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Our website is being redesigned. All the information is here but we are working on the look and feel of the site. Please enjoy your visit and pop back soon to see the progress we are making.

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Jannetta (Webmaster)

Geagte Besoeker

Ons is besig om die webwerf te herontwerp. Al die inligting is nog hier beskikbaar maar ons werk aan hoe die webwerf lyk. Geniet die besoek and kom gou terug om te sien watse vordering ons maak.

Jannetta (Webmeester)

Welcome in the world of Henning families world wide!

Although this web site is the property of the Henning Family League of South Africa, it contains information on the history and family trees of Henning families in countries from which information have been received.

If the Henning families of your country is not covered in the web site, and you have genealogical information on these families, you are cordially invited to contact the League Secretary of the Henning Family League of South Africa for inclusion of this information. His particulars appears elsewhere on this page.

The Henning Family League is maintained by donations from well-meaning persons who support the objectives of the Family League (Please read the Constitution of the Family League). Your voluntary donation will ensure the maintenance of this web site.

Please contact the League Secretary:Olivier Henning
Email: olie4@henning.org
Postal Address: P O Box 121, Villiersdorp, 6848, South Africa
Tel: (27)28 840 0113