1. Disleksie-lyer wenner op Bloemskou/Dislectic sufferer winner at Bloem Show. A report recently appeared in the newspaper "Die Volksblad" on b6.c1.d3.e5.f3.g9.h1.i2. Mariska Henning *18-9-1991.

Art gave Mariska as a dislectic sufferer the opportunity to scout new worlds.

Due to her handicap, Mariska is in the St Martins School in Bloemfontein, but she receives her theoretical art classes at the Eunice High School and the practical at mr Gerrit Hattingh in the city. She won the competition at the annual show with a very large charcoal work of the singer Steve Hofmeyr. She also won the Jan Erasmus-Adéle Steyn floating trophy for the most striking entry with a sketch of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Since she was a small child her mother stimulated her with art. She loved horses and started drawing them. Her mother later forbid her only to draw horses. She also had to scout other emotions. She acquired dislectics due to events when she was very small. Art gave her self confidence. Every work of art is an emotional part of her.

In spite of her dislectics, Mariska also write poems which accompany all her artworks.

She intends to study art next year to become a full time artist. She is the daughter of Dr Pieter Henning of Sedgefield and mrs Riekie Henning of Bloemfontein. Her sister, Yolandé, is an architect student.

2. Henning Babas/Henning Babies. b7.c8.d8.e3.f5.g1. Stephanus Rudolf (Rudolf) Henning *17-9-1972 and his wife, Eldene (born Skinner) of Oak Glen, Bellville received a baby girl, Chanté Elizabeth, on 7 May 2010. Rudolf also have a daughter, Runé from a previous marriage, but Chanté is Eldene's first child.

3. Sterftes/Deaths. It is with regret we took note of the death of Eric Michael Naude *11-7-1928, spouse of b7.c2.d4.e6.f1.g1. Ellen Elizabeth Henning *28-10-1929 on 16-4-2010 at Rosslynn, Pretoria. Eric served for many years in the SA Defence Force. He and his wife were staunch supporters of the family league and attended all meetings held in the vicinity of Pretoria.

4. Hennings aan die Kaap van Goeie Hoop / Hennings at the Cape of Good Hope. It is well known that the VOC (Dutch East India Company) was responsible for the coming into being of the Cape of Good Hope and, therefore South Africa. All the VOC records from this time (1652 - 1795) were kept in the Dutch archives. Some years ago the Dutch government started with the computerisation of these archives. It is now much easier to get more information on all Hennings who arrived at one or other stage at the Cape.

With amazement we came to the conclusion that it was not only the few Hennings mentioned in Chapter 2 of our Family tree, who arrived at the Cape during these years. No fewer that 90 Hennings landed during the period 1700 until 1795 at the Cape and stayed over for some time. Most of these Hennings were from German descent, but some of them could be regarded as Dutch. Most served in Batavia, Java and Ceylon, but all of them passed the Cape. They served in the following occupations:

Sailor in training1
Boy 11
Ships corporal1
House carpenter1
Constable's mate1

Apparantly it was very dangerous to work for the VOC. 48 died in service, and a further 10 were put out of service for other obscure reasons. Only 32 survived intact. See the table below

Retirement ReasonsNumber
Died in service48
Missing person5
Run away2
Ship wrecked2
Medical unfit1
Free burgher4
Stay in service9
Total out of service obscure reasons58
Total out of service valid reasons32

It became clear that eleven other Hennings, apart from the four who stayed at the Cape as Free Burghers, stayed for a while at the Cape.

