Boer van die Jaar Toekenning/ Farmer of the Year Award. In November 2009, Agri Letaba representing five farmers unions in Limpopo, elected b7.c8.d8.e5.f3. Pieter Naude Henning *4-11-1957 of Tzaneen distrik as their corporative Farmer of the Year.

Pieter also has extensive business interests. These include property development, engineering, energy saving, forestry, woodwork and avocado farming.

He is a member of Agri Letaba, Greater Tzaneen Business Chamber, the Avocado Growers Association and Forestry SA. He is Chairman of the Magoebas-kloof and Mathuenyeng landowners association, all of whose farms are subject to land claims.

Pieter is involved with the development of bio-fuels technology, is one of SA's largest avocado producers and runs a highly profitable sawmill.

His compost producing facilities meet international standards.

In 2007 he developed a unique and widely implemented electricity-saving device for factories and warehouses. There is no doubt that Pieter deserved the award. The Family League congratulates him and are proud of him.

b7.c8.d8.e5.f3. Pieter Naude Henning *4-11-1957 with the award of Farmer of the Year that he won during November 2009.

Sterftes/ Deaths. With regret we take note of the following deaths:

b1.c3.d10.e4.f6.g1. Olof Abraham Henning *9-8-1938 on 10 August 2009 at Fraaiuitsig, Kleinbrakrivier.

Olof, who grew up in Zastron, spent most of his life in the OFS. He gained his PhD in Education and after serving as a Headmaster for a number of years he became joint professor of Applied Education. A busary from the Goethe-Institute enabled him to further his studies in Germany. He retired with his wife Fransie to Klein Brak River.

Olof sourced most of the photos of the Johannes Gerhardus Henning branch. With his death we have lost a highly valued and respected supporter.

Some members of the first management committee of the family league. Liza Brummer being the only woman

b1.c6.d3.e11.f3. Francois De La Rey Henning *8-12-1914 on 12 November 2009 at Fochville. Born on the farm Swartfontein in the Zastron district, his father died when he was 14 and landed up in a orphanage. Nevertheless he dreamt of becoming a writer.

With a Standard 8 in his pocket, he joined the SA Police, began writing poetry for The Brandwag. Olaf Andresen, the composer hired him to write lyrics for his new compositions. "Die Poskoets" (Mail Coach), sung by Amanda Hall was often broadcast by the SABC.

Frans, a fiery Afrikaner nationalist and officer in the Ossewa Brandwag, was briefly interned during WWII at Koffiefontein where he befriended advocate B.J. Vorster, the future President of SA. Frans was never charged.

He worked as a proof reader for Dagbreek en Sondagnuus and some publishers. In 1959 he returned to Zastron to farm only to return to city life in 1962 and later got divorced. In 1970 he married Maria Elizabeth Buys.

Neels, his eldest son, resides in the USA and said, "When you lose a parent, you ask yourself, 'What did I learn from him/her'? My father dreamt, but there is nothing wrong with dreaming big. I achieved more dreams than he - but only because I stood on his shoulders and could see further ahead than he".

b7.c8.d5.e10.f6. Elizabeth (Liza) Brummer (born Henning) *Maclear 6-7-1948 on 18 November 2009 from cancer at Moreletta Park, Pretoria.

Liza was not only a founder member of the Family League (21 July 1984) but also served on the the League's inaugural management committee. Le Roux Brummer, her husband, succeeded her three years later. She was a valued and reliable supporter.

Albertina Magdalena Henning (born van der Smit) *25-8-1920, wife of the late b1.c3.d10.e10.f4. Henning Willem Jacobus Henning on 12 Desember 2009 at the age of 89 years and four months at Sederberg Retirement Village, Pretoria.

Aunt Alie was a descendant of the Dorslandtrekkers (Thirst Land Trekkers) who trekked to Angola in the 1870s. She was born in Mombola, Angola. Most of these trekkers returned to SWA (Namibia) in1928 where she met and married her future husband Henning Henning on 1 December 1942 at Outjo, Namibia.

Tant Alie Henning (born van der Smit)( right) lies a wreath by the Thirstland Trek monument at Swartbooisdrif.

b6.c4.d3.e5.f2.g4. Maria Magdalena van Niekerk (born Henning) *24-3-1927, on 5 October 2009 aged 82 jaar and 6 months. Further on we report on her father's medals which she donated to the Aliwal-North museum.

