimente vir Ronél Henning/Nice compliments for Ronél Henning. People watching TV would be aware of the program "Kwela" over the "Kyknet" channel. During the episode broadcasted on 12 January 2011 program leader Coenie De Villiers had an interview with the new sensational and "hunk"singer Jay Du Plessis. Jay was a member of the well known and popular group, Eden, but decided to bring out a solo album on his own. He is quickly becoming very popular in the Afrikaans music industry.

During the interview Jay mentioned that he grew up in Lady Grey, in the North-Eastern Cape. He was a normal farm lad, loving sport and other things boys do. The music teacher at the school was Ronél Henning. She convinced the headmaster and other teachers that farm boys could develop a love for music, without becoming "sissies". The way Jay praised his former school music teacher, is definitely a big compliment for Ronél.

The Ronél Henning we are talking about, is b7.c8.d8.e1.f2.g1. Aletta Petronella Henning *16-12-1959. After Lady Grey Ronél was involved for may years at the Drakensberg Boys Choir, but today she owns a music acadamy at Lady Brand, where children from the personnel of diplomatic missions from all over the world to Lesotho take music lessons. Most of the diplomats live in Lady Brand, rather than Maseru.

Verjaarsdae/Birthdays. Andries Kruger from Barberton informed us that his mother's youngest sister, b6.c1.d3.e5.f2.g7. Johanna Marthina Jordaan (born Henning) *26-3-1926 celebrated her 85th birthday this year. From the side of the family league we also would like to congratulate her on this achievement.

Geldsake/Money Matters. Thank you to everyone who sent contributions over the past three months - also our three members who contribute monthly by means of a debit order. This ensures that the family league remains energetic and progressive. As usual, we mention the names of those members who contributed over the past three months. The names can be found in the Afrikaans newsletter.

After our books for the financial year 2010 have been auditted and the financial staements drawn up, it became clear that the income of the family league was R1 871,00 more than ints expenditure. This was due to R3 603.00 interest we received on our investments. Anybody who would like to scrutinize the Family League's finacial statements for the 2010 financial year, can contact the League Secretary for a copy of the statements.