1. Christoffel Henning from Saxen, a soldier, stayed a few months during 1719 at the Cape

2. Johan George Hendrik Henning from Lunenburg stayed as a soldier at the Cape from 1745 until 1746

3. Christiaan Henning from Rodenburg, a sailor stayed at the Cape from 1754 until 1759

4. Gorg Henning from Metz, France, a soldier, stayed several months during 1768/69 at the Cape

5. Christiaan Henning from Antwel, Westfallen, a soldier, stayed several months during 1769/70 at the Cape

6. Johan Jurge Henning from Metz, France, a soldier stayed a few months during1770 at the Cape

7. Willem Henning from Amsterdam, an untrained sailor stayed several months during 1772 at the Cape

8. Hendrik Henning from Harburg, a young sailor stayed several months during 1773 at the Cape

9. Johannes Henning from Kermerhousen, a soldier stayed a few months during 1773 at the Cape

10. Johan Hendrik Henning from Wesel, a soldier, stayed a few months during 1786/87 at the Cape

11. Christiaan Bernard Henning from Zuiderhousen, a gunner, stayed at the Cape from 1786 until 1788

Two other persons drew our attention. Barend Henning from the County of Lippe started on 14-5-1758 with service as a "Bosschieter" (gunner) and sailed with the ship, Welgelegen to Batavia. He arrived on 9-3-1859, but died on 3-11-1759. Barend Henning came from the same town (County) as our progenitor. There is a strong possibility that they could have been related. Gerrit Henning from Elbersveld also drew our attention.He started with service at the VOC on 21-11-1720 and departed with the ship Midloo as a soldier to the Cape. He arrived on 1-6-1721. On 21-6-1721 he was declared medically unfit. It is not clear what happened with him there after.

We obtained additional information on most of the Hennings we covered in our Family Cronicle - Georg Friedrich Henning, David Wilhelm Henning and Claus Henning. The biggest discovery, however, was the fact that Peter Henrich Henning, our progenitor, did not arrive with the ship "Vrouwe Petronella", but with the ship "Jonk Vrouwe Kornelia Jakoba" . Peter Henrich's Free Burgher certificate (1783) clearly indicate that he arrived with the Vrouwe Petronella, but his name does not appear any where on any of the ship's namelists. His name clearly appears on the namelist of soldiers on the 14 July 1765 voyage of the Jonk Vrouwe Kornelia Jacoba. This voyage arrived on 22 November 1765 at the Cape. It appears that somebody made a mistake when compiling the Free Burgher certificate in 1783

5. Geldsake/Money Matters. Thank you very much to everybody who made donations to the Family League over the past three months - especially those who made donations of R300.00 and more, as well as Honorary- and Life-Long Members. Members contributing annually receive reminders from time to time, therefore, for the sake of our Honorary- and Life-Long Members we mention the Family League's banking particulars: ABSA Bank Villiersdorp (branch no 334-612); Name of account - Henning Family League; Account no 2890 610 423.

We would like to mention that we received a R500.00 donation from Gideon Henning, a Life-Long memeber and Chairman of the Family League. An unknown person deposited an amount of R300.00 into our account on 12 April. The same happened on 22 May when somebody deposited an amount of R200.00 at the Wonderpark branch of ABSA.

We also gained another monthly debit order contributor in the person of Jan Andries Henning of Leraatsfontein.

6. Konsentrasiekamp Monument/Concentration Camp Monument. It came to our attention that the War Museum of the Anglo-Boer War (ABW) in Bloemfontein, in co-operation with the Heritage Foundation and Afrikaner Cultural Organisations is planning to move the memorial of the Bethulie Concentration Camp to the ground of the Women's Monument in Bloemfontein and erect it there as a monument for all the women and children who died during the ABW in all the Concentration Camps throughout South Africa. The "South African Heritage Resources Agency" (SAHRA) is responsible for the maintenance of all memorials and monuments, but it is clear that in this "new South Africa" no attention or funds are provided for Afrikaner monuments. All these memorials/monuments are in a state of decay, because they are not maintained. We can, therefore, not rely on the Government to fulfill its obligations - the Afrikaner nation will have to take care of its own cultural goods.

69 Henning women and children died in the British Concentration Camps during the ABW, with 15 in the Bethulie camp. During a family league management committee meeting on 6 June 2010 it was decided that this new monument will also honour all Henning women and children who died during the war and that we should support this effort as far as possible. It was decided that an amount of R2000.00 from Family League funds would be provided for this project, but that we are going to invite all our members to support our contribution. We feel that it is every Henning's duty. Members who would like to support our effort can send their contribution before 15 September 2010 to the Family League by post or deposit it directly into our banking account (ABSA Bank Villiersdorp [branch 334-612]; Name of account - Henning Family League; Account no 2890 610 423). Please use your member number (behind your name on the envelope) as well as the word "Monument" as reference.