Geldsake/ Money Matters. Thanks to all those who made financial contributions during the last three months. Special thanks to Jan Henning of Glenstantia, Pretoria and Henning Pieterse of Rietvalleipark, Pretoria who continue to contribute monthly by debit order and the following who made contributions greater than R200.

Dr (Nico) Henning of Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, a life long member - R500.00
Mnr JA (Jan) Henning of Leraatsfontein - R500.00
Mnr LD (Leon) Henning of DrieRiviere, Vereeniging - R300.00
Mnr J C (Jacobus) Henning of Noordstad, Bloemfontein - R200.00
Mnr J S (Cobus) Henning of Bloemfontein, a new member - R200.00

Briewe van Buitelandse Hennings/ Letters from Foreign-based Hennings. People worldwide, visit our website in an attempt to find their roots. Unfortunately we could not help Ariel Henning from Lima, Peru other than to suggest he goes through the two German Ancestry Registers on our website. His father was Karl Hennings. (Read his letter in die Afrikaans Newsletter).

2009 Matrikulante/ 2009 Matriculants. When the original research was done for the Henning Family Tree (1980-1985) and the first book issued, not a single 2009 matriculant or degree recipient, had been born. Indeed many of their parents were then youngsters and not on our database. Finding accurate address lists these days is impossible with the result that only 14 of the 42 Henning matriculants could be traced. Such a shame because we are proud of them. Unfortunately we could not obtain results for East Cape, Natal, North-West and Mpumalanga. These provinces normally have a few matriculants. As usual Gauteng provided the most maticulants. Of interest is the fact that in the mid '80s some 60 Hennings matriculated; for 2009 the figure is 42.

Our "topgun" for 2009 was b6.c3.d3.e4.f1.g1.h2.i2.j1.Anja Nanine Henning of Oos-Moot High School, Pretoria (eight distinctions) - daughter of Johannes Christiaan (Jan) Henning and his wife Rachel Cecilia (born Goosen). In 2009 Anja was made a Presidential Scout in the Voortrekker Movement - the highest possible rank for a schoolboy/girl. She has enrolled as a medical student at the University of Pretoria.

The names can be seen in die Afrikaans Newsletter.

b6.c3.d3.e4.f1.g1.h2.i2.j1. Anja Nanine Henning *22-10-1991, daughter of Jan and Rachel Henning of Silverton, Pretoria, achieved most distinctions.

Wie het Graad gevang in 2009/ Those who graduated in 2009. At Pretoria University: b7.c8.d8.e1.f2.g2.h1. Heinrich George Henning, son of Stanley and Mary-Ann Henning. He obtained his B Sc Information Technology with distinction.

b7.c8.d8.e1.f2.g2.h1. Heinrich Henning who obtained his B Sc Information Technology with distinction at Pretoria 'Varsity.

Pieter Hendrik Henning obtained his BSc in Acturial and Financial Maths. Help us identify Pieter and his parents.

At Stellenbosch University: Evangeline Henning (B Sc). Help us identify her / parents. At Potchefstroom University: The Henning triplets, (parents Willie and Gerda Henning of Leeufontein, Burgersdorp) graduated. Anelmi obtained her B Com (Chartered Accountancy) and won a "Golden Key Award". She has started on her Honours degree. Elseri obtained her B Com (Financial Accounting) and also starts with her Honours. Herman is one subject short for his B Com (Financial Accounting), but has been given permission to rewrite this subject while swotting for his Honours degree this year.

Anelmi, Herman en Elseri Henning who graduated at Potchefstroom University.

University of Free State. No results were obtainable. One or two Hennings normally graduate.

Skenking aan ons Museum/ Donated to the Henning Museum. b6.c4.d3.e5.f2.g4. Maria Magdalena (Marie) Henning, donated the medals of her father, Willem Frederik Henning *19-4-1891 to the Henning Family League for display in our museum. Her daughter Anne-Marie Singleton forwarded the medals to us. They comprise three WWI (1914-1919)medals namely the WarMedal, the Victory Medal and the Africa Service Medal. The fourth medal was for Champion Shottist, Northern Command. He was a member of the 3rd ZAR Regiment of the Union Defence Force.

The four medals bestowed upon b6.c4.d3.e5.f2. Willem Frederik Henning *19-4-1891. From l to r British WWI Victory Medal, the War Medal, the Africa Campaign medal and the Northern Command Champion Shottist medal.

Henning Huwelike/ Henning Weddings. b5.c1.d5.e3.f1.g1.h2. Jan Andries Henning *26-4-1949 and his wife Corrie's two boys Jan Andries *19-3-1974 (i1.) en Conrad *17-3-1983 (i3.) both married. Conrad on 20 June 2009 at Hartebeespoort Dam to Barinda Sophia Opperman *23-5-1983. She is the daughter of Thomas Cornelius Opperman and his wife Barinda (born Scheepers). On 28 November 2009 Jan Andries (i1.) married Wilmari van Vuuren *29-7-1981 in Bethal. She is the daughter of Nico van Vuuren and his wife Freda Wilma (nee Louw).

Photo left: Jan Andries and his bride, Wilmari (born van Vuuren) married 29-11-2009. Right: Conrad Henning and his bride Barinda (born Opperman), with his parents, Jan Andries - and Corrie Henning, married 20-6-2009

Reyco Henning en die Groot Hadronbotser/ Reyco Henning and the Great Neutron Accelerator. Twenty one First World countries participate in the European Community's Neutron Reseach facility which is 6.9kms long, 100 metres underground and on the border between Switzerland and France. Scientists are trying to establish the basic building blocks of everything in the Universe, how it all fits together ie the Laws of Nature. 3000 of the worlds best scientists are working on the project.

b1.c6.d3.e11.f3.g1.h1. Prof Reyco Henning *13-9-1975 at the "Shuttle" space ship. He is standing on the ground at the rear side of the space ship. The big white cylinders behind him is the booster rockets, while the ball like structure between the booster rockets is the external fuel tank

b1.c6.d3.e11.f3.g1.h1. Reyco Henning, a product of Water Kloof High (1993) came in the top 1% worldwide in the American University Entrance Examinations. This won him a busary. He completed his BSc with Maths and physics (Magna Cum Laude); then his PhD at the prestigeous Massachusets Institute for Technology where he researched sub-atomic particles (neutrons) - exactly what the Neutron Accelerator facility is experimenting with.

Reyco is Assistant Professor of Particle Physics at the University of North Carolina. For his comments on the Neutron Accelerator facility refer to

Monument ter Ere van die Boere in Argentinië/ Monument in Honour of the Afrikaners in Argentinia. We have previously mentioned the four Henning families that emigrated to Argentinia in 1905 - an earlier group of Boers settled there in 1902.

Under the guidance of b6.c1.d3.e5.f3. Pieter Hendrik Henning most Hennings returned to South Africa in 1938, but b6.c4.d7.e1. Willem Frederik Henning *17-3-1874 remained in Argentinia as did some single Henning women who later married non-Hennings. Unfortunately, contact with the descendants of Willem Frederik Henning was lost (see photo in the Family Chronicle).

In 2002 a monument was erected at Comodoro Rivadavia in honour of these settlers and consists of granite maps of South Africa, of the Argentine Province of Chubut, a granite ox wagon and a Rememberance Plaque on which the surnames of all the Boers who settled in Argentinia, is recorded. The square where the monument was erected was renamed "Boulevard Colectividao Sudafricana" as was a street in Comodoro Rivadavia to "Colonos Sudafricanos". Translated it reads: "South-African Colony". A number of street residents are descendants of the Afrikaner immigrants.

Word has it that the "Boere Community" still adhere to their traditions - farm with sheep, prepare "boerekos", sing songs such as Sarie Marais", "Tannie met die rooi rokkie" en "Suikerbossie". Many older than 45 still speak Afrikaans fluently. During the Falklands War (1982) they fought against the English, but this time as Argentinians.

The "Boulevard Colectividad Sudafricana" squire in Comodoro Rivadavia

The memorial plague with the surnames of all the Boers who emigrated to Argentinia in 1902 en 1905. The surname Henning can be seen clearly among the surnames. The Henning family played a prominent role in the community's life but also in the return in 1938 of a large contingent of Boers to South Africa.

The Afrikaans and Spanish inscribed cornerstone of the Gereformeerde Church, Comodoro Rivadavia erected in 1934. Prior to erection the Boers held their church services on the farm Morgenzon, belonging to b6.c1.d3.e5. Joseph Jooste Henning.

The building of the Association of Christian Women of the South African community.

The street in Comodoro Rivadavia that was renamed "Colonos Sudafricanos" - the Spanish for "South- African Settlers. Various old South African families still live in this street with the result that the munisipality recently approved to rename the street.