The letter from the War Museum which appear in the Afrikaans newsletter, is not translated

7. Briewe uit die Buiteland/ Letters from Abroad.We received the following interesting letters:

From Leonard Andrews, Scotland: I am the grandson of Charlotte Gertruida Henning, the 3rd child of Frederik Johannes Henning born 10 Oct 1847 who married his cousin Elizabeth Catharina Henning born 1855.

Charlotte Henning and her husband, David Allan had 9 children. The youngest daughter was a twin called Annie Winifred Allan, who is my mother. We stay in Scotland at a place called Falkirk. Charlotte Gertrude Henning was born on 18 July 1888 and died on 10 Sept 1969 in Stenhousemuir Scotland. I remember her telling me about life on the farm at Zastron during her early years and I am very proud to be her descendant, and I certainly did not know about the Henning coat-of-arms, so I am really proud to be a part of the Henning clan albeit from a distance.

Annie Winifred Allan born 26th Oct 1923 married Leonard Andrews 27th July 1946 in Larbert Scotland, had twin sons born 11th February 1948 in Falkirk Scotland. Allan, unmarried, died 23th Nov 1996, and myself, Leonard married Moira Helena Connolly Duffy on 3rd Oct 1970 in Grangemouth, Scotland.

My grandfather David Allan served in the South African Police between 1901 and 1911. I think he was based in the Rouxville and Zastron area. He also served in the 1st World War. On returning to Scotland he settled in Stenhousemuir near Falkirk. I would love to hear from anyone who could tell me how to access anything about his police service in Africa.

That is all the information I have at present, but will try and send you some photographs at a later date. Is there anything I can acquire with the Henning coat-of-arms on it. I know it will be impossible to get anything in Scotland, but would like to have something to have with the crest on it. Any info regarding purchasing something would be appreciated." Len Andrew remember clearly that when his grandmother's sister, Elizabeth Catharina Scholtz (born Henning, b1.c6.d8.e6) visited them during 1957 for his grandparents 50th marriage anniversary, she gave him and his twin brother a "tiekie" to go and buy her a packet of Du Maurier cigarettes.

From Tyler Henning, Texas, USA. "Hello my name is Tyler Henning and I am from Texas in the USA. I just thought I would say hello and let other hennings know that were here too" From Chamaliéres, France from Jean Henning. "I am one of yours. I live in Chamalières France. Here is all I know about my family. I am a retired university lecturer, 80 years old! How many Hennings in the world? Very few in France. A salute to all my cousins. Jean Henning.

8. Henning Grafte in Nederland / Henning Graves in Netherlands. Many years ago we assisted Guudo Zuuring from Netherlands with his family tree. Recently we again received an e-mail from Guido in which he mentioned that he walked through the cemetary at Nijmegen, Netherlands and came accros the grave of three Henning's -Aleida Hulsbergen Henning (born Meurs) *12-3-1866, †5-11-1948, Hulsbergen Henning *15-1-1897, †30-1-1951 and a third member of the same family. He took a photograph and sent it to us, wondering if it could be members of our family. We soon came to the conclusion that these people did not fit into our familiy tree, but in the Dutch family tre displayed on the Henning web site. Notwihstanding we would like to thank Guudo for his attentiveness.

9. Oudste Henning Verjaar/Oldest Henning Celebrates her Birthday. As far as we know, b9.c1.d4.e6.f1. Fredrika Wilhelmina (Driekie) Alberts (born Henning) *30-6-1913 is the oldest living Henning at present in South Africa. She lives in the Oude Rus Old-age Home in Queenswood, Pretoria. On her birthday many of her family members and friends gathered to celebrate her birthday, inter alia her daughters, Amanda and Driekie and her sister, Maria. Unfortunately her other two daughters, Maria and Francina, as well as her youngest sister, Martha could not attend.

Driekie comes from a family with only daughters. She and her late husband, Francois Jacobus Alberts also only had four daughters. In spite of this, she is very proud of her Henning name and ancestors. She often talks about all the Henning festivities and gatherings she attended, inter alia the inauguration of the Henning museum, which was held in April 1992 at Aliwal North. She clearly remembers the special journey with an old train to Mopkop, which formed part of the festivities.

During the party the staff of the - Home sang in four languages congratulating Driekie.